Timeline unknown for marina boat launch ramp float repairs

The launch ramp float at the Oak Harbor Marina is still unusable.

The launch ramp float at the Oak Harbor Marina is still unusable, and the repair and reinstallation date remains unknown.

The City of Oak Harbor Marina closed the boat launch ramp April 4 of this year because of damage to the float and pile from a windstorm. The boat launch ramp was reopened later that month. However, the float still requires repairs.

According to the Washington State Legislature website, a boat launch ramp is defined as a “a sloping stabilized roadway or entry point constructed on the shoreline for launching boats from vehicular trailers or by hand.”

Floats are described as floating structures that are moored, anchored or otherwise secured in the water that are not directly connected to the shoreline.

The News-Times reported in July of this year that the repair and reinstallation of the launch ramp float had been delayed despite the fact that city staff at the marina and the public works engineering divisions had planned to complete the reinstallation by the start of crabbing season on July 1.

A statement from the city said the Washington State Department of Natural Resources requires the city to use particular plastic material instead of wood and supply issues were delaying the repairs.

There had been no further updates until the city of Oak Harbor posted an update on its website earlier this week. The update states that the process is ongoing and the marina and public works staff is working with multiple state and federal agencies to receive permits for the repairs.

Supply chain issues and supply shortages from the COVID-19 pandemic are holding up the process as well.

“I want to thank the community for their patience as staff continues to work on repairs. …The float remains out of service for the time being. However, the ramp is still available for use,” said Harbormaster Chris Sublet in a statement. “We have received positive news from vendors with lumber packages being available to ship and confirmation of a contractor to perform the repairs. In fact, we got our first delivery last week.”