South Whidbey man accused of violating no-contact order

On June 3, seven deputies with the Island County Sheriff’s Office and a Langley police officer responded to the residence to arrest 20-year-old Christopher Allen.

A South Whidbey man is accused of entering a house without permission and in violation of a court order the day after he got out of jail for previously damaging the abode with a pickaxe, according to court documents.

On June 3, seven deputies with the Island County Sheriff’s Office and a Langley police officer responded to the residence to arrest 20-year-old Christopher Allen.

While deputies were concerned about a potentially dangerous situation because of prior events, he was arrested without incident.

Police reports indicate that Allen has mental health and addiction challenges and can be volatile.

In a prior case, deputies with the Island County Sheriff’s Office planned and enacted a de-escalation procedure April 20 after Allen was seen walking shirtless in the middle of Cultus Bay Road and later made wild allegations against deputies, asking them to shoot him, according to the police report.

The deputies allowed Allen to return home instead of risking a potentially violent confrontation. But after family members later reported that he had threatened to kill them and ripped out the wall of a house with a pickaxe, a group of deputies and Langley police officers returned and planned a way to arrest him safely.

Allen was arrested outside after a brief but tense confrontation, a deputy’s report explained.

On June 2, Allen pleaded guilty to felony harassment and malicious mischief; both were domestic-violence crimes.

Allen was sentenced to 43 days in jail with full credit for time served and was released that day. He was also ordered to undergo an evaluation and fully comply with any treatment recommended for a substance use disorder and mental health concerns.

A separate domestic violence no-contact order was entered concurrent with the sentence. It states that Allen is not allowed to come within 500 feet of his mother’s residence.

The order says that Allen may reside at another property owned by his mother so long as he stays 500 feet from her.

The day after he was released from jail, family members reported to law enforcement that Allen was inside his mother’s home without permission and in violation of the order, although she wasn’t there at the time, according to a deputy’s report.

Deputies had been told multiple times that Allen has access to firearms in a gun safe, the report states.

Because of his history of volatility and the likelihood that he had access to guns, law enforcement officers planned a “heavy response” that included one deputy designated to carry a 40mm less-lethal gun.

When the deputies arrived, they found Allen standing outside of the house and arrested him without incident.

Allen insisted that he was allowed on the property, just not within 500 feet of his mother, the report states.

Prosecutors charged Allen in Island County Superior Court June 4 with burglary in the first degree, a domestic violence crime.

The prosecution alleges an aggravating factor, specifically that Allen committed the crime shortly after being released from incarceration.

An aggravating factor could increase the a sentence beyond the standard range, which is 26-34 months.

In court Monday, Allen’s attorney argued that his client hadn’t violated the conditions of the no-contact order and urged the judge to read it.

Judge Carolyn Cliff said she had read the order and ordered that Allen be held on $25,000 bail.

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