Snow tracks lead to stolen car

Tracks in the snow led deputies to a stolen vehicle on North Whidbey Dec. 20.

Tracks in the snow led deputies to a stolen vehicle on North Whidbey Dec. 20, according to court documents.

Prosecutors charged the suspect, 32-year-old Daniel J. Lura, in Island County Superior Court Dec. 21 with possession of a stolen vehicle.

At about 1 a.m. on Dec. 20, deputies with the Island County Sheriff’s Office responded to an alarm at a vacant home in the Troxell Road area. Deputies discovered prints in the snow on the side of the house, a broken window and an open door with damage to the frame, according to the deputy’s report. A screwdriver and a crowbar were also found.

The deputies checked the house and found cabinets open and bits of compacted snow.

A deputy drove to nearby Ala Spit Park and noticed recent tire tracks in the snow. He came upon footprints that appeared to lead back and forth from the burglarized house, the report states.

The deputy followed the vehicle tracks out of the park in the fresh snow and they led to a Jeep parked in a driveway off Jones Road. Another deputy arrived and they contacted Lura in the driver’s seat, the report states. He was wearing latex gloves and gave a false name, but one of the deputies recognized him, according to the report.

The deputies checked on the Jeep, which had been stolen out of Oak Harbor a few days prior, court documents state. They arrested Lura, who was also wanted on active warrants.

Lura denied burglarizing the house and said he was sleeping in the vehicle while waiting for a friend, the deputy wrote.

A judge in Island County Superior Court set Lura’s bail at $15,000 on Dec. 20.