Shavers leads Gilday in vote count

Two races that were on the ballot on Whidbey Island are still undecided.

Two races that were on the ballot on Whidbey Island are still undecided, with at least one likely to require a recount.

In the race for Position 2 in state Legislative District 10, Clyde Shavers is back ahead of Rep. Greg Gilday in the Thursday night count after falling behind by 15 votes on Monday. Shavers, a Democrat from Oak Harbor, is leading by 221 votes, which is 0.3%. Shavers has 36,570 votes in his favor while Gilday, a Republican from Camano Island, has 36,349 votes.

Ballot counting in the three counties that make up District 10 has proved to be a bumpy ride for the two candidates. On election night, Shavers was ahead by 5%, but the lead eroded over subsequent counts until Shavers was behind after the count Monday. The next day, however, Shavers was back on top and has remained there after counting on Wednesday and Thursday.

District 10 is made up of Island County and portions of Skagit and Snohomish counties. Island County Election Office reports that fewer than 50 ballots are left to tally and it won’t count again until Nov. 29. Snohomish and Skagit, however, continue to count each day. Skagit reports having an estimated 7,000 ballots left to count, though just a portion of those may be in District 10.

The race for county assessor seems sure to go to a recount after a similar wild week of vote counting.

Kelly Mauck, a Camano Republican, remains ahead of T.J. Kubisiak, an unaffiliated candidate, by 69 votes. Mauck went from an 884 vote deficit on Election Night to a lead by 146 votes Monday night. Island County hasn’t counted votes since then.

A recount is mandatory if the difference between two candidates is less than 150 votes and also less than one-fourth of 1% of the total number of votes cast for both candidates.