Republican candidates continue to make gains in District 10 races

Gilday jumps ahead of Homola

Republican candidates in Legislative District 10 races continue to make gains in late vote counts, with leads in two of the three races switching to the Republican candidates.

Skagit County has been slow in counting votes, with more ballots left to tally than any other county in the state. Even after the Monday count, an estimated 11,500 ballots are still left to count; only some of those are in District 10.

On the first count of votes on election night, the three Democratic candidates were leading in the vote tally.

Helen Price Johnson was ahead of Republican Ron Muzzall in the race for state senator; Angie Homola had a lead over Republican Greg Gilday for a state representative position; and state Rep. Dave Paul had a healthy lead over Republican Bill Bruch.

As of the Monday count, both Muzzall and Gilday jumped ahead in their respective races.

Muzzall extended his lead over Price Johnson from the count on Friday, in which he was ahead by 307 votes.

As of Monday night, he had 45,056 votes, or 50.7 percent, and Price Johnson had 43,686 votes, or 49.2 percent. That’s a lead of 1,370 votes.

Gilday had 43,715 votes, or 50.2 percent, and Homola had 43,187 votes, or 49.6 percent. That’s a difference of 528 votes.

Paul is still ahead of Bruch, though his lead diminished to 1,060 votes.

Paul had 44,449 ballots cast in his favor, or 50.55 percent, and Bruch has 43,389 votes, or 49.35 percent.