Question of the Week

How prepared are you in the event of a natural disaster that would require you to survive on your own for at least 72 hours?

“We have canned food, water, first aid and medications for the kids — our grandsons. We used to have a pet, not anymore, but we still have (pet) food. It’s so important to have food for pets as well.”

Doris and Bernardo Osario

Los Angeles, Calif.









“Not at all. I’m not prepared at all.”

Bryanna Linson

Oak Harbor















“Prepared. It’s natural with our situation. (We have a) farm, so we have fresh and also preserved food.”

Hannah Jackson

Oak Harbor












“Well, me and my family live in California, so I would say we’re trying to prepare for that now. We probably have a couple months’ supply.”

Debbie Hansen

Vacaville, Calif.