Police seek information about shooting

Oak Harbor police are seeking information about a shooting on the night of April 25.

Nobody was injured but police believe a residence was targeted by the shooter, according to a press release from the Oak Harbor Police Department.

Police were dispatched to a weapons complaint in the northeast area of the city at 11:25 p.m. Several residents in the area had reported hearing multiple gunshots.

People were standing outside when police arrived. The witnesses said they heard the gunshots and saw a small car speed off, according to police.

Detectives were called out and processed the scene. They determined that a resident in the area appeared to be the target of the shooting. They found bullet holes in the front of the residence, the garage and two vehicles that were parked in front of the home, the police reported.

The residence was occupied at the time of the shooting, but nobody was hit.

The police ask anyone with information to call Detective Sgt. Carl Seim at 360-279-4630 or ICOM at 360-679-9567.