“Substitutes: French today, P.E. tommorrow”

Fill-in teachers bring plenty of training and flexiblity to part-time jobs

  • Jan 13, 2000

Firefighters need a few good volunteers

"Central Whidbey Fire & Rescue, like most island fire departments, depends on able-bodied volunteers to protect homes and rescue the injured."

  • Jan 13, 2000


Feel what it's like to be inside a burning building. See today's Police & Courts section

  • Jan 13, 2000

Housing pay: How did they figure?

Local property managers say Navy never surveyed them about local rental rates

  • Jan 7, 2000

“Police blotter, Jan. 8, 2000”

"A view of island streets, as seen through emergency reports"

  • Jan 7, 2000

Housing Pay: Allowances cut on Whidbey

"Navy cuts Basic Allowance for Housing rates on Whidbey for new transfers and people with changing family conditions, saying that housing costs here don't justify higher pay"

  • Jan 7, 2000

New Mayor: Council looks ahead

Oak Harbor council members bring different agendas to the table as a new year gets under way.

  • Jan 7, 2000

City backs away from B&O tax

"Businesses get a break, but everyone else will pay higher utility fees"

  • Jan 4, 2000

View from 1891

Editors a century ago had dreams of a huge Whidbey metropolis

  • Dec 30, 1999

Turn of a Century: The future

New Navy planes; a gentrified economy; health care and business in cyberspace — key people tell us what the future holds for Whidbey

  • Dec 30, 1999

Navy hints at cutbacks of its own

"Top brass call ferries, highways critical to region's bases; express worries about I-695 cuts"

  • Dec 29, 1999

Y2K is here

"But should anyone care? Old fears about power outages, phone outages, bank collapses, etc., are overblown, officials in those industries say. But it's still not a bad idea to be prepared for a disaster -- whether it happens on New Year's Eve or not."

  • Dec 29, 1999

“Police blotter, Dec. 25”

"A view of Whidbey, through emergency 911 reports"

  • Dec 23, 1999

Sailors say they sign on for more than just pay

"Overtime, family stress, travel, expensive housing, but healthy benefits all come into play when they decide whether to re-enlist, or try their luck with higher-paying civilian jobs."

  • Dec 20, 1999

Hospital OKs rate increases

Vote takes effect before Initiative 695 becomes law

  • Dec 17, 1999

From pen to platter

Oak Harbor couple serves up fresh turkey for holiday feasts

  • Dec 17, 1999

Hospital considers raising fees to beat I-695 deadline

"Vote now, or go to a public vote later is the question for Monday's board meeting in Oak Harbor"

  • Dec 10, 1999

An encounter with the world

Islanders come away with multiple impressions after encounters with both sides of the WTO protests

  • Dec 9, 1999

Kids chase burglars

Seattle-area couple arrested after witnesses see them flee from Kits Cameras

  • Dec 9, 1999

Martha reaches a final home

Donors pitch in to help bury woman left alone

  • Dec 9, 1999