Workfirst: How does Island County measure up?

Click on today's business section for a wrap-up of Island County's performance in the drive to get welfare recipients back in the job market.

  • Feb 29, 2000

A Drop in DUIs

Arrest numbers are down. But is it from fewer officers or a more careful public?

  • Feb 25, 2000

“Bridge Views, Feb. 23, 2000”

Good planning should go to the dogs

  • Feb 24, 2000

California plane crash kills Whidbey couple

Friends say Bill and Janet Davids were on last leg of their permanent move here

  • Feb 22, 2000

Whidbey Community Calendar

For February and March

  • Feb 19, 2000

Oak Harbor Schools will put a levy to the voters

District currently spends less on each student than any other district in the state

  • Feb 17, 2000

“Police Blotter, Feb. 16, 2000”

"Island life, as seen through emergency reports"

  • Feb 17, 2000

Oak Harbor may join suit against I-695

"Oak Harbor, one of the cities in the state hardest hit by Initiative 695, might be joining other cities in a lawsuit that challenges its constitutionality and asks for a legal clarification of the controversial law."

  • Feb 12, 2000

Masked men spur manhunt

Olympic View Elementary is shut down as police swarm area

  • Jan 31, 2000

Victory Homes to get $33 million rebuild

"The oldest Navy enlisted housing in Oak Harbor appears destined to become some of its newest. Victory Homes, a collection of 198 small houses situated on a knoll above Skagit Valley College, will be demolished and replaced as part of a two-year project."

  • Jan 21, 2000

Help for veterans found lacking

"County fund is flush, but it aids few on Whidbey"

  • Jan 20, 2000

Transit: Wenatchee system expects fewer riders with new fares

"Forced to move away from free fares, Wenatchee bus officials say riders will pay more ... but fewer will ride."

  • Jan 20, 2000

Transit: Island County board grapples with fare idea

"To charge or not to charge? Bus directors still don't know, but suspect a sales tax request is in the offing to keep buses on local roads."

  • Jan 20, 2000

Wild wind whips island

"Storm blows down trees, power lines, traps two in car on West Beach Road"

  • Jan 13, 2000

“Substitutes: French today, P.E. tommorrow”

Fill-in teachers bring plenty of training and flexiblity to part-time jobs

  • Jan 13, 2000

Firefighters need a few good volunteers

"Central Whidbey Fire & Rescue, like most island fire departments, depends on able-bodied volunteers to protect homes and rescue the injured."

  • Jan 13, 2000


Feel what it's like to be inside a burning building. See today's Police & Courts section

  • Jan 13, 2000

Housing pay: How did they figure?

Local property managers say Navy never surveyed them about local rental rates

  • Jan 7, 2000

“Police blotter, Jan. 8, 2000”

"A view of island streets, as seen through emergency reports"

  • Jan 7, 2000

Housing Pay: Allowances cut on Whidbey

"Navy cuts Basic Allowance for Housing rates on Whidbey for new transfers and people with changing family conditions, saying that housing costs here don't justify higher pay"

  • Jan 7, 2000