In a class by herself

Oak Harbor eighth-grader gets a one-girl graduation ceremony

  • Jun 2, 2000

Crabbers on the move in Oak Harbor

"Boat, said Julie Rothwell. Yup, said Russell Seelye. With that, the two left the comfortable, warm galley of the fishing tender Taku, anchored off Blower's Bluff on Wednesday, and headed on deck to take the lines of the commercial crab boat, Seeker. Seelye and Rothwell - skipper and first mate aboard the 67-foot, 1947-era Taku - spent a lot of time leaving the galley Wednesday. They were busy buying dungeness crab from a fleet of about 35 commercial crab fishermen, lured to the waters around Oak Harbor last week by a productive 39-hour spring opening for commercial crabbers."

  • Jun 2, 2000

Business park land up for vote

Council may bring Hackney property into city

  • Jun 2, 2000

Building boom in Coupeville

"Two structures now open, with much more to come"

  • Jun 1, 2000

Are we having fun yet?

"Loss of summer rec program leaves less for kids, but some groups fill void"

  • May 29, 2000

Mental health funding takes a hit

Budget must be cut

  • May 29, 2000

District to try levy again

Levy to be back in fall

  • May 25, 2000

Rock and roll call at SVC

New college course has a beat you can dance to

  • May 25, 2000

City council votes to start pier project

"Seattle firm to line up permits, surveys"

  • May 22, 2000

“School levy fails, transit passes”

Oak Harbor-area voters Tuesday continued a 30-year tradition of rejecting maintenance and operation levies for the Oak Harbor School District.

  • May 17, 2000

Voters say finances tight

"Mistrust, confusion seem to dominate tax feelings"

  • May 8, 2000

Do the wrong people pay too much?

$11 million is a lot of money

  • May 8, 2000

“Foster familes: Island has more than most, but still needs more”

"Like most places, Island County's social workers are overloaded with cases, and there aren't enough foster families to go around. But there are more than most areas of the state can boast"

  • May 1, 2000

Babyland cemetery ready to go

Donated markers memorialize infant graves at Maple Leaf Cemetery - especially those who lie in unmarked graves.

  • May 1, 2000

Foster Care: Rebuilding families

"Oak Harbor's Gina and Jeff Riffel are one of more than 40 foster families who take on children and their problems - sometimes, for a day; sometimes forever."

  • May 1, 2000

Sehlin is out of congressional race

Oak Harbor Republican was only Whidbey candidate for Second District seat - says money is forcing him out

  • Apr 21, 2000

A Serial Killer from Whidbey?

"Robert L. Yates, the man Spokane police suspect of being a serial killer who has claimed 18 victims in the past 10 years, graduated from Oak Harbor High School in 1970. Friends who knew him then say they can't believe the high school baseball team's pitching star would be capable of such a thing."

  • Apr 21, 2000

Bridge Views

There are changes in some News-Times features

  • Apr 19, 2000

Ecosystem in the Classroom

"Coupeville Middle Schoolers use plants, dirt, bacteria to build indoor worlds for Earth Day"

  • Apr 19, 2000

Police blotters

"What's happening on Whidbey Island streets, as viewed through E-911 calls. For the week of April 19, 2000"

  • Apr 19, 2000