Oak Harbor man killed in motorcycle crash

Motorcyclist Jonathon Readd died in the accident on his 27th birthday.

An Oak Harbor man was killed in a motorcycle accident in town Tuesday evening.

The Washington State Patrol reported that Jonathon Readd, 27, was riding a black 2005 Honda CBR600 on Highway 20 in central Oak Harbor around 8:45 p.m. Oct. 4 when the car in front of him slowed to make a U-turn. Readd collided with the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The cause of the accident is under investigation, the State Patrol reported.

The driver and passenger of the struck vehicle, 28-year-old Dylan Davis and 27-year-old Lauren Webb, both of Marietta, Georgia, were not injured, though their vehicle, a black 2019 Jeep Cherokee, was totaled, as was Readd’s motorcycle.

Readd was born and raised in Oak Harbor and worked for Hanselman Tree and Landscaping. His loved ones shared that he had a lifelong affinity for motorcycles and anything else with a motor. His sister, Katlyn Crawford, said Readd was one of the smartest people she knew and could fix anything.

“My brother died doing what he loved most in this world,” she said. “I know he went happy because he loved riding that bike.”

She urged people to stay on the lookout for motorcyclists while driving and to remember how dangerous vehicles are, and how vulnerable motorcyclists are on the road compared to other drivers.

Katlyn Crawford added that Readd was a wonderful father to his three sons, 7-year-old Carter Miller, 5-year-old Michael Kimmet and 3-year-old Noah Readd. She described her brother as an exceptionally kind and loving person.

“My brother was one of a kind,” she said. “He had the biggest heart and a way of making everyone feel accepted.”

Readd’s mother, Sherri Crawford, said that while Readd had more than his share of struggles throughout his life, he’d been working hard to turn things around in the months before his passing. The day of the fatal accident was Readd’s 27th birthday.

“He had family that loves him and misses him,” she said.