Oak Harbor man accused of assaulting wife in front of child

An Oak Harbor man was allegedly beating his wife when their grade-school son intervened Nov 14.

An Oak Harbor man was allegedly beating his wife when their grade-school son intervened at their home Nov 14. The man chased them both into the boy’s room, broke down the door and assaulted the woman with a Batman plaque, according to court documents.

The woman suffered a broken jaw, a broken nose and multiple lacerations. Her left eye was swollen shut and had blood seeping from it, according to a police report.

Prosecutors charged 35-year-old Scott R. Barlett in Island County Superior Court Nov. 16 with assault in the second degree.

The count was charged with an aggravating circumstance, which alleges it was a domestic-violence crime committed within sight or sound of the victim’s or offender’s minor child. An aggravating circumstance would allow the judge to sentence Bartlett beyond the standard range of three to nine months in jail.

A judge set Bartlett’s bail at $20,000 on Nov. 16.

The alleged victim reported that she and Bartlett had friends over to play board games and he had a few drinks. After the friends left, Bartlett got upset when his wife tried to prevent him from giving alcohol to two 13-year-old girls, according to a report by an officer with the Oak Harbor Police Department.

Bartlett jumped over a couch and started punching her in the head and face multiple times, the report states. She tried to defend herself with a metal water bottle, but he took it and hit her with it, the officer wrote. The woman’s son intervened and struck Barlett; the mother and son were able to escape to his room and lock the door.

Bartlett busted the door open, entered the room, took a super-hero plaque off the wall and hit her with it, the report states.

Bartlett told an officer that his wife was the aggressor and had struck him in the face with a water bottle; he said he had no idea why she assaulted him and that he wasn’t sure if he hit her back, the report states.

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