Oak Harbor council delays decision on ‘Angel’ sculpture

City council members are waiting until Sept. 7 to make any further decisions about the sculpture.

Oak Harbor City Council members decided to wait until Sept. 7 to make any further decisions about the proposed gift of the “Angel de la Creatividad” sculpture during a meeting last Wednesday.

The council has talked about the sculpture a dozen times since February, but still no decision has been made yet on whether to accept it.

Multiple council members said they were concerned about authorizing the mayor to sign two agreements before all parties had signed them and did not want to take action on an agenda item that was described as “informational only.”

The two documents are the professional services agreement with Sculpture Northwest to do the work necessary to install the 37-feet-tall sculpture and the gifting agreement with the executor of George Drake’s estate to give the city the bright-red art.

The estate’s executor is out of the country until the end of August and has communicated to the city that he wants to return to the United States before signing the agreement.

Representatives from Sculpture Northwest have already signed the professional services agreement, according to city staff.

After the two agreements are signed, then the city council can go forward with a city ordinance to formally accept the art. The city’s acceptance is contingent on an engineer’s inspection and approval of the sculpture’s structural integrity.

Whether or not to accept the sculpture has been controversial, with the majority of residents who responded to a survey or posted online being against the proposal.