Nude burglar found asleep in pot shop

A man accused of burglarizing a Freeland pot store was found naked and semi-conscious in the shop.

A man accused of burglarizing a Freeland pot store was found naked inside the shop and semi-conscious after apparently consuming a large amount of marijuana edibles and smoking pilfered pot, court records indicate.

After his arrest, 31-year-old Richard L. Martin of Clinton has refused to go to court and threatened to kill corrections deputies who come near his jail cell. As a result, prosecutors took the unusual step of obtaining an arrest warrant on a jail inmate, as well as a judge’s order for a mental health evaluation.

On Aug. 31, deputies with the Island County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a burglary at Whidbey Island Cannabis, according to a deputy’s report. Employees going to work in the morning discovered that the store had been broken into.

Deputies found a ladder leaning into a broken bathroom window on the store. At the base of the ladder was a pile of clothes. Blood was also seen on the ladder and around the window.

On a couch inside the store, deputies found Martin asleep, according to the report. He was naked and wrapped in a blanket. Deputies noted three bottles of liquid edibles — two empty and one half gone — and an open bag of pot next to a recently used glass pipe.

The deputy wrote that Martin appeared to be under the influence and was having trouble remaining conscious. He had blood on him from multiple cuts on his hands, feet and back “which appeared to be from the broken glass,” the report states.

Martin was arrested and taken to jail after being evaluated at the hospital.

Prosecutors charged Martin in Island County Superior Court Sept. 2 with burglary in the second degree, theft in the third degree and malicious mischief.

Martin refused to make himself available for a preliminary appearance after his arrest, refused to leave his holding cell for a number of days and threatened jail staff who approached his jail cell, court records state.

Judge Carolyn Cliff approved a $10,000 arrest warrant and an order for a competency evaluation. The judge also ordered that all proceedings on the case stayed until the court finds Martin competent to stand trial.