Mayor, council receive small raises

Oak Harbor city council members will see a small increase in their pay for cost of living increases.

Oak Harbor city council members will see a small increase in their pay to account for cost of living increases starting May 1 of this year.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Human Resources Director Emma House presented the salary commission report and order. The city’s salary commission determines pay increases for council and the mayor.

She said the last report passed on Dec.14, 2021. The current report and order included a salary adjustment starting May 1, 2023 and another adjustment starting Jan. 1, 2024.

According to the meeting packet, the mayor currently receives a salary of $4,918 per month plus health insurance benefits. The salary commission recommended a cost-of-living salary increase of 2%, effective May 1, 2023 which results in a salary of $5,016 per month.

The commission recommended another cost of living salary increase of 3%, effective Jan. 1, 2024, resulting in $5,166 per month.

Council members currently receive a salary of $737 per month plus health insurance. They will receive the same cost of living salary increases as the mayor, meaning they will make $752 per month starting May 1 of this year and $775 per month starting Jan. 1, 2024.

Councilmemebr Bryan Stucky wanted to reiterate that it was the salary commission that decides council’s salary. He said the pay increase only amounted to 50 cents more per day starting May 1, and one dollar more per day starting Jan. 1

“We’re not getting mucho bucks and it’s not a huge increase,” he said. “And we appreciate the salary commission for making those decisions for us.”

Four council positions and the mayor will be on the ballot in November. The filing fee for running for mayor is 1% of the salary while there is no filing fee for council seats.