Man accused of stalking, lying to judge about guns

One judge issued a $20,000 warrant for the arrest of Michael B. D’Haene on Aug. 29.

An Oak Harbor man is accused of stalking a woman, repeatedly violating a court order and lying to a judge about whether he has firearms, according to court documents.

One judge in Island County Superior Court issued a $20,000 warrant for the arrest of Michael B. D’Haene on Aug. 29. After he was arrested, another judge ordered him held in jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

D’Haene pleaded not guilty in Island County Superior Court Sept. 19 to charges of stalking, perjury in the first degree, perjury in the second degree, five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.

The victim obtained a restraining order against D’Haene earlier this year that ordered him not to have contact with her, but D’Haene violated the order numerous times, according to a deputy’s report.

D’Haene allegedly called the woman’s internet provider and falsely claimed that she committed fraud by having the internet switched to her name; it took the woman hours with the provider to convince the company that she was the homeowner, a deputy’s report states.

The woman claimed that D’Haene placed a hold on her mail, which prevented the post office from delivering mail, the report states.

In addition, the victim said he was using an app to control her TV. The television would suddenly turn off or change channels or dramatically increase in volume.

A judge who granted a restraining order also ordered D’Haene to turn over all his firearms to law enforcement and to not possess any firearms. Deputies who had responded to his home in the past noted he that had an AR-15 rifle and other guns.

D’Haene, however, told a judge that he didn’t have any guns in his possession and filed a declaration of non-surrender. But he was later arrested for allegedly violating the no-contact order and the district court judge said he wouldn’t be released from jail until he turned over his guns. D’Haene called a friend from jail and told her to turn his five guns over to deputies, which she did, according to a deputy’s report.

Court records indicate that D’Haene suffered a significant head injury in 2018 and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, which has been linked to aggression and mental health problems.