Man accused of rape, impersonation

A Navy man is accused of raping a woman in 2020 after he pretended to be her friend.

A Navy man is accused of raping a woman in 2020 after he pretended to be her friend by surreptitiously sending texts from a cell phone that wasn’t his, according to court records.

Prosecutors charged 25-year-old Aston D. Samms in Island County Superior Court July 20 with rape in the third degree and computer trespass in the first degree. The computer trespass charge has a sentencing enhancement that alleges a sexual motivation.

According to a report by a detective with the Island County Sheriff’s Office, the victim was in her room early in the morning of Aug. 28 when she received text messages she thought were from her roommate. The text messages said a man she knows wanted to go to her room and perform a sex act; the woman eventually agreed but did not consent to having intercourse, the report states.

The woman told the detective that Samms raped her as she repeatedly told him to stop and tried to push him off, the detective wrote. He later held her down and she loudly screamed for help, prompting him to leave, the report states.

The victim later discovered that her friend hadn’t sent the text messages but that Samms had used the phone without permission, the report states.

If convicted of the charges against him, Samms would face a longer potential sentence for the computer trespass charge, which has a standard sentencing range of four to 12 months, plus 12 months for the enhancement. If convicted of the rape charge, he could face 15-20 months under the standard sentencing range.

Samms wasn’t charged right away because of a delay in getting the rape kit back from the state crime lab, according to the prosecutor’s office.