Man accused of burglarizing apartment, leaving chicks behind

A homeless man is accused of entering a vacant Oak Harbor home without permission.

A homeless man is accused of entering a vacant Oak Harbor home without permission, writing on the walls in permanent marker and leaving behind two chicks in a box, according to court documents.

Prosecutors charged Terry L. Rieman, 36, in Island County Superior Court Jan. 14 with burglary in the second and malicious mischief in the second degree.

The alleged crimes occurred April 1, 2020. Prosecutors delayed filing charges in non-violent crimes earlier in the pandemic in order to lessen crowding in the jail and the courts.

According to a report by an Oak Harbor Police officer, the owner of a vacant apartment in downtown Oak Harbor reported to police that someone had been living in it. She told police that a contractor who was working on the apartment had lost the key earlier.

An Oak Harbor police officer entered the apartment and found that graffiti in permanent marker had been written all over the walls, floors and appliances in a bedroom, according to the officer’s report. The name “Terry” was written in multiple places.

The officer also found two chicks in a cardboard box in a bedroom. The little chickens were brought to the Country Store to be properly cared for.

In addition, a piece of paper and an empty prescription bottle with Reiman’s name on it were recovered in the apartment, the report states.

The next day, officers contacted Reiman and he allegedly admitted he had been living in the apartment after finding a key. He said he is homeless and needed a place to stay after receiving a trespass admonishment at the homeless shelter.

Reiman said he wrote on the walls because he “wanted someone to know he was there,” the report states.

Reiman also admitted he brought the chicks to the apartment after buying them.