Loose ram spotted in Freeland

A rogue black ram seen wandering around Freeland last week has South Whidbey wondering.

The mysterious bellwether was spotted several times on roads between Bush Point and Mutiny Bay, sparking online conversations and posts on Facebook about its current whereabouts and if anyone knew the identity of its owners.

Authorities are aware of the missing animal, which was last spotted near Holmes Harbor on Saturday, but confirmed Tuesday that it was still on the lam. They declined to provide any additional details on the case.

“It’s still an open investigation at this point,” Animal Control Officer Carol Barnes said.

Postings on the Alert Whidbey Facebook page detailed numerous sightings beginning Wednesday, Oct. 28, when it was spotted near the Mutiny Bay Boat Launch. A blurry photo of the ram reminiscent of a Sasquatch image was posted Friday morning, getting a series of laughs and “likes” from group members.

The post said the animal was still on Bush Point Road at that point. Apparently, it’s since made its way further east.

Someone posted a photo Saturday, reporting “the ram from Bush Point has managed to cross the highway” into the Holmes Harbor area.

Barnes said law enforcement officials were able to locate the animal’s owner on Saturday, but wasn’t able to provide any more information since there’s still an investigation under way.

She added there is also a sheep on the loose, although there haven’t been postings about it.