Langley bugged about banning pesticides

The city wants to discourage the use of insecticides within city limits although it can’t enforce it.

While a ban cannot be enforced, the city of Langley is working toward creating a resolution strongly discouraging the use of insecticides within city limits.

A Langley citizen recently wrote a letter to the council, urging members to consider a ban on both Roundup and all neonics within Langley.

During the city council meeting last week, Mayor Tim Callison said he had been speaking with Mike Kenyon, the city’s attorney, about the matter.

“He doubted that we could create a ban that would stick and would be preemptive to state and federal laws,” Callison said, adding that a ban would create a “nightmare of enforcement.”

Instead, Kenyon suggested making a resolution discouraging the use of insecticides within city limits.

Councilmember Peter Morton asked Stan Berryman, the city’s Director of Public Works, if the city staff currently used any pesticides. Berryman responded that the city does not use Roundup.

Councilmember Christy Korrow said the city should avoid singling out Roundup.

“I don’t want to open a can of worms but it seems like if we’re making a statement against Roundup, we might as well make a statement against all chemical herbicides and pesticides because it does tie into what goes into the Sound and our own drinking water,” she said.

She and Callison agreed to work on a resolution together that advises citizens that they should consider not using insecticides, since a ban cannot be enforced.