Langley approves new sculptures

Three new scultpures are coming to Langley

Langley will soon be home to three new sculptures.

The Langley Arts Fund, a nonprofit organization that has taken over the responsibility of funding some of the public art in the city, presented the city council with a trio of artist submissions Monday night.

The artworks, made by Island County residents, will go on pedestals located on Second Street as part of a revolving sculpture program.

Dan Freeman’s “Skinny Red Wiggle” was chosen for the pedestal near the Commons Cafe, Hank Nelson’s “Medjay” was selected for the pedestal near the Post Office and Sue Taves’ “Reaching Up” is slated for the pedestal in front of Callahan’s Firehouse.

A fourth submission was excluded because it had sharp edges that may not be suitable around children, according to board members of the nonprofit.

Originally, the nonprofit had only enough money to fund one sculpture but now it is able to fund all three.

Council members unanimously approved the selection of the three sculptures.