Judge takes a bite out of crime

A 20-year-old Oak Harbor man is not supposed to bite people.

Superior Court Judge Alan Hancock recently set Jaquan Wilson’s bail at $2,500 and took the unusual step of setting a condition of his release as “no biting.”

Prosecutors charged Wilson in Island County Superior Court Jan. 25 with assault in the third degree (law enforcement officer) and malicious mischief in the second degree.

Wilson pleaded not guilty Feb. 11.

According to the report by Officer Ron Hofkamp, police responded to a report that a man had broken a window at a Comcast business on N.E. Kettle Street Jan. 22. Officers found Wilson and a woman behind the Sears building, which is where the trouble began, according to the report.

Hofkamp wrote that Wilson had his arms around the woman and the officers had to force him to let go. During the struggle, Wilson was yelling and cursing that he hates cops, he wrote.

The officers had to force the uncooperative man into the police car. He spit at an officer several times, threatened to kill the officers and kicked the rear doors, bending the upper portion of one of the doors outward, the report states. He also kicked the door’s arm rest and broke it, the officer wrote.

At the city jail, Wilson continued to be violent and bit a jailer on the calf, the report says. The police ultimately transported him to the larger county jail because of his unruly behavior.

If convicted of the charge, Wilson could face between three and eight months in jail under the standard sentencing range.

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