Greenbank Progressive Club plans to rebuild after storm

Greenbank Progressive Club plans to rebuild.

The large group that meets monthly recently formed a committee to put out a request for bids after the Dec. 20 wind storm blew a tree on top of its clubhouse.

The building, built in the 1930s, is used by a number of groups and individuals in the community.

Club president Tex Bunny said the group intends to use as much money as it’s able to receive from insurance, but it might hold a fundraiser if that falls short of what’s needed.

The neighborhood group has around 65 members and has been around since the 1920s.

Member Carolyn Mercer said before the club house was built, the members met for their monthly meeting at Greenbank Farm.

Since the windstorm, the club has returned to its roots until its meeting spot can be restored.

The building has been rented out for other clubs’ meetings, weddings, church services and more, Mercer said.

A large section of the old building is caved in and the massive tree is the only thing residing within its walls now.

The Greenbank Progressive Club meets the second Thursday of the month for a potluck dinner in which a guest speaker discusses a new topic each time.

Meetings are now held in the barn at Greenbank Farm.