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Wednesday, Aug. 25

At 5:46 a.m., the Navy reported that “a gate penetration exercise” would be happening at the Charles Porter Gate.

At 11:12 a.m., a caller reported that a bike and gas cans were stolen from a shed on Highway 525.

At 1:13 p.m., a dead blue heron was reported on the side of Terry Road.

At 4:50 p.m., a Haines Road resident reported a neighbor’s “crazy antics.”

At 5:56 p.m., a resident reported that a woman on the side of Highway 20 was lifting her skirt and exposing herself.

At 6:02 p.m., a resident reported that couches were in the ditch on Deer Lake Road.

Thursday, Aug. 26

At 9:19 a.m., a caller reported that four or more bags of garbage were dumped on Fox Spit Road.

At 12:58 p.m., a resident reported that about 25 goats were loose on a trail near Maxwelton Road.

At 1:12 p.m., a caller reported returning from a hike on Winterhawk Lane to find that a window was smashed out and items were stolen from the car.

At 7:46 p.m., an Ault Field Road resident reported that women were “radiating” on him.

At 10:16 p.m., a caller reported that a sailor parked in front of the hospital was suicidal and had a gun.

Friday, Aug. 27

At 11:45 a.m., a horseback rider reported encountering a “very odd” man several times on a trail near Smugglers Cove Road.

At 12:10 p.m., a resident reported finding a bag of stolen mail on Hunter Lane.

At 5:08 p.m., a caller reported that a naked woman was walking down Waterloo Road. The man with her was stumbling around.

At 5:32 p.m., a caller on Scenic Heights Street reported that a “highly intoxicated” woman was throwing a shoe around.

Saturday, Aug. 28

At 9:39 a.m., a woman at Crocket Lake reported that she was stuck in the mud.

At 12:01 p.m., a caller reported that a car struck a biker on Saratoga Road and drove away. The biker suffered a fractured elbow.

At 12:14 p.m., a hospital employee reported that a patient discharged from the ER refused to leave the hospital.

At 4:34 p.m., a caller reported that loud music was coming from a house on Main Street with roosters and cars in the backyard.

Sunday, Aug. 29

At 9:18 a.m., a driver reported that “a very gory animal carcass” in a “peculiar position” was on the side of French Road.

At 11:56 a.m., a driver reported that a woman in a trench coat was stumbling on the side of Highway 20.

At 4:42 p.m., a caller reported that a youth event was going on at a Highway 20 location and an adult on drugs came onto the property and ran around with the children.

Tuesday, Aug. 31

At 5:16 a.m., a driver reported that a man wearing black was walking along Highway 525 and acting like he was going to throw a rock at the car.

At 12:35 p.m., a Goss Lake Road resident reported having problems with invisible people on their phones.

At 6:52 p.m., a caller at a gas station on Highway 525 reported receiving a counterfeit $50 bill.

At 7:14 p.m., a resident reported that a man who fell and broke his hip was blocking Goss Lake Road.

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