Cabaret license granted BayCity

BayCity Bistro will add ambiance to its menu now that the Pioneer Way business has secured its cabaret license.

The Oak Harbor City Council approved the license after Oak Harbor Police Capt. Rick Wallace, interim chief, assuaged any noise nuisance concerns. As per city code, the captain met with the owners and performed a walkthrough.

“Nothing was found that would prohibit granting the cabaret license from a law enforcement perspective,” Wallace said.

The owners’ intent is to provide music for patrons in the relatively diminutive space, not a venue for concerts or amplified performances.

The restaurant, formerly Dave’s Bistro, already has an existing liquor license, but co-owner Dave Hand, addressing the council, said no hard alcohol is served in the establishment.

In light of the recent shooting at the Element night club and other noise nuisance complaints, Hand acknowledged that cabaret licenses are a touchy issue. He assured the council that, with no dance floor and no desire to disturb patrons, music will be provided for pleasant, background noise.

“We’re not a club,” Hand said. “We’re just providing music for our diners.”

Councilman Jim Palmer noted the limited space in the bistro. Hand said non-amplified, acoustic music with a guitar or horns would be the extent of the performances.

“It’s going to be light jazz at best,” the co-owner said, adding that music would be wrapped up by 9 p.m., or 10 p.m. at the latest for special occasions.

In addition to ambiance, the bistro added a bakery earlier in the month.

BayCity Bistro can be reached at 675-4020.