Another mistake discovered in voters’ guide

Yet another mistake has been discovered in the Island County voters’ guide for the general election.

Yet another mistake has been discovered in the Island County voters’ guide for the general election.

Mitchell Klein, a candidate for Ledgewood Beach Water District Commissioner, Position 1, noticed that his photograph and candidate statement were missing, even though he submitted both before the county’s deadline of May 26.

Upon speaking with someone from the county’s elections office about the issue last week, Klein found out that his information had been received in time but did not make it into the guide for some reason. As a result, the county sent out mailers with Klein’s statement to the approximately 180 voters located within the water district, Island County Elections Supervisor and Deputy Auditor Michele Reagan confirmed Monday.

Klein, who currently serves in a different position as commissioner on the board for the Ledgewood Beach Water District, is running for election against Steve Clemens, whose information did appear in the voters’ guide.

If Klein wins the election, he plans to leave his current seat. Two weeks after Klein filed for election, one of the commissioners on the board resigned, and he was appointed to the position. Klein said he decided to continue running for election since he can get a lot more done in a six-year term rather than the two years left in his appointed position.

Rather than being upset about the county’s error, Klein said having his own mailer sent out to voters could be viewed as having “kind of an advantage.”

“I like to look at the bright side of things,” he said, adding that he is satisfied with the way the county rectified things.

This marks the third mistake in the county’s voters’ guide for the November election. A statement by Chris Carlson, a candidate for Langley City Council, was accidentally replaced with a duplicate of the statement from Molly Hughes, who is running for reelection as Coupeville’s mayor. The county auditor mailed out a notice to Langley voters with the entirety of Carlson’s statement, just as was done for Klein.

In a situation that differed from the other two, miscommunication led to the absence of a pro statement for the South Whidbey School Bond in the guide. The county did not send out a mailer in this case since it never received the statement in the first place.