UltraRadiance LED Light Therapy Reviews – 5 in 1 Anti-Aging Kit?

Do you wonder if LED light works for wrinkles and acne? Are you confused about the right LED light skincare equipment to buy? Or you are skeptical altogether and have always doubted the effectiveness of the LED light skincare therapy because you do not know how it works. Or maybe it is about safety for you, so you have questions like: is LED light good for your face? Is LED light dangerous for your skin? Here we will discuss this question in our review of the UltraRadianceTM 5 in 1 Anti-Aging Kit. We will look at the science behind led light as skincare and then decide if it is worth it.

LED Light System For SkinCare?

Collagen is one of the main components that are vital to healthy skin. It is a structural protein that is responsible for skin elasticity or stretchiness. At birth and while growing, your body produces this structural protein that helps the dermis retain firmness and elasticity.

However, as you grow older, it becomes difficult for your body to produce more collagen. This protein is found throughout the body, but most especially on the skin and bones. Collagen has roots, and these roots are called fibroblasts.

Fibroblast: fibroblasts are the cells found in the connective tissue which secretes collagens. They also play a vital role in healing wounds.

The science behind the use of led light for skincare is that led light acts on the cell in the skin that produces collagen. That way, the led light assists the body in producing collagen that the skin needs, as it can not secrete enough for the skin.

What Causes Wrinkle and Saggy Skin?

It would be fascinating to be in a world where we can get older without getting wrinkles? Firm skin and a smooth face is a beautiful dream, and to have that altered by wrinkles is not a pleasant idea.

Here are some of the things that cause wrinkles:

Some wrinkles on the face come about by the position you sleep in: if you continuously sleep in a certain way that you have to squeeze your face with your palms or a rough sheet that is not cotton, you stand a higher risk of getting wrinkles.

When you frown a lot: this may sound weird, but it takes a lot more muscles on your face to express displeasure than it does to smile. Frowning often puts a lot of strain around your eyes and your mouth too.

Losing weight: it is good to lose weight. But the effects that come from doing this are not spoken about very often. When you lose weight, some parts of your skin may appear wrinkled.

Exposure to UV: one mistake that people make very often is to go out without wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is important because it protects your skin from the harshness of the ultraviolet rays that the sun emits. Also, radiation exposure weakens the skin and causes it to shrink.

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As you age, we cannot stop this natural process, no matter how much we try. We get older every day.

Dehydration: there is no underestimating the power that staying hydrated does to the skin. Dehydration occurs when there is a lack of water in the skin. It makes your skin dry, dull and can give you an appearance of premature aging. Included are surface wrinkles and a lack of elasticity to the skin.

All these activities that can cause wrinkles to your face and body can easily be regarded as temporary when you are young. The difficulty in dealing with wrinkles comes from when we get older. And that is because the older you get, the harder it becomes for your body to produce collagen, which helps to keep your skin firm and stretchy.

Serum Before Led Light Therapy

As you think of your skincare routine, one thing that you cannot miss is serum. Skincare serum is a vital ingredient for firm and smooth skin. Serums are either in liquid or gel-based forms and are lighter than moisturizers.

Serums are applied first to help your moisturizer stay locked in. serums have hydrating effects. They help keep the skin hydrated, as they can easily penetrate the skin, unlike heavy creams that do not easily penetrate the body.

Serums also contain antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin A, C, and vitamin E. These vitamins are essential to the skin.

  • Vitamin A stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Vitamin B helps to fight acne and skin aging. A lack of vitamin B on the skin leaves the skin dried and patched.
  • Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from UV rays and pollution. It also helps your body produce collagen.

Now imagine using a LED light with a serum on your face. So you apply a serum and then use a LED light on it. The result would be helping your skin produce a lot of collagen that will be useful in mending the skin, keeping it firm, and maintaining its elasticity.

Can Led Light Help Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that can be found on the face and also the back. It is a blocking of the skin pores by oil, dead skin, or bacteria. It can happen to both males or females and is highly prevalent in teenagers.

There are different kinds of acnes, and they are:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Cyst
  • Nodules.

You can use the UltraRadiance LED Light for acne at home because it is effective for treating acne. The led light design kills the bacteria on the skin without the risk of leaving the pores open for more infection. It works for acne by bacteria and dirt.

UltraRadiance LED Light

LED light therapy is popular among celebrities, fashion icons, beauticians, and other famous people. It is one of the essential tools for a beautician. LED light therapy is so vital that when you have your facials done, you will have LED light equipment run across your face.

The UltraRadiance LED light uses the latest therapeutic LED technology in skincare. It is what dermatologists and professionals use, and it is now available for you to use at home.

The technology of the UltraRadiance LED light makes the fine lines in your face-less noticeable. It leaves you with a smooth face. That feature was to boost the production of collagen by increasing blood circulation in an area.

The UltraRadiance LED light gives you an array of different 6 light treatment options, as it comes with six colored LEDs. These varieties of LED colors work differently on various skincare needs.

  • Red LED light: the red LED light acts on the fibroblast cells that play a role in collagen production.
  • Blue LED light: Kills acne-causing bacterias and prevent the skin from acne without having acne scars to deal with
  • Purple LED Light: Reduces Inflammation and scars and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Yellow LED light: leaves your skin looking radiant and sparkling
  • Amber LED light: stimulates the production of red blood cells that rejuvenates and heals the skin.
  • White LED light: this stimulates collagen and promotes elasticity.

Purchase UltraRadiance Led Light

It is easy to use. Unlike other products that demand so much of your time, this doesn’t. You do not need to sit and wear a treatment mask. Customers will receive in their package an UltraRadiance™ 5 in 1 Anti-Aging Device, universal power adapter, and a rechargeable stand; prices are as follows:

  • One device for $89.95
  • Two devices for $179.99
  • Three devices for $201.99
  • Four devices for $246.99

The company offers a 30-day guarantee; send the item back for a full refund or replacement, and pay the return shipping costs. Customers who purchase are also offered lifetime protection, and a replacement warranty for an added $24.70 at checkout. Contact the company by phone or email at:

  • Phone: 0844 357 5216
  • Email: support@ultraradianceskin.com
  • Company Address: Office 24379, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US, United Kingdom
  • Return Address: No. 1103 Yesheng E-Commerce Park, No. 444 Beitang East Road, Xinjie Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China


UltraRadiance naturally boosts your collagen production, puts an end to acne, and helps your skin absorb the serum. All the factors that can cause wrinkles and acne were thought about when the UltraRadiance LED light was produced. The goal was to bring high-performing skincare equipment for at-home use that will yield great results.

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