Top 15 Essay Writing Services to Use in 2022 If You Need A-Worthy Papers

Whether you are caught up in a frenzy of the application season or want to tie up all the loose ends before the finals, a college essay writing service will come in handy. Getting academic help has become necessary for a modern student struggling to study towards a degree and simultaneously work to take out less in student loans. Timely assistance can make life a lot easier, saving your GPA, scholarship, and a sound mind (or a couple of nights worth of sleep, anyway). But (and it’s a bit “but”), not all such services are created equal.

Being somewhat in a grey area regarding academic integrity and university regulations, essay writing companies are hard to verify. How can you know that you will get a decent paper for your buck and not some plagiarized piece or even nothing?

Thorough research can remove this obstacle. You look up essay writing service reviews on independent platforms or crowd-sourced Q&A resources like Reddit, Quora, and Yahoo Answers. You compare them with website scores on Sitejabber and Trustpilot and order an essay from the best candidates just to test the waters… Or, wait. I forgot. You are looking for the cheapest essay writing service that can write your essay for tomorrow exactly because you don’t have time or energy for any research. Plus, you’re broke, so test purchases are out of the question either.

Well, you are in luck, because I’ve already done it for you. This investigation has taken a while, but now I can proudly present the top 15 essay writing services you can trust. Without further ado, the winner is…

#1 PaperHelp – Best Essay Writing Service All-Around

If you look for an expert paper writer from whom you can learn a thing or two – PaperHelp should be your choice. This service is exemplary in many respects, but its strongest side is that they bank hard on quality of writing – without making the price exorbitant at that. Offering three tiers of helpers based on experience, they produce coherent original papers even on the “basic” level. So, if you need not just an essay to plug a hole in your due dates schedule but something of a learning value, go straight there. I would also recommend reading this PaperHelp review to get more information since the format of these cliff notes overviews doesn’t allow me to convey everything that is superior about this service.

#2 WowEssays – Possibility to Choose Essay Writers via Samples

WowEssays is another excellent essay writing service with everything you need. It is younger than PaperHelp and might not be as famed, but boy, does it have potential! It is usable and inviting, with tons of free tools. It combines a friendly attitude with precision and efficiency and keeps accurate deadlines. The price calculator will give you a fair estimation of how much your order will cost before you place it, so you can play around to adjust your requirements and make your needs and wants meet. I must commend this website for its mission to help students and be affordable. How-to guides, sample library, and free editing tools hosted here are amazing assistance for broke learners struggling with writing. Plus, the samples are created by in-house writers, so if you like their style, you can hire them specifically!

#3 Evolution Writers – Efficiency is Their Creed

This essay writers service will win your heart if you prefer clean and efficient services with no frills. You go in, order, get your paper – done and dusted. They have two distinct versions for the US and UK audiences, so this automatically takes care of spelling and grammar discrepancies. Don’t you just love it when everything is cleared out even before you think there might be an issue? The most robust feature of this service is the flexible pricing system that allows you to save a lot if you order way before the due date. Of course, the quality is also on par (obviously, this website being in the top 3). As I said – efficiency.

#4 Write My Essays – Quick and Easy

WriteMyEssays carries its straightforwardness further than its mere name. Placing the order only takes a few clicks, thanks to the thought-through and intuitive order form. Three main branches of service (academic writing, editing/proofreading, and calculations), four academic levels (high school, undergrad, bachelor, and pro), types of paper, deadline time slots – everything is laid out for easy selection. This service understands what students need – a quick and easy fix to get some breathing space in their frantic, overwhelmed schedule. The quality of writing leaves nothing to worry about either, being top-of-the-class level even for default settings.

#5 WePapers – High Quality Packed in a Cute Interface

WePapers is another darling on this list that just keeps on giving. On top of a clean interface, smooth ordering process, the great cost to quality ratio, and fierce punctuality when it comes to deadlines, they also have neat stacks of free samples sorted into subject categories: History, Medicine, Ethics, Technology, etc. Much like its symbol – tiny paper cranes – WePapers gives you hope. Hope that all will be fine. Also, I must add that I LUUUV the UI here. All those cute icons and interactive buttons have a kawaii casual game app feel to them and somehow stay classy and minimalistic. That pretty much sums up my experience with the support team and the service as well.

#6 Essay Writing Service – Great Value for Money

If not quite creatively named, Essay Writing Service definitely puts its money where its mouth is. You come for essays – and the service obliges. I was assigned a writer within minutes of placing my order, and I jumped in to discuss the concept of the essay with my helper. I intentionally left the “topic” field with a default “Writer’s Choice” option to test the level of subject knowledge by picking my helper’s brains. Suffice it to say, I was impressed by the assignee’s expertise and creativity, so if you are out of ideas, you can head straight here. Also, the price per page is marginally lower than for most contestants on the list.

# 7 Essay Company – Accuracy and Guarantees

Essay Company offers comprehensive writing services from creative pieces to professional papers like CVs, resumes, cover letters, etc. However, its focus is first and foremost on academia, and it caters to students. It shows in the seamless ordering process that practically leads you by the hand through all the stages, affordability, and specific accent on timely delivery secured with a money-back guarantee. This works even for the most urgent papers with a deadline just 3 hours away. This is a reliable service with excellent results. If I had one quibble with it, I’d say they could update their design a bit. Yet overall – perfect option for anyone seeking writing help.

#8 Academized – Best for Bloggers

Despite its name, Academized is kinda Jack of all trades. Academic writing takes only a fraction of their services, along with re-writing and copywriting. The price is within the median range for contestants on this list, but the use of dated marketing tricks like the $18.99 pricing format made me cringe a bit. As for the quality, it’s a bumpy ride. The result can be pretty decent if you’re lucky. Still, according to this Academized Review, it’s rather a matter of chance than consistency. Since they don’t have an elaborate ordering system with academic levels and tiers of writers, I’d recommend them for someone seeking to fill their blog rather than impress their instructor.

#9 CustomWritings – Refined Academic Levels

CustomWritings deliver okay papers, so no problems there. They also offer a 5-layer academic level system with High-School Senior, Undergrad (yrs 1-2), Undergrad (yrs 3-4), Master’s, and Doctoral. The reason why they occupy this exact spot on the list and not higher is because their papers come with a hefty price tag that seems a bit random. There are also last-minute additions like $4 for “complex assignment” – even though it was considered typical everywhere else. Also, their ordering form is painfully linear. You don’t get the price until you come all the way and see the order summary. Then, you cannot go back to make any changes because cookies remember everything like it’s some kind of a personality test. What if I changed my mind or made a mistake? Check out this CustomWritings Review for more info- it’s fair, even if erring on the generous side.

#10 GradeMiners – Easy English Variant Choice

GradeMiners offer a wide range of services, timely delivery, and a decent pool of writers with the possibility of choosing among five academic levels: High School, College, Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Unlike CustomWritings, they do display the price upfront (probably because it’s more moderate). Among pluses, I could also add ease of choosing English variants with a click: US, UK, or ESL (presumably so that international students only learning English could understand the samples better). What is less stellar about GradeMiners is their customer service, which seems to sound a bit wooden. At one point, I was almost sure it was a bot.

#11 Bid4Papers – If You Like Bargains (and Bargaining)

The shtick of this service is that you cannot know the price before you negotiate it with your writer. Not even an approximation is given until you register, submit your email, and give the instruction for your paper. Then, you are presented with the list of writers, their ratings, and the price they put on their services. You will get decent quality only if you are prepared to foot a hefty bill. With some more affordable authors, quality becomes a gamble. Basically, it’s not a service but rather a freelancer platform focusing on academic wiring. This model has obvious downsides: lax regulation, unfavorable refund policy, and few guarantees. Still, if you find this format interesting, find out more in this Bid4Papers review.

#12 EduBirdie – Overpriced, but Delivers

EduBirdie also doesn’t show you the price until you choose your writer. The preliminary order form offers the bare minimum of information: deadline, type of work (writing, editing, other), and subject area. It doesn’t discriminate academic levels but offers three writer levels instead. I have commissioned my essay to a less expensive specialist (I still paid more per page than with the services at the top of this list), but the quality was underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it was okay – otherwise, EduBirdie wouldn’t end up on this list. But you could get this for less elsewhere. Also, I was irritated with persistent pop-ups. This EduBirdie review covers more details if you are interested.

#13 EssayShark – For Skilled Negotiators

Another service with a bidding system that will only let you see the price range once you’ve created an account, EssayShark is for people who are feeling lucky. You might get an inspired writer for a modest price. However, you are more likely to overpay for a standard paper. If you think you are good at negotiating and can distinguish a fake account from a genuine article, you can give it a try. Read this EssayShark review for more information on inner workings and customer experience.

#14 EssayPro – Tried and Tired

EssayPro is an old service, and it’s both a good and a bad thing. The years in business allowed the company to build a positive reputation, but at the same time, EssayPro feels a bit stale. First of all, it offers no academic levels and no other college-specific services like calculations, coding, or homework assistance. Second, they use an outdated bidding system. The price calculator on their homepage is a window dressing because the real price will still depend on the actual writer who will take your assignment. You will have profiles to choose from among the bidding specialists. Still, according to this EssayPro review, the authenticity of some is subject to debate.

#15 StudentShare – Essay Swapping With Peers

This one is not strictly a writing service but rather an online library. However, it is of great help to students since this paid database allows you to access a variety of samples: different formats, disciplines, academic levels, language proficiency, aptitude, etc. They should only serve as an inspiration since these papers have been submitted by their original authors after being handed in as class assignments. As you can expect, the quality of writing is very uneven and not always has educational value. Still, it’s an accessible study aid when you need something, to begin with. This StudentShare review talks about the pros and cons of the service in great detail. Check it out if you are interested.

These services are the ones that are most often mentioned online in favorable customer reviews, reputable, and safe to use. I have applied my own experience to rate and present them in the order you find them in based on the value they provide for the money. However, you should only resort to any of them as a studying aid. Make your original contribution to any paper you intend to submit towards academic credit.

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