The Power Elite from Weiss Ratings Review: The #1 Technology Driving Record Market Profits?

Weiss Ratings has launched a new video promoting The Power Elite. In that video, you can discover the #1 technology...

Weiss Ratings has launched a new video promoting The Power Elite. In that video, you can discover the #1 technology driving record market profits.

By following the video to the end, you can purportedly discover “the only 8 stocks you’ll ever need to buy.” In fact, according to The Power Elite team, these 8 stocks “could take your nest egg from $100,000 to $1,702,000 faster than you ever thought possible.”

What will you learn in The Power Elite? What is the #1 technology driving record market profits? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about The Power Elite’s new marketing campaign today.

What is The Power Elite?

The Power Elite is a financial analysis newsletter published by Weiss Ratings.

Each month, Jon Markman and his team release a new issue of The Power Elite to subscribers. Issues cover topics like stock recommendations, market news and analysis, and investing trends.

The Power Elite is based on the idea that you don’t need an ETF, a mutual fund, or a range of diversified stocks to be a successful investor. In fact, Jon Markman claims investors who follow these popular strategies are “suckers” who are playing the game that Wall Street wants them to play.

With The Power Elite, Jon is on a mission to “expose their con games once and for all.” Jon claims only 70 of the 4,500 listed stocks are worth your time. By investing in the right stocks, you can avoid losing money to Wall Street – and you can start beating Wall Street at their own game.

Anyone who subscribes to The Power Elite today can get a bundle of bonus reports, including Jon’s specific recommended stocks for beating Wall Street at their own game year after year.


The Power Elite Features

Your subscription to The Power Elite comes with all of the following features:

  • Monthly issues of The Power Elite
  • Full access to Jon’s complete portfolio, both online and in printed issues
  • Every issue and every buy and sell signal Jon releases
  • Every flash alert, giving subscribers “urgent wealth-building recommendations” they can use today
  • Free, 24/7 access to The Power Elite’s website, along with each special report and bonus issue Jon publishes
  • VIP invitations to special events, online training briefings, and special events for breaking news alerts

What is The #1 Technology Driving Record Market Profits?

As part of the new promotional video, Jon Markman discusses “the #1 technology driving record market profits.”

According to Jon, this technology moves $39 trillion on Wall Street every year – and it’s now finally available to Main Street investors.

Over the past 15 years, multibillion dollar investment firms and hedge funds have relied on something that most investors could only dream of. This technology has created some of the biggest fortunes on Wall Street in the 21st century.

So what is this technology? How can ordinary investors like yourself access this technology?

The technology is Jon’s Power Elite Indicator, which uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered algorithms to spot fast-rising stocks. Instead of keeping this technology to himself, Jon is sharing it with The Power Elite subscribers, allowing them to make huge potential returns on investment.

In Jon’s latest presentation, you’ll discover:

  • How to access the current market-moving stocks picked by Jon Markman’s Power Elite Indicator
  • A blacklist of stocks that nearly everyone owns (and nobody should)
  • How the raging bull market now taking shape could set you up to retire if you follow one simple recommendation

By following the video through to the end, you can discover how Jon’s technology works, how he uses the technology to inform his investing strategy, and what makes his stock tips different from other investment gurus.


About The Power Elite’s Investing Strategy

The Power Elite has a unique investing strategy. Jon Markman believes only around 70 of the world’s biggest stocks are worth your time. The remaining 4,500 stocks are not. Those who buy a diversified range of stocks are “suckers,” and those who buy the right stocks out of those 70 can earn huge potential returns on investment.

Here’s how Jon explains it:

“If your portfolio is not keeping up with the market (or doing better) it’s not your fault. The stone-cold truth is …Most stocks suck — they’re barely worth the paper they’re printed on.”

Most stocks lose money. That’s good for Wall Street. Because Wall Street knows how to pick the specific stocks that don’t lose money. Everyday investors lose money by diversifying into a range of stocks that “suck” while Wall Street giants maximize profits.

Of course, the real secret is how to identify the 70 stocks on the market that don’t suck. To help, Jon developed an algorithm that consistently spots stocks with the highest profit potential and the lowest loss potential.

How Jon’s Stock Trading Model Works

Jon decided to develop a stock trading model based on AI-powered algorithms. That model was designed with three goals in mind:

First, the model needed to trade without emotion.

Second, the model needed to know when to buy and when to sell.

Third, the model needed to find the right stocks to buy.

After putting all of these parameters into his system, Jon discovered a list of corporations that met his requirements. Today, he recommends these companies to investors.

Jon calls these stocks “The Power Elite Stocks.” By subscribing to The Power Elite today, you get access to a free report explaining Jon’s recommended stocks, including the specific 35 stocks he has in his Power Elite portfolio today.

How to Follow Jon’s Recommended Investing Strategy

Jon’s recommended investing strategy follows a simple four step process.

Here are the four steps Jon tells ordinary investors to follow if they’re interested in The Power Elite’s investing strategy:

Step 1) Get Rid of Sucker Stocks: Some of the world’s best-known stocks are sucker stocks. If you own an ETF, then you probably already own these stocks. These stocks have good names and good publicity, but they’re for suckers. Jon cites Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Halliburton, and Caterpillar as some of the biggest sucker stocks.

Step #2) Stop Letting Wall Street Trick You Into Making Sucker Mistakes: Wall Street plays carnival tricks on investors. It’s easy to fall for these tricks. In Chapter 2 of Jon’s report, Profit From The Power Elite, he explains the tricks Wall Street uses – and how to avoid those tricks.

Step #3) Check Out the Stocks in the Power Elite: Jon’s recommended stocks are part of his Power Elite list. Jon’s algorithm has identified 35 stocks that he believes will deliver better returns than any other stocks on the market. By subscribing to The Power Elite today, you can discover Jon’s recommended stocks (including the ones he holds in his portfolio) while also getting new recommendations every month in each new issue of The Power Elite.

Step #4) Find Out How to Use the Pivotal Point: Jesse Livermore discovered something called the Pivotal Point. It’s the point at which a stock changes direction. A falling stock might suddenly stop, catch its breath, and start to climb again. Or, a rising stock might run of steam, stumble, and start to fall. In chapter 4 of Jon’s report, he explains how to use the pivotal point in your own trading. By timing the market perfectly, you can maximize returns and avoid losses. Just look for the Pivotal Point.

What Do The Power Elite Stocks Have in Common?

The Power Elite stocks come from different industries. Some are mid-cap stocks, while others are large-cap stocks. You’ve heard of some of them, and you haven’t heard of others.

However, all of Jon’s recommended stocks in The Power Elite list have certain things in common, including:

They’re been steady and reliable money-makers

They’re often in niche markets, including markets where they’ve gotten very good at their niche

The companies make products that tend to be necessary, addictive, or the best in their industry, allowing them to charge higher prices than competitors

They are mid to large cap corporations, but they run their businesses as if they were smaller, private companies (they’re nimble, thrifty, and have great accountability at every level; they also carry minimal debt and have great cash flow and keep tight control of the costs)

The companies don’t make stupid acquisitions or mergers, and they don’t expand into markets they don’t understand

The companies don’t pay their executives outrageous salaries, and they make other fiscally prudent decisions

Some of Jon’s recommended companies are technology companies. Regardless of whether they’re technology companies, however, they’re all good at using technology to keep overhead costs low and customer satisfaction high.

Overall, The Power Elite list of recommended stocks consists of about 35 stocks. These are the stocks Jon found through his Power Elite Finder algorithm. These are also the only 35 stocks currently in Jon’s Power Elite portfolio.

By subscribing to The Power Elite today, you can discover the specific stocks Jon identified as having the best profit potential.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Jon believes his portfolio of Power Elite stocks can deliver powerful performance gains to investors with all levels of experience.

Here are some of the stats about the moneymaking potential of the 35 stocks, according to the official website:

Jon’s portfolio would have enjoyed a total compounded return of 3,717% if you invested in all 35 companies back in January 2005

More than 71% of trades recommended by Jon Markman have been winners

Over the past 15 years, there have only been 3 years when The Power Elite underperformed the S&P 500

Jon back-tested his Power Elite portfolio and found it delivered an average return of 20.9% over the past 15 years; in other words, all of Jon’s winning and losing recommendations from the last 15 years would have added up to a return of 20.9% per year

With average returns of 20.9% over the past 15 years, Jon’s recommendations could have turned $10,000 into $381,731; or, it could have turned a $50,000 investment into $1,908,654; those who put $100,000 into The Power Elite portfolio “could see it grow to over three million dollars by the time you retire,” according to Jon

What’s Included with The Power Elite?

As part of a late 2021 / early 2022 promotion, Weiss Ratings is bundling several bonus reports with all new subscriptions to The Power Elite.


Here’s what you get when you subscribe to The Power Elite today:

Monthly Issues of The Power Elite: The core of your subscription consists of monthly issues of The Power Elite. Each month, subscribers receive a new issue of The Power Elite. You can buy a digital version of The Power Elite subscription for $29 or a digital + print version for $59.

Profit From The Power Elite Report: In this report, Jon Markman discusses his investment philosophy and why he believes only a handful of stocks are worth investing in. Jon lists specific stocks that meet his criteria, including the 35 stocks in his Power Elite portfolio.

Bonus Research Report #1: The Beauties and the Beasts of Utilities: Written by Jon Markman, this report explains why utilities have become both income and growth stocks. He claims utilities may be safer investments over the coming years than bonds, which have traditionally been safe havens for investors. The demand for electric power is growing like crazy, and the price of utility stocks continues to increase. Plus, because electric power is a regulated industry, the income flow remains safe and reliable. As the population grows, and incomes rise, utilities make more money. Jon recommends stocks like ATMOS Energy, American Electric Power, and Chesapeake Utilities for both growth and income.

Bonus Research Report #2: The Disruptive Dozen: In this research report, Jon Markman describes how there has never been a better time in history to be an investor. He claims the market volatility can make investors dizzy at times, but it’s still a great time to invest in stocks. Jon believes we’re witnessing an explosion of wealth “unlike anything this country has seen since ‘The Gilded Age’.” In this report, Jon recommends investing in some of the best market-disrupting stocks. These stocks are using digital technology to disrupt aging fields. Some of the stocks are in 5G wireless technology. Others are in AI, tele-surgery, self-driving cars, and virtual reality. Jon discusses Activation Blizzard (ATVI) as one example. Investors who bought $10,000 of ATVI on the day it began trading on the NASDAQ would have over $902,667 today.

Bonus Research Report #3: Work From Home Winners: Written by Martin Weiss, this research report discusses some of the best work-from-home investment opportunities. These companies are making technologies or offering products and services useful for the work-from-home revolution. After the pandemic, many people will never go back to the office. By investing in specific companies today, you can enjoy huge potential returns on investment.

Free Lifetime Subscription to Jon Markman’s Pivotal Point: Jon Markman offers a newsletter called Pivotal Point. He publishes the newsletter three times per week. In the newsletter, you can discover tips for investing in what Jon calls “the new gilded age.” He believes today is filled with unparalleled opportunities for investors who know the right places to invest now.

The Power Elite Pricing

The Power Elite is priced at $29 for a standard membership or $59 for a premium membership. You get the 4 free bonus reports mentioned above with both memberships. However, you receive additional bonus reports with the premium membership and a print subscription to The Power Elite.


Here’s how pricing breaks down when subscribing to The Power Elite today:

Standard Membership ($29)

  • Includes a digital-only subscription to The Power Elite
  • Includes 4 free bonus reports

Premium Membership ($59)

  • Includes digital and print subscriptions to The PowerElite
  • Includes 4 free bonus reports
  • Includes 4 additional bonus reports, including:
  • Profit From The Power Elite
  • Cas Generator: A Surprising Investment Set for Spectacular Growth
  • Turn Trash Into Treasure With This Unexpected Moneymaker
  • Logistics Bonanza: Grab Your Share of an Industry Set to Grow $7 Trillion in 4 Years

The Power Elite Refund Policy

The Power Elite is backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund up to the last day of your membership.

If you’re unsatisfied with your membership to The Power Elite for any reason, or if you did not make substantial returns on investment by following the stock tips in The Power Elite, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 365 days of your purchase date.

About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is a financial analysis and publishing company based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The company has been rating companies since the 1970s. Today, the company is also known for publishing several financial newsletters online, including The Power Elite.

Other notable newsletters from Weiss Ratings include Disruptors and Dominators, Safe Money Report, and Wealth Megatrends. The company also offers premium trading services like Gold & Silver Trader, Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio, and Supercycle Investor. Plus, you can subscribe to crypto-focused services like Undiscovered Cryptos, Weiss Crypto Investor, and Weiss Cryptocurrency Portfolio.

You can contact Weiss Ratings via the following:

  • Mailing Address: 4400 Northcorp Parkway, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • Phone: 877-934-7778

Final Word

Jon Markman, Weiss Ratings, and The Power Elite team have launched a new marketing campaign for their financial analysis newsletter.

In a new promotional video, Jon explains how one specific technology has allowed Wall Street firms to make oversized gains compared to ordinary investors. For the first time, that technology is available to ordinary investors.

To learn more about this unique technology, the stocks recommended by that technology, and how you can beat Wall Street at their own game, subscribe to The Power Elite today.

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