The Chill Pill Reviews: Natural Insomnia and Anxiety Relief That Works?

The Chill Pill by Mend Your Mental refers to a handheld device that assists in relieving insomnia and anxiety. You need to hold it in your hand and gently squeeze it to work. You gain access to a solution that can reduce anxiety without causing any side effects.

Below, we seek to establish whether this device lives up to the hype and how it works to relieve insomnia and anxiety. Keep reading to learn more about the Chill Pill.

The Chill Pill – What Is It?

As mentioned in the introduction, The Chill Pill is a natural solution designed to provide relief for anxiety and insomnia. Simply holding it in your hand and squeezing it allows you to relieve the symptoms linked to these two conditions.

This device is simple and mechanical, so you don’t have to worry about using an invasive solution or experiencing any adverse side effects. What’s more, the device has proven that it can work for people in different age groups.

Since its launch, the Chill Pill makers have sold hundreds of anxiety and sleep devices worth $1.5 million. Its makers credit its success to the fact that numerous scientific studies back it. A single Chill Pill device retails at $49.50 and is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


How Does the Chill Pill Device Work?

Its creators claim that the Chill Pill uses electrotherapy to relieve symptoms associated with insomnia and anxiety. Its gentle pulses will train your body and brain to calm down, allowing you to fall asleep quickly. You need to hold the device in your hand each night before bedtime.

Electrotherapy studies have shown that it can assist in the ability to drift off to sleep calmly. The power of natural electronic signals plays an essential role in improving your sleep quality.

Certified stainless steel wrapped in a silicone-based shell, also known as ABS, was used to make the Chill Pill. The material is non-toxic and safe for humans and doesn’t pose any adverse effects on the skin.

You can enjoy immense relief from anxiety and insomnia by falling asleep with the Chill Pill tucked into your hand or by touching it as you get into bed. Every Chill Pill device comes with a 500mAh battery capable of running for twenty hours.

Please note that the device has been designed to shut down automatically after twenty minutes. As a result, a single charge can last several days or weeks, depending on how often you use it.

The Chill Pill will provide weeks of uninterrupted sleep and less anxiety allowing you to wake up feeling rested and peaceful. All you have to do to enjoy its many benefits is ensure it is fully charged and follow the instructions that come with it. Every unit comes with a USB charging cable.

Studies have shown that CES can reduce and eliminate general anxiety and panic attacks. All a user has to do is adjust the settings on the device to suit their preferences and relax and wait for it to do its job.

How to Use the Chill Pill for Anxiety and Insomnia

Its manufacturer recommends following these three steps below to enjoy its calming effects:

  • Step 1: Turn the device on
  • Step 2: Adjust its pulse settings to match your preferences
  • Step 3: Find your preferred grip

There are different ways to use the Chill Pill:

  • You can hold it while sitting at work or when watching TV at home
  • You can use it when getting into bed

The Chill Pill provides discreet relief regardless of whether you’re in public, in bed, in the office, or home. Remember, a single charge will continue to provide you with relief for up to twenty hours.

Who Is the Chill Pill Intended for?

The Chill Pill is safe for everyone to use. However, the folks at Mend Your Mental insist that it shouldn’t be used by any person who has a shunt or suffers from nerve damage. People suffering from heart conditions shouldn’t use it as well.

Some users have successfully used the Chill Pill and doctor-recommended therapies, e.g., prescription medication. On the other hand, some would rather use it as a standalone gadget.

Let’s put it this way; if your doctor has cleared you to participate in electrotherapy, you can safely use the Chill Pill. However, ensure you consult your doctor before using the Chill Pill. Its advice applies to any person taking medication or who suffers from a medical condition.

Features and Benefits of the Chill Pill

Non-Addictive and Non-Invasive: Many insomnia and anxiety treatments available today often come with several side effects. Most of these treatments are habit-forming, which means that a person can quickly become an addict. The Chill Pill has zero side effects. According to its makers, the following are its top benefits and features:

Made by an American-Owned Business: The Chill Pill has been designed and manufactured by an American-owned company.

One-Time Purchase: Common anxiety and insomnia treatments require you to refill your medication on an ongoing basis. In some cases, you may need to pay for invasive surgery to relieve your symptoms. With the Chill Pill, you only get to make a one-time payment.

A Single Charge Lasts for Up to 20 Hours: Its manufacturer claims that one charge will last you for up to twenty hours. And that it only takes one hour to charge its battery.

Portable and Discreet: Instead of carrying a chunky device in your backpack or having to pull out pills in public, you should choose the Chill Pill, which you can take with you anywhere. The device is compact, lightweight, discreet, and portable, and it easily wraps around your wrist. You can also dangle it from your wrist using the included bracelet.

Safe, Effective, and Backed by Scientific Studies: Electrotherapy is an effective therapy backed by several scientific studies and has proven safe for people of all ages. But as we mentioned earlier, people suffering from heart-related issues, nerve damage, and those with shunts should refrain from using the Chill Pill. All the others can safely use it to manage anxiety and insomnia symptoms.

It Comes in Multiple Colors: The Chill Pill creators have made it possible for consumers to choose their preferred colors during the checkout process. Those who want to buy more than one device can choose to mix and match their purchases.

How Does Electrotherapy Work?

Electrotherapy refers to a group of therapies that involve stimulating electrical currents in the various muscles inside your body. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) is by far the most popular.

TENS involves running tiny, painless electrical currents into your body muscles to help relieve the pain you’re experiencing at its source. Electrotherapy traditionally consists in using a battery-powered gadget directly on your skin.

Standard electrotherapy devices, e.g., TENS, utilize an electrode pad to cling to the stick. The Chill Pill, on the other hand, uses stainless steel. Some of the benefits linked to electrotherapy include:

  • Insomnia relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Pain relief

Please note that while electrotherapy has proven that it can work in relieving the conditions above, it doesn’t always work for everyone. Some doctors have recommended electrotherapy for:

  • Bone growth stimulation
  • Diabetic nerve pain
  • Wound healing
  • Migraine headaches
  • Fibromyalgia

Some doctors use it for pain-relief purposes, especially as an alternative to prescription pain medication.

Electrotherapy and Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia

Several studies have suggested that electrotherapy can assist with insomnia. Some animal studies have indicated that electrotherapy can alter neurotransmitter production within their brains and bodies.

Altering neurotransmitter production can assist in relieving depression, anxiety, and other common cognitive conditions. Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is a type of electrotherapy known to assist in dealing with mental issues.

The therapy assists in delivering electrical stimulation to the brain. For example, in this study conducted in 2013, researchers attempted to determine CES’s effects on the treatment of insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

During the study, the researchers established that CES was backed by over 40 years of evidence, pointing to its efficiency. The team also found that CES rarely had severe reactions. Those who experienced adverse side effects reportedly dealt with mild skin irritation.

Brain and Behavior published a separate study in 2012 which proved that CES could easily alter brain chemicals when administered under varying frequencies. We want to point out that the Chill Pill is not an FDA-approved device, even though CES is FDA-approved.

Its creators have not designed it for use as a medical device but rather as a natural-relief solution. And while it doesn’t possess the capacity to deliver electrotherapy straight to your brain like the CES devices, it can still assist in reducing insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Please note that there’s a big difference between running a current through your hands and straight to the brain. The Chill Pill uses the power of the electrotherapy signals to target insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

What Do the People Who Have Used the Chill Pill Device Have to Say About It?

The team behind its creation claims to have sold units totaling $1.5 million since its official launch. Most users are happy with this device, including how it works. Many users claim that the device works as advertised and can assist with anxiety, sleep, and general wellbeing.

Here is a sample of the review:

One reviewer claims that before she started using the Chill Pill, it used to take hours for her to fall asleep. But today, the device has helped change her sleep routine as she no longer has to deal with pain-induced attacks that used to haunt her at night.

A second reviewer claims that the Chill Pill is a game-changer as far as she is concerned. She states that she used to experience anxiety attacks every time she went to the salon to have her nails done, but this is no longer the case.

A third reviewer states that they use the Chill Pill to help them fall asleep each day, primarily because she works at night and has trouble falling asleep after work. She uses the Chill Pill whenever she has trouble winding down and relaxing after completing her shift.

Many of the reviews we encountered show that users trust the Chill Pill to help them fall asleep faster and to assist in settling their minds after a long day. The device has proven that it works well for low and high anxiety days.

Pricing and Where to Buy

The Chill Pill is available on the official website, and its prices are as follows:

  • 1 x Chill Pill: $49.50 + Shipping
  • 2 x Chill Pills: $89.99 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 x Chill Pills: $128.56 + Free US Shipping

A 30-day moneyback guarantee protects every purchase.



The Chill Pill refers to a handheld device that uses electrotherapy to assist with the symptoms linked to insomnia, depression, and anxiety. By taking the device into your hand and adjusting its intensity, you can begin enjoying relief from the Chill Pills’ gentle electric signals.

You can contact the makers of the Chill Pill device via the following:

  • Email: chillpill@giddyup-support.com
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 165 Damascus, MD 20872

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