Teeka Tiwari American Crypto Summit (Palm Beach Letter Review)

Palm Beach Research Group has released a new online event called the American Crypto Summit.

During the webinar, you’ll learn about an upcoming even called “the most explosive event in crypto history.” That event will take place on December 1, 2021.

By subscribing to the Palm Beach Letter for $49 today, you can learn more about this upcoming event – and how the event could help you quickly get rich by investing in the right crypto currencies.

What is the American Crypto Summit? What will you learn from Teeka Tiwari and Palm Beach Research Group during the event? Should you subscribe to the Palm Beach Letter?

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the webinar and what to expect.

What is the American Crypto Summit?

The American Crypto Summit is an online webinar published by Palm Beach Research Group to promote the Palm Beach Letter.

The event features Teeka Tiwari, described by Palm Beach Research Group as “the world’s #1 most trusted crypto expert.”

During the webinar, Teeka explains why December 1, 2021 could be the biggest day in crypto history. Throughout the webinar, Teeka discloses the names of several cryptocurrencies he believes will rise in the near future.

The American Crypto Summit was published online in October / November 2021. The summit features John Burke (the host) and Teeka Tiwari (the interviewee). Anyone can view the webinar online for free. Or, you can read a transcript summarizing the main points of the event.

What is The Palm Beach Letter?

The purpose of the American Crypto Summit is to promote The Palm Beach Letter, a financial analysis and investment recommendation newsletter published online by Palm Beach Research Group.

Led by Teeka Tiwari, The Palm Beach Letter focuses on crypto recommendations. Subscribers receive regular recommendations of which cryptos to buy and sell, market news and analysis, and other investment recommendations.

Subscribers to The Palm Beach Letter also get access to Teeka’s model portfolio. That model portfolio includes all of Teeka’s recommended crypto holdings, making it easy for subscribers to earn the same returns as Teeka by investing in his most-recommended cryptocurrencies.

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter through the American Crypto Summit online form, subscribers get access to a bundle of bonuses, including:

  • Teeka’s Complete Crypto Master Course Video Series
  • Access to Teeka’s complete model portfolio (which has generated 4x better gains than Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Carl Icahn combined)
  • Access to Teeka’s full digital vault of financial secrets
  • Full details about Teeka Tiwari’s Final Countdown preparations, including his buy list and the top two small cryptocurrencies to buy today

Just subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter today to get access to a complete package of digital materials.

What is Teeka’s Final Countdown?

Teeka believes December 1, 2021 will be one of the biggest events in crypto history. To prepare for that final countdown, he recommends investors buy certain cryptocurrencies. Teeka believes these cryptocurrencies will rise sharply in value after December 1.

In his package of investment products, Teeka urges investors to immediately buy shares or cryptocurrencies linked to several companies. He believes these assets will rise sharply after December 1’s Final Countdown.

So what is the Final Countdown? What should you expect from the Final Countdown?

Here’s what we know about the Final Countdown, according to Teeka Tiwari:

  • The Final Countdown has been moved up, and the event is happening as soon as Wednesday, December 1
  • This event happens only once
  • If you miss the event, there’s no second chance
  • Teeka compares the event to having the opportunity to buy bitcoin again at $400
  • Teeka discloses the names of several cryptocurrencies he expects will rise sharply during this event; one recommendation is his #1 crypto recommendation, while the other is a cryptocurrency that Teeka expects to rise 50x over its current price

How Does the Final Countdown Work?

Last year, Ethereum launched its much-anticipated London upgrade on December 1, 2020. This year, Teeka seems to expect something even bigger to occur.

Here’s how Teeka hypes the Final Countdown:

“This event, the “Final Countdown” deadline, is coded — hard-wired — into this one crypto. And not a lot of people are aware of it. And on December 1st, the clock strikes zero.”

Teeka believes this event could send the crypto market “soaring into the stratosphere,” delivering massive gains for investors. He calls it the Final Countdown because “This could be your final moment to get in – before crypto goes mainstream.”

The Final Countdown is linked to Ethereum. That’s why Teeka’s #1 crypto recommendation today is Ethereum:

“If you’re just getting into crypto for the first time…My #1 Crypto Recommendation today is Ethereum. If you buy only one crypto today… This is the one I recommend. Remember, I’ve identified seven billionaires who’ve literally been in a buying frenzy for this one crypto… But right now, it’s still cheap. I don’t expect that to be the case for long.”

Ethereum has grown 4x faster in value in 2021 than bitcoin, making it one of the best-performing assets of the year. However, Teeka believes Ethereum’s best-performing days are still ahead, which is why he recommends investing in Ethereum (ETH) today.

Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating the Final Countdown

In the American Crypto Summit webinar, Teeka outlines a step-by-step guide for navigating the final countdown.

Step 1) Buy Ethereum As Soon As Possible: First, Teeka Tiwari is urging his followers to buy Ethereum “as soon as possible.” Teeka believes several smaller cryptocurrencies will outpace Ethereum over the coming months. However, he believes Ethereum is still a safe bet in the leadup to the Final Countdown.

Step 2) Buy Two Tiny Cryptocurrencies: Teeka has identified several smaller coins he believes will outperform Ethereum. These smaller cryptocurrencies could rise 50x after the Final Countdown, according to Teeka. Teeka recommends buying both coins for maximum gains. Even a small amount invested into either coin could deliver huge returns on investment, according to Teeka.

Step 3) Buy Companies Building Crypto Infrastructure: Finally, Teeka has identified several companies creating infrastructure to make crypto mainstream. By buying shares of these companies today, you could earn huge returns as these companies go mainstream. One of Teeka’s recommended investments takes a cut every time someone makes a transaction on their platform. Another company is a behind-the-scenes player that has partnered with Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. By buying shares of these companies today, investors could reap huge returns in the future.

Teeka shares complete details about each of these steps in his package of Final Countdown eBooks. Teeka explains exactly which stocks and cryptocurrencies to buy, how much money you could make from buying those assets, and why he believes those assets will skyrocket in value in the near future.


Teeka’s Package of Final Countdown Investment Products

Teeka’s package of Final Countdown investment products includes:

  • The Final Countdown Buy List: Two Tiny Cryptos to Own Now
  • The Final Countdown Ultimate Backdoor Profit Pays
  • The Bitcoin Boost: How to Supercharge Your Crypto Gains with the 1170 Account

We’ll summarize each of Teeka’s reports below.

The Final Countdown Buy List: Two Tiny Cryptos to Own Now

In this report, Teeka highlights two small cryptocurrencies that he believes are poised for explosive growth as we approach the final countdown on December 1.

The first recommended crypto is backed by some of the largest players in both the crypto and traditional finance worlds, including Coinbase, Bain Capital, and Andreesen Horowitz. Once the Final Countdown hits, Teeka believes this crypto will soar “800% or more.” He recommends buying this cryptocurrency “immediately” to maximize gains.

The second recommended crypto trades for just over $1 but has potential upside that’s “so big…it’s almost unimaginable for most people.” Teeka believes the could soar 50x higher in the near future, turning even a small investment into a massive windfall.

Teeka is careful to explain that he cannot guarantee these results. However, based on his research and analysis, he believes these two small cryptocurrencies will rise dramatically in the near future, delivering huge gains for investors who buy today.

The Final Countdown Ultimate Backdoor Profit Pays

In this second report, Teeka lists some of the behind-the-scenes companies laying the groundwork for crypto to go mainstream.

These companies are creating the infrastructure behind crypto. They’re building the apps, platforms, and technologies that the public needs to start adopting crypto en masse. The companies include:

One company has positioned itself as the first globally recognized exchange for crypto and blockchain assets; the SEC just granted this company approval on the most profitable form of blockchain trading, which means they’re getting a cut every time someone buys, sells, or trades through their platform

Another company is positioning themselves to be a critical company helping companies step into the crypto world – like a behind-the-scenes specialist; that company has signed major long-term partnerships with Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft; meanwhile, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs have bought shares in the company, according to Teeka; that’s why Teeka is telling his followers to buy the company “immediately”

About The Bitcoin Boost: How to Supercharge Your Crypto Gains with the 1170 Account

Teeka’s third report is called The Bitcoin Boost. He explains how to supercharge your cryptocurrency gains using a 1170 account.

A 1170 account lets you make money from your crypto holdings – without investing another penny, and even if the price stays flat. Today, many crypto customers are taking advantage of bitcoin savings accounts and similar platforms to earn interest on their investments. You might make 4% to 8% per year even if the price of bitcoin doesn’t increase, for example, allowing you to maximize your crypto profit potential.


In this report, Teeka explains everything you need to know about starting the 1170 account and maximizing returns through this account.

What’s Included with the Palm Beach Letter?

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, you get a bundle of bonus reports, videos, model portfolios, crypto recommendations, and more – all for just $49.

Here’s what you get with all new subscriptions to The Palm Beach Letter:

1 Year Membership to The Palm Beach Letter: The Palm Beach Letter is a monthly newsletter featuring crypto investing recommendations, market news and analysis, and more. The newsletter is led by Teeka Tiwari, a former hedge fund manager who is very active within the crypto space. Each month, you receive a new issue of The Palm Beach Letter with investment recommendations that could help you generate huge returns on investment. You receive a new issue of The Palm Beach letter on the first Thursday of every month.

Access to Teeka’s Model Portfolio: Subscribers to The Palm Beach Letter get access to Teeka’s model portfolio. According to Palm Beach Research Group, Teeka’s portfolio has delivered average gains of 281% since 2016, beating the returns of some of the world’s top investors and hedge funds. It appears a significant amount of those gains come from crypto, which has risen dramatically since 2016. However, Teeka believes his model portfolio could deliver similar gains in the future. The model portfolio includes a combination of cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estate, private markets, and more. You get complete information about each asset, including its open date, buy-up-to price, and actions to take on the stock.

Teeka’s Complete Crypto Master Course Video Series: In Teeka’s Complete Crypto Master Course Video Series, Teeka walks you through everything you need to know about investing in cryptocurrency – even if you’re completely new to the space. He explains how to open an account how to place your first trade, and how to begin making big returns by trading crypto currencies.


The Complete Final Countdown Investment Package: Teeka launched the American Crypto Summit webinar to highlight his Complete Final Countdown Investment Package, which includes three eBooks explaining how to maximize returns from an upcoming crypto event. Your subscription includes:

  • The Final Countdown Buy List: Two Tiny Cryptos to Own Now
  • The Final Countdown Ultimate Backdoor Profit Plays
  • The Bitcoin Boost: How to Supercharge Your Crypto Gains With the 1170 Account

Access to Teeka’s Digital Vault of Reports: Teeka Tiwari and his team have published dozens of reports over the years. When you subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter, you get access to all of these reports. Some of the reports included in this package include:

  • The Unclaimed Millions Handbook: 21 Easy Investing Strategies for Collecting “Unclaimed Money” From Washington, Wall Street, And Private Investment Programs
  • Real Estate Riches: How to Own Some of the World’s Best Properties Starting With $10
  • The Silicon Valley Venture Fund: How to Invest in 51 of the Most Coveted Private Tech Companies in the World
  • America’s Untouchables: How To 10X Your Money — and Never Lose More Than 10% — With the Ultimate Portfolio Protection
  • Teeka Tiwari’s Final Countdown Buy List
  • And more

Access to US-Based Customer Service: Subscribers to The Palm Beach Letter also get access to Teeka’s US-based customer service team. That team can answer questions about your membership and Teeka’s products and services.


The Palm Beach Letter Pricing

The Palm Beach Letter is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year thereafter. This offer is available through the American Crypto Summit’s exclusive signup page.


Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Year Subscription to The Palm Beach Letter: $49 for your first year, then $129 thereafter

Your subscription renews automatically to the credit card on file. You can cancel your subscription without incurring a renewal fee, but you must do so at least one day prior to your renewal date. Annual subscribers receive a reminder for their subscription is renewed.

The Palm Beach Letter Refund Policy


All purchases are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your subscription for any reason within 60 days, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

About Palm Beach Research Group

Palm Beach Research Group is a financial publishing company offering a range of stock picking newsletters, investment analysis newsletters, and other guides and reports.

The company is best-known for The Palm Beach Letter, which is their flagship investment advisory service. However, Palm Beach Research Group also offers Palm Beach Daily, Palm Beach Confidential, and Palm Beach Crypto Income, among others.

Teeka Tiwari serves as editor of several Palm Beach Research Group newsletters. Other experts include Nilus Mattive, William Mikula, Anthony Planas, and Grant Wasylik.

You can contact Palm Beach Research Group via the following:

Final Word

Teeka Tiwari and his team at Palm Beach Research Group have launched a new marketing campaign for The Palm Beach Letter called the American Crypto Summit.

In the American Crypto Summit webinar, Teeka describes how December 1 could be the most important date in crypto history because of a mysterious event scheduled to take place on or around that date.


By buying Teeka’s recommended cryptocurrencies and stocks before the event, investors could purportedly earn 50x returns on their investment or better. By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, you can discover the assets Teeka recommends buying immediately to capitalize on the upcoming event.

To learn more about Teeka Tiwari’s American Crypto Summit and what to expect on December 1, subscribe to the Palm Beach Letter today.

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