Near Future Report Review (Brownstone Research Jeff Brown) SCG Report

The Near Future Report is a financial analysis newsletter from Brownstone Research.

Led by Jeff Brown, The Near Future Report teaches investors about upcoming trends before they go mainstream.

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign for The Near Future Report, Jeff Brown forecasts “the end of smartphones,” claiming a new technology called S.C.G. “will replace all 6.3 billion smartphones on the planet, making early investors rich beyond their dreams.”

What is the new device that will replace all smartphones? Can you get rich quickly by investing in this trend today? How much money can you make by buying the stocks recommended in The Near Future Report? Keep reading to find out.

What is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is an investment advisory published by Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team.


The goal of The Near Future Report is to teach investors about upcoming technology trends before those trends go mainstream. Jeff travels the country revealing new technologies – and the companies at the forefront of technological revolutions. By investing in Jeff’s recommended companies, investors can purportedly earn a significant return on their investments.

The Near Future Report is a monthly newsletter. Investors receive one new issue each month. Each issue covers:

  • Everything you need to know about the most innovative trends out there today
  • New technologies Jeff and his team are currently tracking
  • Easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends

The Near Future Report has focused on revolutionary shifts in technology like 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing in recent years. Jeff claims his recommendations in these fields “are reliable, ‘sleep well at night picks’ that have the potential for double-digit returns.” Investors who follow Jeff’s stock recommendations could earn double-digit returns.

What is The End of Smartphones?

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Jeff has launched a video and text presentation discussing the end of smartphones.

During the presentation, Jeff explains why a new technology will replace all of the smartphones on the planet. According to Jeff, investors who buy into this specific technology today will get “rich beyond their dreams,” according to Jeff.

That transformative technology is called S.C.G. Here’s how Jeff teases the potential of S.C.G.:

  • “Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft are betting big on S.C.G., a new tech that has been called ‘one of the great transformational technologies of the next 50 years.’ Here’s how to play this new $1.5 trillion trend.”

By following to the end of Jeff’s presentation, you can get his recommended company’s name and ticker symbol.

Jeff claims investors who buy into his recommended company today will be “like buying Apple when it released the first iPhone.”

What is Jeff’s Recommended Company?

Jeff is confident he has spotted a company at the forefront of a technological revolution called S.C.G. He believes that the company will deliver huge returns to investors. By buying shares of that company today, investors can purportedly earn huge returns on investment.

Jeff’s recommended company makes glasses that capitalize on spatial computing. If that company is successful, its glasses will replace all smartphones in the world. The S.C.G. technology will make the technology in current smartphones look obsolete.

In other words, Jeff’s recommended company is making key components in smart glasses. These smart glasses use spatial technology to analyze the world around you. You can instantly determine which direction to go, which store has the item you’re looking for, and which restaurant has the best reviews – all by just turning your head around while wearing the smart glasses.

By staying tuned to the end of Jeff’s presentation, you can discover his recommended company and how its unique technology works.

Apple and Others Are Preparing to Launch Smart Glasses

Jeff’s recommended company isn’t the only company creating smart glasses. Jeff claims one of the world’s most significant and most valuable companies, Apple, is also making a big bet on smart glasses.

  • “I can tell you for the past few years; Apple has been developing its spatial computing device. In recent years, they’ve acquired multiple startups in the space.”

As proof Apple is developing smart glasses, Jeff points to the fact that Apple recently acquired a company specializing in creating lenses for smart glasses:

“Just to give you an example, in 2018, they acquired a company called Akonia Holographics, a startup that specializes in lenses for these types of glasses. And right now, as I speak, Apple is ramping up development for its first S.C.G. with hundreds of engineers in Cupertino and Sunnyvale working on the device.”

Jeff claims Apple is betting the future of the company on this technology. Apple is so confident the technology will be successful that they’re planning to announce a significant investment into the technology.

Apple could announce these smart glasses at any time. Some believe Apple is days away from making the announcement. Others claim it will be months away.

Jeff’s Recommended Company is a Supplier to Apple

Instead of investing in a company that makes smart glasses, Jeff recommends investing in a company that makes a crucial component required by smart glasses. Jeff’s recommended company is an essential supplier to Apple.

Jeff claims identifying this company “wasn’t easy.” The company was not listed on Apple’s latest earnings report, and Apple’s executives have never mentioned the company’s name in public, as far as Jeff knows.

Jeff knows Apple is secretive with its suppliers because he used to be an executive at one of Apple’s suppliers. He was the Vice President of N.X.P. Semiconductors, which provided chips for the iPhone.

So how did Jeff find Apple’s secret smart glasses supplier? Jeff claims he contacted sources across Silicon Valley:

  • “After calling all my top contacts in Silicon Valley…After speaking with tech executives…And after countless hours of research, I found a key Apple supplier. It’s a little-known company that makes a key component for these types of glasses.”

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you can discover this company’s name and ticker symbol.

The company is 64 times smaller than Apple, which means it has enormous potential upside. Apple just gave the company $500 million of its cash to boost research and development.

When Apple announces its smart glasses and people make the connection between Apple and the company, shares of the company will skyrocket. Jeff recommends buying shares of the company before that takes place.

S.C.G. is Spatial Computing Glasses

When Jeff uses the acronym “S.C.G.,” he’s referring to a unique technology called spatial computing glasses.

When you think of smart glasses, you probably think of Google Glass. Google Glass never took off. However, technology has improved, and tech companies believe smart glasses are still the best path forward.

Jeff is bullish on the spatial computing glasses field. He believes the spatial computing revolution will be worth $1.5 trillion. His recommended company will capture a small slice of that market, but Jeff still expects shares of the company to sore over the coming months.

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you can discover Jeff’s recommended stock to be owned for the upcoming spatial computing revolution.

What is Spatial Computing?

Spatial computing refers to the process of using technology to make computers interact with the outside world.

When you move your phone’s selfie camera around and give yourself silly face filters, you’re using spatial computing. Your phone is taking data from the outside world (your face), interpreting that data using algorithms, and creating unique filters – all in real-time within the phone.

Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team believe spatial computing is just getting started. Some of the best examples of spatial computing technology today include:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality systems
  • Self-driving and autonomous cars
  • The virtualization of all activities and interactions between machines, people, and objects
  • Phone filters
  • Smart glasses

We’ve already seen examples of how spatial computing is changing the world. Over the coming years, Jeff believes spatial computing will continue to revolutionize the world in countless ways.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Jeff believes spatial computing “will make a lot of people rich.” By investing in the right companies today, you can capitalize on the spatial computing revolution – particularly in the world of spatial glasses.

According to Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team, previous investment recommendations have delivered returns as high as 22,750%. Here are some of the earlier investments recommended by Jeff Brown – and how much money investors could have made:

Jeff picked bitcoin before it skyrocketed 22,750%, turning a $1,000 investment in mid-2017 into a $228,500 asset today

Jeff previously recommended a spatial computing glasses company called SNAP, which makes Spectacles; that company later rose 1,539%, turning a $1,000 profit into a $16,390 windfall.

Jeff’s model portfolio has delivered gains of 214% to 351% in certain companies over the last 1-2 years.

With his latest recommendations, Jeff’s goal is to uncover early-stage tech trends where investors have the chance to get ahead of everyone else. Jeff’s done it with bitcoin and other significant tech trends. Now, he wants to do it with spatial computing.

What’s Included with The Near Future Report?

When you subscribe to The Near Future Report today, you get access to a bundle of bonus reports. As part of a 2021 promotion, Brownstone Research bundles a package of bonus reports with all new subscriptions, including a bonus report on spatial computing glasses.


Here’s what you get when you subscribe to The Near Future Report today:

A Full Year of The Near Future Report: Each month, Jeff emails you a new issue of The Near Future Report. Each issue covers Jeff’s top stock recommendations for the month. Jeff also analyzes recent tech trends, discusses the latest advances in A.I., blockchain, 5G, robotics, and self-driving cars. Jeff claims each of his recommendations has “the potential to skyrocket,” giving you a minimum of 12 high-powered stock recommendations each year.

Access to Model Portfolio: Certain stocks in Jeff’s model portfolio have risen 200% to 350% in the last 1-2 years. When you subscribe to The Near Future Report, you get access to Jeff’s model portfolio 24/7. You can view the stocks that Jeff recommends holding. You can also see current open positions, target buy and sell prices, and all picks currently in Jeff’s buy range. Jeff claims his model portfolio has delivered gains as high as 389% to 707% in recent years.

Instant Access to Digital Tech Vault: The Brownstone Research digital tech vault features previous reports from Jeff Brown and his team. Jeff regularly discusses the latest technology recommendations and how they work – including the best plays investors can make to capitalize on these new technologies. Some of the best recent reports you can find in this vault include How to Make a Tax-Free Fortune From Cryptocurrencies, My #1 5G Pure Play, and My #1 Gene Therapy Stock.

Weekly Updates & Urgent Alerts: You receive one new issue of The Near Future Report every month. However, you also receive weekly updates and urgent alerts from the team. If Jeff spots a unique investment opportunity, then he’ll send an alert to subscribers. Or, if one of the stocks in Jeff’s model portfolio has suddenly risen or fallen, then subscribers may receive an alert. You can also download the mobile app to ensure you never miss a thing.

US-Based Customer Support: All subscribers get access to the Delray Beach, Florida-based customer support team.

Bonus Report #1: The #1 Stock for the $1.5 Trillion Spatial Computing Revolution: Jeff claims to have identified a small company acting as a secret supplier for Apple’s upcoming smart glasses project. That company makes a crucial spatial computing technology. When Apple announces its smart glasses, that company’s stock will surge. In this report, Jeff gives you all the details on this little-known Apple supplier, including the name and ticker symbol.

Bonus Report #2: How to Invest in Tesla’s Secret Supplier: In this report, Jeff explains how he identified another company that is quietly supplying Tesla with crucial components for its self-driving cars. While Tesla’s stock remains expensive, the stock of Tesla suppliers remains undervalued. In this report, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of Tesla’s secret supplier and watch your investment grow as autonomous driving takes off.

Bonus Report #3: My #1 Spatial Computing I.P.O.: Jeff believes spatial computing will be worth over $1 trillion in the near future. In this report, Jeff lists a private company that’s a spatial computing pioneer. That company’s first product generated over $5 billion in sales. However, it’s not publicly traded yet. Jeff has been following the company closely and believes it could be “the hottest I.P.O. of this decade.” You receive a free copy of the report when you subscribe to The Near Future Report today.

Bonus Report #4: Your 101 Guide to Striking it Rich in the N.F.T. Gold Rush: N.F.T.s have never been more popular. However, there are plenty of opportunities in the space, and it’s difficult to know where to look. In this report, Jeff explains how to strike it rich in the N.F.T. gold rush. You didn’t miss the boat on N.F.T. money making opportunities. By following Jeff’s recommendations in this report, you could still make a fortune through non-fungible tokens (N.F.T.s).

The Near Future Report Pricing

The Near Future Report is priced at $49 for your first year. After your first year, your subscription will be automatically renewed at $129 per year.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when you subscribe to The Near Future Report through the special promotional offer:

Annual Subscription: $49 for your first year, then $129 per year after that

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs the Near Future Report. You can request a complete refund at any point within 60 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with Jeff Brown’s recommendations, or if you did not earn a significant amount of money within 60 days of following Jeff’s investment advice, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

About Brownstone Research

Brownstone Research is a financial publishing company based in Delray Beach, Florida. The company is led by Jeff Brown, a former Silicon Valley tech executive with 25+ years of industry experience. Today, Jeff uses that experience to recommend hot new tech companies to investors.

In addition to The Near Future Report, Brownstone Research publishes stock recommendation newsletters like The Bleeding Edge, Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, and Blank Check Speculator.

Other members of the Brownstone Research team include Jason Bodner, Nick Rokke, Joe Withrow, and Andrew Hodges.

You can contact Brownstone Research via the following:

  • Email Form: https://www.brownstoneresearch.com/contact-us/
  • Phone: 1-888-493-3156
  • Email: memberservices@brownstoneresearch.com
  • Mailing Address: 55 N.E. 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Final Word

The Near Future Report is a financial analysis newsletter published by Jeff Brown and the Brownstone Research team.

Jeff has identified a new technology he believes will replace smartphones in the coming years. That technology is spatial computing. According to Jeff, Apple and other tech giants are developing smart glasses that use spatial computing technology to change how we see the world.

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you get a bundle of bonus reports covering various aspects of spatial computing. You also get a report listing the name and ticker symbol of one of Apple’s secret smart glasses technology suppliers.

To learn more about The Near Future Report and the new disruptive S.C.G. (spatial computing glasses) technology, visit the official website today or subscribe to The Near Future Report.

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