KoreScale Gen2 Review: Is Kore Scale Gen 2 Worth the Money?

Controlling your weight requires effort. You need to keep paying attention to many variables, such as how much you eat on a typical day, as well as whether you’re consistently losing weight or not. You may now know that several hidden variables are just as vital as your weight to maintain your health.

KoreScale Gen2 promises to help you with these so-called hidden variables. It’s a smart scale that aims to give you all the information you need to become healthier today. In this review, we’ll give you a complete overview of how KoreScale works, its price, and its main features.

What Is KoreScale Gen2?

KoreScale Gen2 is a new smart scale. It has improved sensors compared to similar products, and it uses in-depth monitoring features with over ten key metrics. These features will help you understand whether your body is fit or need to take care of yourself more carefully.

To use it, you need to stand on top of the scale barefoot, precisely like you would do in any similar situation. After a few seconds, the KoreScale Gen2 reads the electric current in the body, and you’ll be done and receive all necessary health statistics information. It’s not complicated at all because the scale does all the hard work by itself.

The high-tech KoreScale Gen2 is available on the official website, starting at $99.99.

How It Works

Unlike a standard bathroom scale, which only measures your weight, this product has advanced systems and sensors that allow it to read the electric current flowing through the body to get precise readings of your entire body. This way, you can discover not only how much of your weight is composed of fat but get more in-depth information about your skeletal muscles, bones, and much more.

The measurement is made by taking your weight and determining the electric current that flows through your whole system. You may not know, but this current site has valuable information about how much your body is composed of water, muscles, fat, etc.

After you use the scale, you can download the official app. You can see all the information and get specific colored ratings that will indicate how fit you are in each category. For instance, if you score green, you have excellent levels in that metric, while red means poor ratings.

All the health information goes directly into your phone via a Bluetooth connection after you use the scale. Even if your phone is not in your hand at the time of the measurement, the scale stores the last twenty readings and then synchronizes them whenever you get into range again.

In case you don’t want to use the KoreScale Gen2 app. However, there’s no problem. You won’t have access to the tips and unique metrics about your current health, but you can still use it as a standard scale.

What Data Can KoreScale Gen2 Give You?

This smart scale gives you the following data:

  • Weight.
  • Body fat.
  • Visceral fat.
  • Proteins.
  • Skeletal muscles.
  • Muscle mass.
  • Bone mass.
  • Metabolic age.
  • Body water.
  • BMI.
  • BMR.
  • Fat-free weight.
  • Heart rate.
  • Subcutaneous fat.

While some of these metrics are pretty well-known, you would probably never even think to measure some of them by yourself.

For instance, do you know the difference between muscle mass and skeletal muscle? Probably not. The first metric correlates to the total muscle in your whole body, while the second only considers the areas you can control. People with more skeletal muscle tend to be healthier and have more mobility and strength.

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Another example can be seen in body fat vs. visceral fat. In this case, your body fat levels calculate only the fat you currently have under your skin, while the visceral fat is more internal, which is around your organs.

You probably won’t know what all these features mean by themselves. So, you can always use the app to get in-depth data that will indicate why you’re currently lacking in a particular health metric or have too much of another to plan how to adjust your diet or workout routine.

KoreScale Gen2 Main Features

These are the main features that you can expect to find if you purchase this product:

  • Powered by AAA batteries.
  • You can connect it with the smartphone app.
  • It has over ten health metrics besides weight.
  • It gives you a complete analysis of how healthy your body is on the inside via the app.
  • It uses advanced biometric sensors.
  • Sleek design and easy to place anywhere in your home.

KoreScale Gen2 Pricing

Ready to buy a new KoreScale Gen2? According to the official website, the product typically costs $153.83, but it’s being sold for $99.99 right now. However, you can get more significant discounts by buying in bulk.

Check the official prices:

  • 1x KoreScale Gen2: $99.99.
  • 2x KoreScale Gen2: $199.99
  • 3x KoreScale Gen2: $224.99
  • 4x KoreScale Gen2: $274.99

You can pay for the product using PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or any major credit card. This product also comes with a 30-day guarantee. If you want to return it, you can within one month and get a full refund, less shipping fees, which may vary depending on your region. To contact the company, call:

  • US & Canada (Toll Free): 855 8265 287
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5685
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 033081 80835


KoreScale Gen2 is a smart scale that will give you in-depth information about your body by using your weight and the electric current that passes inside you. It works using an app, or you can also use it as a regular digital scale. In either case, you only need to stand on top of it to get it to work.

Measuring weight is always essential, especially if you are overweight. This is a fine choice for people who want to start taking care of their bodies. However, it’s far from enough or ideal. By using the scale and the app, you can access critical information that will undoubtedly change your life for the better.

Right now, you can buy this product for $99.99 or less on the official website.

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