Kibo Eclipse Reviews & $13,271.95 Extra Bonus | $491 Discount? Refund Policy? Legit?

This is a complete review of the Kibo Eclipse training program, weighing each detail before enrolling and answering every last question about this incredibly famous eCommerce program.

Our team of digital marketing experts spent the last 3 weeks questioning and researching every aspect of the Kibo Eclipse Program, all the software, the marketplaces, the $491 Discount & Bonuses of $13,271; we have also read about all the success stories of past Kibo mentees, and wanted to share our eye-opening findings with the world.

>>IMPORTANT : If you’re not quite familiar with Kibo Eclipse business model or e-commerce in general, we recommend you attend the Free Masterclass Session before the program closes as that would be insightful.

With that being said, let’s jump right in.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is a mentorship program that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to create, automate, and benefit financially from profitable products, platforms, and online stores. By using all the processes in the program, students successfully create webstores to function as a passive income asset.

Course Title

The Kibo Eclipse

Course Content

E-commerce Mentorship Program and Training Course

Kibo Eclipse Pricing

$3,497 Full Payment Or 4 Payments of $997

Refund Policy

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Course Modules

8 Modules

Discount Page

$491 OFF | One-time Payment Here


Click Here To Join (Limited Discounted Access)

Refund Policy

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Official Website

Kibo Eclipse Official

In fact, it has been disclosed that the Kibo Eclipse training program isn’t simply going to be a “relaunch” or a “reboot” of the first Kibo Code edition.

The point?

Founders Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth have done all the “ prep work” and developed efficient implementation processes, software, a private e-commerce platform for management purposes, DFY automations, fully customized online stores for students and more, to set everything up as quickly as possible, and rapidly profit and scale even with zero experience.

The founders’ goal?

Help Kibo Eclipse 2022 participants recoup the investment they made in Kibo Eclipse and start generating cash flow & profit fast by leveraging all the free tactics, traffic sources, and strategies inside the program… without breaking the bank to get things rolling.

>> EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: $491 OFF The Kibo Eclipse Here.

Now, before heading into answering someburning questions about the training (program’s legitimacy, +$13,000 of bonuses, refund policy…), let’s see how The Kibo Eclipse processes all blend together and how to best take advantage of them.

How Does the Kibo Eclipse Work?

  • By using the tools inside Kibo Eclipse, you’ll be getting a personalized Ecommerce store which is high converting, fully functional, and optimized.
  • Mentors Clayton & Booth will help all Kibo Eclipse students to fully understand the training, applying it to quickly build the business from scratch, and growing it to the 4 figures per day mark.

    …More about what’s in the Kibo Eclipse Modules a little bit later in our Kibo Eclipse review!

  • Students will then proceed to learn how to use the KIBO ORACLE—software to track highly profitable products and analyze millions of products within seconds, helping you to filter the most profitable products amongst 2 million items/opportunities.
  • The next step will be to test various products in different niches and marketplaces in front of people looking to make an immediate purchase.
  • By making use of multiple FREE Traffic Strategies & Marketplaces to target active buyers searching for your products, Kibo Eclipse students will start getting orders and sales on these platforms, visited by millions of potential buyers monthly.
  • At this point, the task is to simply pause or eliminate products that don’t sell and keep the winning ones that are bringing you most the sales and profit per day.
  • And so, by re-using the process to scale and identify more profitable products, Kibo Eclipse mentees will see their income grow even further within a few weeks.

But what’s your overall goal at this stage?

By now, your goal should actually be selling MULTIPLE products in MULTIPLE niches on MULTIPLE marketplaces and making considerable amounts of money! As the CORE mission of the Kibo Eclipse program.

And remember:

One of the main Kibo Eclipse’s particularities are the speed of results and the overall technology behind it, enabling students to automate finding Highly Profitable Products on a daily/weekly basis, automatically listing items on massive marketplaces with product images, product titles, sales copy…managing orders and customers from one dashboard, streamlining customer support with AI-based bots, and much more!

Knowing how the Kibo Eclipse functions, we are sure you are curious to know what’s inside the Kibo program, so let’s take a closer look!

What Are the Kibo Eclipse Training Modules?

>>>Coming up After This Section: “How to Claim Your Kibo Eclipse Bonus Package—$13,271?”

  • MODULE 1 – KIBO INCUBATOR : This section of the training program is quite exhaustive, containing the core 8-week training program where every step of the system will be revealed, with detailed series of training modules containing more than 100 step-by-step videos, strategy manuals, process-maps and more.
  • MODULE 2 – KIBO JUMPSTART : A series of comprehensive live weekly training sessions with mentors Steve and Aidan, and Kibo experts.

    These sessions will be held multiple times each week to help new Kibo Eclipse students push forward and start making money as soon as possible.

    *Live Q&A Zoom meetings to share your progress and get detailed advice will be recorded as well.

  • MODULE 3 – KIBO HQ : This will be the main operations’ hub where you’ll be able to manage your orders and customers, and pretty much have a bird’s eye view over your sales and stats from one dashboard, including software and apps that will rapidly allow you to list products on Walmart, the Facebook Marketplace, Google and Microsoft shopping, with many more marketplaces and social media platforms.

    That’s not all, new Kibo Eclipse mentees will get in this module a fully built (done-for-you) e-Commerce webstore with a premium proven-to-convert theme.

  • MODULE 4 – KIBO ORACLE : This is an advanced software suite that allows students to access millions of in-demand products with the ability to analyze and filter items down by the most profitable.

    >IMPORTANT: KIBO ORACLE not only pinpoints the highest quality and most profitable products to sell, but it also shows you the suppliers who will stock, ship and do all the grunt work for you once you’ve made a sale!

  • MODULE 5 – KIBO CONVERTERS : These are a collection of smart software tools that will help convert visitors into buyers.

    One of the conversion tools in this section is the “KIBO BOT,” your virtual sales assistant already programmed and pre-loaded with built-in responses.

  • MODULE 6 – KIBO SOCIALIZER: This is competitive intelligence software, which scans and scrapes all the major social media sites and locates high-trafficked content which you can leverage by creating your own version to generate more traffic, boosting your sales and profits.

    >Note: Live instructional lessons & videos on how to set everything up will be found inside the Kibo Eclipse Members’ Area).

  • MODULE 7 – KIBO ACCELERATORS: This section of Kibo Eclipse focuses on scaling your business with additional targeted traffic and marketing strategies that are currently working for KIBO students and founders Steve & Aidan.

    They include setting up sales funnels with high-converting landing pages and retargeting strategies to 2X or 3X your daily sales with minimal effort.

  • MODULE 8 – KIBO MENTORPOINT: This is an exclusive coaching and private Kibo Eclipse Community with fellow members, where students will get 24/7 assistance from a dedicated Kibo Eclipse team, along with mentors Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

So, you want to learn how to also Grab $13,271 Worth of Real bonuses?

Then let’s get to it!

How to Claim the Kibo Eclipse Bonus Package? (over $13k)

Well, here’s the thing:

When it comes to bonuses, a lot of other e-commerce training courses throw in unhelpful material like outdated e-books or extra training that distract you from the Kibo Eclipse training program itself.

So, knowing that TIME IS MONEY, Steve and Aidan have built an exclusive package worth over $13,000 of valuable bonuses that you can claim at no additional cost from the Kibo Eclipse Official Site Here when you join the Kibo Eclipse program.

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • Bonus 1: Social Selling Secrets (Original price $2,997)
  • Bonus 2: All Kibo Live Recordings with Guest Speakers, Successful Kibo Eclipse Students, and Inner Circle Secrets (Original price $3,997).
  • Bonus 3: The Secret Mastermind – Advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies (Original price $4,997)
  • Bonus 4: All-access ticket to a 2-Days Private KIBO 2022 Annual Live Event. (Original price $4,997)

BUT THERE’S ONE SMALL CATCH : To automatically qualify for this incredible selection of bonuses ( at no additional cost); you must enroll from the Official Website Here as the program isn’t available anywhere else and to avoid any kinds of risk related to online fraud/scams attempts.

So, with this attractive offer, Kibo Eclipse looks like a great deal.

Now going ahead, we will tackle one of the most important questions: how much investment is needed? And how to get a Kibo Eclipse Discount?

Kibo Eclipse Pricing

The Kibo Code Quantum costs $3,497, but there will be a payment program of 4 months in place for those who are unable to make a lump sum payment up-front.

Question: What about the discount?

The $491 Kibo Eclipse Discount

The Kibo Eclipse program costs $3,497, which includes an exclusive $491 (USD) discount if enrollment is fully paid upfront, meaning if you choose to opt-in for 4 installment payments of $997, you will NOT benefit from the $491 discount.

So it’s worth noting that taking the one-payment option of $3,497 will actually save you $491.

In other words, if you opt for the payment plan, you don’t receive the Instant Discount of $491 That You Can Claim By Clicking Here and will pay the full $3,988 price for the Kibo Eclipse Mentorship Program.


How Is Kibo Eclipse Different from Other E-commerce Programs?

1. EARN While You LEARN : The Kibo Eclipse system is based on an “ earn while you learn” approach, ensuring you can re-earn your investment within a few weeks, and gain a profitable, automatable ecommerce business.

2. Easy to Manage and Scale: With intelligent automations and a number of AI-based software, the Kibo Eclipse program makes it easy to manage profitable eCommerce stores since it’s structured such that online business owners won’t have to worry about costs—ads, suppliers, shipping, or customer service.

3. Perfected Systems: While the first Kibo Code edition was a huge success, founders Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth kept refining the Kibo Eclipse system and resolving different pain points while eliminating ALL THE RISKS associated with e-commerce.

This included developing free traffic strategies, cutting off expenses of running an E-Commerce store as well as building a new sales software, apps, bots, automations, and more.

4. Trustworthy: The Kibo Eclipse training is mentored by ecommerce and marketing experts Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. They have immense experience in the field and support mentees at every step of the way, until THE PROMISED RESULTS are ACHIEVED.

5. Exceptional support: Kibo Eclipse supports its students in many aspects— live coaching calls, permanent mentorship, exclusive private live events, weekly Q&A sessions, Kibo Community Forum, the Kibo Mentorpoint —that make setting up your shop a breeze.

REMINDER: They also support people who feel this business model is not for them by offering an extended 30-Day Money-back Guarantee!

6. A TON of social proof : The program is vouched for by previous Kibo Eclipse students who have found success with the ease and integrity of the training, mentorship, and curriculum.

In the next section, we compare the pros and cons of the training program, making it easier for you to decide if the Kibo Eclipse is for you!

Kibo Eclipse Mentorship: PROS & CONS

Kibo Eclipse Pros:

  • The program is comprehensive, efficient, and based upon a credible system that everyone can understand.
  • Kibo Eclipse has been repeatedly proven to work by real-life students, regardless of their background.
  • LIVE MENTORSHIP : Mentors assist Kibo Eclipse students with live coaching calls, workshops, and weekly webinars with Q&A sessions.
  • The founders Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have substantial track records in e-commerce.
  • There are NO Traffic Issues. Users will in fact profit from unexplored traffic sources and marketplaces with millions of targeted site visitors.
  • The availability of a 30-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee .
  • The founders will provide new users with exclusive BONUSES worth +$13,000 that are only accessible to 2022 KIBO members.

    >> More on the founders’ Exclusive Bonuses right below.


  • There will be no additional investments required, you’re getting all the tools, training, and resources you need to run this business including your webstore, assets, and other custom services that will be done-for-you by the Kibo Eclipse creators.
  • PROFIT FORECASTING : With this system, it is very easy to assess how much profit you will make for each sale and how many sales you will make for a single product on a weekly basis. Therefore, you can work out in advance what achievable profits you will be making early on.
  • SPEED OF RESULTS : Students can get quick results which translates to earning considerable amounts of money.
  • TIME COMMITMENT & MANAGEMENT : Time commitment in this business model is as low as 80% since most of the process is automated once you have it set up.

    Although it goes without saying that the more time you put in the more money you could make.

  • Inventory-wise , students will NOT have to invest in any upfront inventory or deal with overseas suppliers, meaning you never need to buy a product until you’ve actually sold it!
  • No Prior Experience is needed to create wealth with this system.

Kibo Eclipse Cons:

  • Enrollment officially closes on the 3rd of February 2022 or when the program fills to capacity.
  • The cost of the program might be a pause for some people. This program does actually have a premium price as it offers top-notch training, permanent mentorship by industry experts, private communities, bonuses, a large selection of software Tickets to Private KIBO 2022 Live Annual Event, etc.
  • Students must put in the work during the first 2 weeks before automating the majority of the processes, 5 to 10 hours a week will be a good start.

We hope that our pros & cons comparison has put your mind at ease. Now, we’d like to do a final background check on the brains behind the popular Kibo Eclipse.

Kibo Eclipse Inventors: Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton

Steve Clayton – Co-founder of Kibo Eclipse:

Steve Clayton is a veteran digital marketer and e-commerce expert. Throughout Steve’s tenure in the internet marketing and e-commerce fields, he has gathered A LOT of experience and expertise in co-relating these two industries.

After Steve helped lead a few large corporate businesses, he opted to begin a new business venture with Aidan Booth. The tag-team duo crafted the idea for Kibo Code & Kibo Eclipse by focusing on e-commerce methodologies that created MASSIVE SUCCESS.

The other member of the e-commerce rocking, digital marketing dominating pair is Aidan Booth.

Aidan Booth – Co-founder of Kibo Eclipse:

Aidan has in fact crafted many Blueprints to enhance organic traffic for e-commerce businesses. After Aidan Booth learned about what e-commerce businesses need to boost their business and online traffic, he chose to share the news with Steve Clayton, and together they created the Kibo Eclipse System.

Once they realized the power of this system, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth both decided to MENTOR and SHARE this knowledge with a selected group of people in the shape of a mentorship program, “ The Kibo Eclipse Training Program ”.

Kibo Eclipse Review: Verdict

How do you get a piece of the action when the doors for Kibo Eclipse are still wide open (until the 3rd of February) to the opportunity for you to make significant money online, even if you have never done this before?

The answers come from: The Kibo Eclipse !

As a fact, when you learn from the Kibo Eclipse program, you learn from 2 of the best e-commerce minds in the business who know how to connect online shoppers to the right products, at the right moment, and that alone is anExtremely Profitable and Highly Monetizable skill you can learn from this program.

So as a quick reminder, the core 8 weeks feature easy-to-replicate processes, smart software, extensive training, products’ database, around-the-clock support, coaching calls & weekly online seminars, permanent mentorship, and a 30-Day Money-back guarantee .

To be quite honest, here’s the deal:

If you deeply feel that having financial freedom with multiple income streams, and providing luxuries to the people you love is one of your life-long goals , then joining the Kibo Eclipse Program today would be the only step to take as this training could potentially change your life .

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