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Getting into e-commerce is not as simple as people think; setting up an e-commerce business requires experience, training, and knowledge that many people do not possess.

E-commerce is all about buying and selling products via the internet; it is a business that has made ordinary people millionaires and has provided unprecedented returns on minimal investments.

E-commerce gives you an opportunity to connect with audiences across borders and expand your reach. However, with so many people moving towards e-commerce, it is becoming harder and harder to establish yourself in a market full of hundreds of stores. If you do not have prior experience, you are already at a disadvantage.

Nonetheless, there are platforms and courses that can help you get a head start over your competitors and get your business on track towards success.

Kibo Eclipse is one such platform that allows you to create an e-commerce business without going through much hassle. It offers several features that you do not see with other platforms, and there are myriad reasons that make it better than all other e-commerce platforms and courses.

Based on a very simple business model, Kibo eclipse uses a unique strategy to maximize profits and get returns you never would have thought were possible. In this article, take a look at everything related to Kibo Eclipse and why it is worth investing your money in.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is a brand new, state-of-the-art e-commerce platform; it has been designed keeping the dynamics of the market in mind. Based on the core Kibo business model, Kibo Eclipse provides you with an already built store with numerous tools, which allow you to make the best out of your investment.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the brains behind Kino Eclipse, have already established themselves in the market. The first two versions of Kibo, including the Kibo Code Quantum, released in 2021, broke all types of records. The Kibo Quantum Code made over $20 million in a matter of days, with the partners making over $10 million in commissions during that period.

With so many success stories and never-before-seen returns, the creators of Kibo have taken Kibo Eclipse to the next level. With better software, tools, and training, the new edition of Kibo is expected to be unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

The program uses a multipronged strategy to take your e-commerce business to the next level. It creates a domain for you and takes you through the whole process; from finding products to acquiring traffic and more.

The best part about Kibo Eclipse is that it works for people of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. In other words, Kibo is suitable for just about anyone looking to get into e-commerce without a lot of prior knowledge of how to set up and run a successful online business.

Kibo Eclipse allows you the freedom to select the product of your choice with a user-friendly domain name that will attract customers. It then sends traffic to the listing and maximizes the number of customers visiting your store, something you cannot get with other platforms and courses.

While creating an e-commerce store, the hardest part is acquiring traffic; Kibo Eclipse makes acquiring traffic easier than ever and cuts your work in half. If you go with Kibo Eclipse, you will get everything done in advance; all you have to do is manage the store and collect your checks.

The prelaunch of the product starts on 19th January, with the cart opening on 25th January and closing on 3rd February.

Who are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton started working together in 2013 and since then have created a number of successful online businesses that have helped thousands of people. The two have also created training programs in which they have shared their wisdom with the world.

Aidan Booth is a super-successful online entrepreneur who has been working as an online marketer for over two decades now. He grew up in New Zealand and started his website in 2005. From one website, Aidan went on to hire a team of professionals that creates and launches new websites every day to make the best out of digital marketing.

Steve Clayton is also one of the best marketers in the world today; he has made a name for himself when it comes to digital marketing and e-commerce. Steve has decades of experience under his belt and has served as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, which shows why he has been so successful in what he does.

Together, Steve and Aidan created the Kibo Code Quantum, which helped people in creating online stores that make over $7,000 a month. After the success of Kibo Quantum, the duo has decided to launch Kibo Eclipse, a completely new and transformed training program miles ahead of Kibo Quantum.

How does Kibo Eclipse work?

Kibo Eclipse is based on the Kibo core business model, which makes it distinct and better than all other alternatives available today. It uses a simple yet smart approach that makes the most out of technology to provide you with the best e-commerce experience you will find anywhere.

The core Kibo business model is based on dropshipping and does not require any inventory; moreover, Kibo itself will find the ideal supplier for you without you having to go through the hassle.

The core Kibo Eclipse business model follows a series of 7 basic steps, which are detailed below:

1. Purchasing a domain

First of all, Kibo Eclipse uses its tools to find a domain name. This domain name is a generic one and is easier to find for the customers. Furthermore, Kibo then registers the domain under your name, and you have a high-quality domain registered on your behalf without putting in any effort.

2. Setting up a store

The second step is setting up an online store. The Kibo Eclipse team steps up a simple store with a pre-loaded high-converting theme. Your new online store will also be backed by the proprietary software and programming of Kibo, making it free from bugs and other tech related issues that arise when it comes to owning an online business.

3. Finding the right product

With its state of the art software, the Kibo Eclipse team identifies a series of profitable products that fit your store. The products that Kibo Eclipse offers are not from any specific category or niche; instead, these products are ranked on their profitability and the amount of money that you can make from selling them.

Kibo does the hard work of scanning millions of products online to pick the ones that will increase your chances of making more money with your online store. This simple yet effective approach saves you a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been spent on creating a store and finding the right products to sell.

4. Setting the products on your store

Once you select the right products for your store, you do not have to worry about listing them or finding the right images to fit them, nor do you have to write any descriptions. The Kibo Eclipse team does everything for you, from finding the correct image to creating the perfect listing; you do not have to worry about anything. All you have to do is select the suitable products, and Kibo Eclipse will do the rest.

5. Sending traffic to your store

One of the hardest parts of creating an online store or e-commerce business is finding the right audience and customers. Thousands of people establish their stores but can never find the traffic needed to make any sales or profit. Kibo Eclipse takes care of this issue by utilizing specialized marketing techniques that will bring potential customers to your website. The specific methods used to attract customers are exclusive to Kibo Eclipse, and there are little to no alternative platforms that offer what Kibo does.

6. Direct shipping to the customer

Kibo Eclipse uses dropshipping to get the product to your customer. In other words, there is no inventory to store. Instead, when a purchase is made, the supplier directly ships the products to the customers. This makes the process more efficient than ever, saves considerable time, and cuts the overhead costs of storing and tracking inventory. Kibo Eclipse has perfected this process to boost customer satisfaction and improve the experience.

7. Optimizing the store

Kibo Eclipse optimizes your store by featuring the most profitable products over those that do not offer much profit and are not in demand. The Kibo Eclipse algorithm is fine-tuned to make your store as efficient and profitable as possible. By identifying the best selling and most in demand products, Kibo Eclipse does its best to maximize the sales and profit for your business.

How is Kibo Eclipse different from others?

Kibo Eclipse is in a league of its own when it comes to setting up an online e-commerce business. Here’s why.

Made by a team with documented success stories

The creators of Kibo Eclipse are known for their previous projects. These projects have racked in millions of dollars and have produced numbers never seen before. In 2021 alone, the team generated over $20 million and made profits that left everyone astonished. Backed by super-positive customer reviews, the Kibo brand has no competition when it comes to the results and numbers it has produced.

Improved software and platform

Kibo Eclipse is miles ahead of its predecessors; the improvements that have been made to the platform have completely changed the way it functions. Now, you can get a more optimized and effectively functioning platform better than all its predecessors and competitors. By investing over a million dollars in improving the software and platform, Kibo Eclipse uses pioneering technology that makes it super-easy to use. The tools that the platform provides make it easier than ever to launch your own store, and the algorithms help optimize and improve the store experience, making Kibo Eclipse one-of-a-kind.

New training sessions

Kibo Eclipse is not a reboot or upgrade of its predecessors. It is an all-new program with entirely new training techniques and sessions no one has seen before. Aidan and Steve have perfected the system and introduced fresh coaching methods that help you make maximum profit and excel in establishing your very own online store. With Kibo Eclipse, you can learn new skills and become more experienced than others.

The Kibo Eclipse team has spent millions into making Kibo Eclipse stand out; the experience that this particular program has to offer has not been matched by any other platform of its kind.

Kibo Eclipse Launch Date

The launch of Kibo Eclipse is one of the events this year; the platform is in a pre-launch phase until January 19, 2022. The pre-launch phase is divided into three phases, followed by the official launch.

Prelaunch Part 1: The System – January 19, 2022

In this phase, the Kibo Eclipse team will reveal The System, which consists of a book that explains how everything works. The book will be full of testimonials and other crucial information that will lay the groundwork for what is to follow.

Prelaunch Part 2: The Blueprint – January 21, 2022

The second prelaunch phase, known as The Blueprint, will be going into further detail. It will entail how the business model works and why it is the best option right now. It will provide a visual presentation of everything you need to know about Kibo Eclipse.

Prelaunch Part 3: The Results – January 23, 2022

The final prelaunch phase, titled The Results, will consist of success stories resulting from the successful use of the Kibo Eclipse business model. It will consist of various testimonials and will take an in-depth look at how people have been able to make thousands of dollars within days.

The Masterclass Sessions – January 24, 2022

The Masterclass sessions consist of a series of workshops that provide information on the working of the Kibo Eclipse platform and how you can make the best out of it. The webinars are scheduled to take place throughout the day and are a great opportunity to develop expertise over Kibo Eclipse and its working.

Official Kibo Eclipse Launch – January 25, 2022

On the 25th of January, the Kibo Eclipse sales page will go live, and you will be able to sign up for Kibo Eclipse and buy access to the program.

Final Word

Kibo Eclipse is the perfect platform for anyone looking to get into e-commerce with no previous experience running an online store or business.

This training program provides users with a ready-made store with authentic suppliers and thousands of products. Moreover, it makes your life easier by providing instant traffic to your page.

Having generated over $80 million in sales over the last 7 years, the core Kibo business model along with a little hard work and effort can help you become a successful online entrepreneur.

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