Jim Rickards C-Day Destruction Review – Safe Asset Warning! (Strategic Intelligence)

Recently, investor Jim Rickards came forward with alarming news, which he refers to as “C-Day”. From his presentation, our editorial team pieced together the possibility of a cashless society, or as per the expert himself, the day our money supply is reckoned to change forever. What can individuals anticipate from C-Day? When it unravels, possible outcomes include:

  • A disruption to conventional banking and financial systems
  • A wipe out of America’s #1 safest asset (i.e., the USD)
  • Limited consumer spending
  • Penalties for “holding too much money with severe negative interest rates”
  • Getting locked out of one’s own bank accounts
  • Limited access to basic needs

Jim Rickards is so worried by the phenomenon that he believes it will be “more radical than anything we’ve seen in 600 years.” When will C-Day occur? The date has been revealed as Tuesday, December 13, 2022. This leads us to one primary question, what more do we know about Jim’s research?

Well, he is predicting that paper money and coinage will soon become worthless because the U.S. government and Federal Research see a better future by becoming cashless. Although some people might see this as a great change from tradition, a handful of investors are against the idea. Why? Because cash has always been a store of value that is hard to trace. Moreover, it is easy to transport, not to forget its global acceptance.

In all honesty, consumers are already living in a cashless society, where payments are made with a tap of a plastic card. With the USD slowly fading out of society, many are foretelling the arrival of the “Central Bank Digital Currency” or CBDC for short. These alternate currencies are transformed into fully digital versions, which Jim calls “Bitcoin’s Evil Cousin.”

What is CBDC?

CBDC is a digital central bank currency. This digital asset will be recorded on a ledger with encrypted transactions. The reason why Jim calls it evil is because it is neither a cryptocurrency nor does it promote privacy. It isn’t even founded on blockchain technology which implies the lack of decentralization. This has many people anxious, especially given the risk of converting money into programmable money. So far, this concept has been launched in The Bahamas, Nigeria, and possibly in India, Russia, and China.

To know that the U.S. might be next in line has the investor quite startled. Why wouldn’t he be seeing how CBDC embodies centralization and if anything takes society back in time! That’s not all, negative interest rates, and hyper-inflation are highly probable, forcing investors to lose money. Forget the downfalls for a second because Jim has several protective measures in place. To access them, a membership to Strategic Intelligence is a must!

What is Strategic Intelligence?

Strategic Intelligence is a monthly research newsletter where members will gain insight on Jim’s C-Day thesis as well as unique ways to make money amidst chaos. To Jim, this service is not a newsletter, but a membership towards protecting wealth and making money. Precious metals are considered his expertise considering his 35-year career devoted to investment banking, international economics, and political and national intelligence advisory roles. Ultimately, Jim will be using the Strategic Intelligence platform to help members guide their investments.

What is there to discover through Strategic Intelligence?

Individuals who join today will get a sneak peek into the following special reports:

Special Report #1. The “Nevada Secret” to Buying Gold for 6 Times More Profits

The first recommendation provided by Jim is to use a “Nevada Secret” for profiting from the purchase of gold, namely precious metals (bullions and coins). If history has taught us anything, gold endures financial crisis situations. In short, Jim urges everyone to make 10% of their portfolio gold focused. The reason why refers to this strategy as the Nevada Secret has to do with the trading style’s origin.

Special Report #2. How to Ride “The C-Day Switchover”

The hot topic for this report is something Jim calls the “C-Day Switchover”. His argument is that once physical money is completely eradicated, an infrastructure will be needed to transfer and use digital currencies. The switchover is the perfect opportunity to benefit from the devastating effects of C-Day. More information will be revealed once individuals have access to the Strategic Intelligence membership.

Special Report #3. The “2X Currency Trade” Handbook

In the past 10 years, nations across the globe have manipulated their central banks to devalue their currencies, and such an unfolding is guaranteed with C-Day. Jim also believes the “next round of currency wars will cause even more financial chaos in the markets”, whether it be the currency, stock or even the options market. To profit from this disaster, the editor will teach everyone the “2x Currency Trade”. For now, we know that it involves the foreign exchange market, but very little has been disclosed on the strategy itself.

Special Report #4. The Ultimate “Off The Grid” Currency

As a society, we might be slowly reaching the end of paper money, but this doesn’t mean that a matching alternative isn’t available. Jim believes there’s an obscure asset that works as an alternative currency. All we know at the time of writing is that it is an “off-the-grid” asset because it is an inflation hedge, it is highly portable, and it is practically untraceable.

That’s not all, members by default can explore:

  • 12 months of Strategic Intelligence, where Jim will keep everyone in the loop on all happenings surrounding C-Day
  • Exclusive live intelligence sessions with Jim monthly
  • Free tickets to Strategic Intelligence events with some of the biggest names in finance and investing
  • The Strategic Intelligence model portfolio

How much does a membership to Strategic Intelligence cost?

The original price tag for Strategic Intelligence is $99 yearly, but for the first year, the price has been reduced to $49 (promo code: LAWNY660). The discount isn’t even the best part considering the 180-day money-back guarantee protection. If Jim’s input simply fails to meet the mark, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. For more information on the conditions of refund, contact via:

  • Email: feedback@paradigm.press.
  • Phone: 1 (844) 731 0984

Meet Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards, short for James G. Rickards, has taken on several challenges during his career. Whether it be as a former CIA, insider, lawyer, economist, government advisory or investment banker, the expert has called all the right shots, earning him a seat at the table with the elite.

After decades of working for different governmental branches, Jim’s mission took a different turn. As the present editor of not just Strategic Intelligence, but also Crash Speculator, Gold Speculator and Tactical Currency Profits, his aim is to help the average investor’s wealth building endeavors. The latter includes protecting them from financial distress, a phenomenon that has 2022 in a headlock!

He also happens to be a renowned author of a handful of books, i.e., The New Case for Gold (2016), Currency Wars (2011), The Death of Money (2014), The Road to Ruin (2016), Aftermath (2019) and The New Great Depression (2021) and has consistently appeared on mainstream media platforms.

Final Verdict

For as long as time could tell, Jim Rickards has been voicing his opinion on the reality of a cashless society. Going cashless has its perks, especially regarding convenience, however, to think that it might allow governments to have control over the public is a cause for concern. As mentioned earlier, central banks’ definition of going digital is the exact opposite of what Bitcoin and blockchain technology plans to achieve.

So, are we going back in time? It seems to be the case, but fortunately, by becoming a member of Strategic Intelligence today, individuals can read over Jim’s four highly recommended protective measures against the consequences of a completely cashless society! To get started with Strategic Intelligence, take a moment to watch Jim’s presentation by clicking here! >>>


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