CBD Dog Holiday Treats: For Anxiety and Relaxation

If you think the holidays can be stressful for humans, imagine what they look like for our poor pups. The home is always full of bustle, random groups of strangers sing at the door, and some dogs get a tree brought indoors—that their owners don’t even let them use! A confusing time indeed for the dogs in our lives. Yet, for some pups, the holidays are an unfamiliar and scary time of year as well.

The holidays can be a stressful time for dogs, especially if they suffer from anxiety or separation issues that can be exacerbated by the unpredictability of the season’s chaotic scheduling. In such cases, CBD dog treats can be an effective way to calm stressed nerves and aid in canine relaxation.

CBD for dogs has only grown in popularity in recent years, but there is a lot of confusing and often contradictory advice on the subject. From safety to proper use, dog owners have a lot of questions about cannabidiol for dogs. Stick around for straight answers that you need to know before giving CBD dog treats to your pooch, along with recommendations for a couple of our favorite treats to try.

Is CBD Safe for Dog Use?

Because CBD use, in general, is so new, there is little established science when it comes to its long-term use. However, the studies that have been done on CBD for dogs have been very promising. In short, cannabidiol is effective for dogs for the same reason as it is in humans, the endocannabinoid system—which is thought to function similarly for dogs and cats as it does for their owners. With some positing that canines may actually have even more receptors.

For dogs that suffer from issues such as arthritis, seizures , or even debilitating fear of loud sounds such as thunderstorms or fireworks, CBD is an effective treatment. What must be kept in mind, however, is that while CBD is safe for canine consumption, THC (the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant), is highly toxic to dogs. Thus, it is always best to avoid any CBD products not specifically produced for dogs, as they may contain trace amounts of THC.

Can CBD Dog Treats Help with Anxiety and Relaxation?

Everyone knows that CBD can be great in helping humans unwind as well as with issues such as chronic pain and anxiety, yet few are as aware that the same benefits can be extended to their furry friends. CBD has been shown to be a safe and effective tool for dog owners to use in both training and aiding a dog dealing with anxiety or separation issues. Furthermore, the calming effects of cannabidiol can also be beneficial for calming dogs with excess energy and aid in their relaxation during stressful situations.

How to Properly Use CBD Dog Treats

Many dog owners worry about giving their dog too much cannabidiol, a sensible concern to be certain, but one that is greatly overplayed. Even if your dog were to eat an entire bottle of most treats, it still wouldn’t have had near 100mg of CBD in most cases.

This doesn’t mean that your dog can’t have an adverse reaction to too much cannabidiol, just that the side effects are often mild (dry mouth, lethargy) and at their most severe are likely to be an upset stomach, sleepiness, vomiting, or diarrhea . To be on the safe side, limit CBD treats to 2mg of CBD per 10 pounds of your pup’s bodyweight—starting with smaller doses until you know how your dog will react.

CBD dog treats differ from other treats in that they typically won’t take effect immediately. For this reason, if you know your dog is going to be in a stressful situation, it is best to prepare them by giving a calming CBD treat at least half an hour beforehand and every two to three hours afterward as needed.

Thinking of using CBD dog treats as part of a regular training routine? While not the best for skills such as agility training, CBD dog treats can be effective for social training as a way to calm and reassure anxious pups. One method commonly used to combat separation anxiety works perfectly with CBD dog treats.

  1. As you are preparing to leave, give the dog a CBD dog treat and vocal encouragement as you exit, otherwise ignoring any other attempts for attention.

  2. When you return, try not to give in to your dog’s excitement. Ignore your pup as you hang up your jacket, only giving attention once your dog has calmed down.

  3. Once your dog is sitting and calm you may give it another treat and attention as a reward for a job well done and a reminder that you will always come back for them.

As with any additional supplement, before starting any serious CBD regimen, it is important to seek the advice of your dog’s veterinarian.

The Best CBD Dog Treats for the Holidays

When it comes to our dogs, nothing can be too good. It should come as little surprise that spoiled pooches during the holidays are as much a tradition in some families as ugly sweaters. For those looking for the best CBD dog treats to give to their dogs or their furry nieces and nephews, we’ve compiled the following list of high-quality CBD treat options for your consideration.

Joy Pet Care – Premium CBD Dog Chews

Whenever we look for industry-leading products in the CBD space, we often end up finding a Joy Organics creation. Of course, the dog treat area is no different and these CBD dog chews are something every puppy will love—and every dog parent can feel good about giving! From the natural beefy flavor to the high-quality hemp extract, these treats are truly premium products.

What you’ll love about them: These chews use high-quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract powder that is water-soluble and other ingredients that puppy parents can feel good about like sweet potatoes, flaxseed oil, bacon flavor, and beef liver—all from natural sources!

Something to consider: Joy Organics has formulated these treats specifically with dogs in mind which means that doggy parents can feel good giving them to their furry friends.

Holistapet – CBD Dog Treats + Calming Relief

Another good option is these dog treats from holistpet which come in a wholesome green apple and peanut butter flavor. The addition of secondary ingredients such as chamomile and L-theanine make this an ideally potent puppy calming hemp treat option.

What you’ll love about them: These are specifically formulated treats to help dogs through stressful situations and promote natural calming while using only vegan and natural ingredients.

Something to consider: With 10mg of CBD per treat, these are a more potent option than the one highlighted above, but a single treat may be too much cannabidiol for smaller puppies.

We’re Always Here to Help!

To wrap things up, CBD dog treats are a wonderful way to spoil any dog this holiday season for multiple reasons. Not only are they a great way to help anxious or skittish dogs deal with the stress of the season, but they can also be utilized in any good training program as part of a reward system.

Have more questions or comments about giving CBD dog treats for the holiday season? Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always here to help. We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering more about CBD dog treats and that you’ve learned something new along the way, as always, thank you for reading!

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