Awaken Gold Reviews (Awakened Alchemy) Legit Supplement?

Did you ever wish that your mind worked better? It would be handy to think faster, have more creativity, motivation, and improve overall brain health, right? You may not know, but there are some products online that can offer a chance to upgrade your brain. They are called nootropics.

It’s a daytime nootropic that uses several ingredients to increase the quality of your mind. One of them is Awaken Gold, by Awakened Alchemy, which promises to unleash the potential of your brain. In our review, you will discover everything about it, and then you can decide for yourself whether you should buy it or not.

What Is Awaken Gold?

Awaken Gold is a daytime nootropic that acts by enhancing your memory, focus, clarity, and motivation. Essentially, it increases your cognition and can be very useful when learning or adapting to new situations. Overall, it’s great for your brain’s health, too, as not only it keeps the mind sharp, but it protects it from diseases.

Most people who take this nootropic feel a significant increase in their “intelligence,” as well as how fast their brain processes information. It’s not hard to find people online who are pretty satisfied with the results of Awaken Gold, all talking about how it helped them in their work or school.

This is a fully vegan product. Unlike most supplements, however, Awaken Gold cannot be considered 100% natural. It uses Noopept, a synthetic smart drug and a very effective ingredient that is often offered as natural supplement formulas; the effects of Noopept can be felt within minutes rather than hours. The results can last for several hours. It’s intended for people over 18 years old who are not pregnant.

How It Works

To get the desired effects from Awaken Gold, the official website recommends you take two capsules each morning. If you want the impact to be even more substantial, you can take another one during the day.

The official recommendation is four capsules at the most. However, it would be best if you were careful not to use too much of it, or you may get a headache. fourAlso, avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

You should also cycle Awaken Gold if you intend to use it over long periods. The cycles are as follows: you can use it continuously for a straight 56 days, but you should take four days off.

By following the dosing recommendations correctly, the ingredients will begin to increase the neuroplasticity in your brain, which will start to work at full power. So, your neurotransmitters will be much quicker, allowing you to focus on your tasks for long periods. It can even help to reduce anxiety from stress.

Awaken Gold Main Ingredients

The following substances are the vital components that make up Awaken Gold:

Noopept 20mg: This is actually a synthetic ingredient, comprised of amino acids, proline and glycine, and phenylacetic acid, and is one of the most famous and influential nootropics on the market. It boosts cognition, helping you to learn faster. It’s also great to reduce stress, anxiety and improve your focus.

Phenylethylamine 350mg: It’s a natural neural amplifier that will significantly improve your mood and enable you to become more alert and creative at the same time.

PQQ 10mg: Optimizes how your nervous system works, allows you to have more energy, memory, and think faster. Essentially, this ingredient directly affects your mitochondria, causing your mitochondria cells to last longer and forming new cells, all of which increase energy production.

L-Theanine 100mg: This amino acid reduces your stress and enhances your focus. You can use it to maintain your concentration during stressful times.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 100mg: Another substance that is ideal for improving focus and attention. It also reduces your stress, helps to build muscles and new growth of the mitochondria cells.

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Ashwagandha Extract 150mg: This famous herb, also known as KSM-66, is perfect for your immune system, and it reduces stress and anxiety. It’s used in Awaken Gold to support brain and cognitive abilities, glucose, and lipid metabolisms, and the company states the KSM-66 used is entirely vegan.

CDP Choline 225mg: This is a citicoline necessary for retaining functions in the brain, such as clarity, memory, and energy. It’s a neurotransmitter that dramatically improves how quickly your thoughts are processed.

Uridine 5’-Monophosphate 150mg: This can penetrate the blood-brain barrier to reverse the damages that a poor diet causes the brain, as well as increasing your memory.

Phosphatidylserine 100mg: An amino and fatty acid relevant to increasing memory and mental flexibility recall and recognition. This included in the Awaken Gold helps users with the ability to remember details about everything much quicker than before.

Methylcobalamin 25mcg: This is another form of vitamin B12. It will boost you with energy and allow your metabolism to become faster, improves brain health, cognition and mood.

Bioperine 5mcg: This natural extract comes from black pepper, and it allows your body to absorb the other ingredients in the formula better.


Benefits vs. Side Effects


  • Increases your intelligence.
  • Enhances the memory.
  • Allows for accelerated learning.
  • Gives you more energy and motivation.
  • Improves focus and clarity.
  • Boosts your good mood.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.

Side effects:

  • Headaches (especially when starting to use it).
  • You can feel tired sometimes.
  • Stomach aches if you use it with an empty stomach.

Awaken Gold Pricing

You can purchase Awaken Gold on the official website for $99 per bottle. Each one comes with 45 daily servings. However, if you subscribe to the company’s loyalty program, then you can collect a discount. In this case, the nootropic formula will cost only $85 per bottle.

This product comes with worldwide free shipping. So, you don’t need to worry about your location when you purchase it. It also has a 30-day guarantee, which helps in case customers are not satisfied for NY reason by contacting the company:

  • Phone: 1-833-2AWAKEN
  • Email: info@awakened-alchemy.com

Awaken Gold Verdict

Awaken Gold presents itself as an excellent choice for people who want to upgrade their mental capabilities naturally. It has an ideal mix of ingredients that can boost your mental health and allow you to have a level of mental clarity and flexibility.

While it’s somewhat more expensive than other popular nootropics, that’s to be expected, as the nootropic uses some very well-known ingredients in its formula. The side effects also tend to be mild if you don’t use too much of it.

It’s recommended for adults of all ages who either want to take their brain to the level, ease learning difficulties, or repair some of the damage that time and poor health habits have caused the brain.

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