America’s Last Stand (Cryptnation) 5 Step Plan for Getting in Early on Bitcoin 2.0

Cryptnation has launched a new bitcoin presentation featuring Bitcoin 2.0 and “America’s last stand”.

Many people wish they had invested more money in bitcoin when it was cheap. But what if there was a chance to get involved in a new version of bitcoin called Bitcoin 2.0?

According to Cryptnation, an upcoming economic event called America’s last stand will deliver that opportunity for investors.

What is Bitcoin 2.0? Can you really get rich quickly by investing in Bitcoin 2.0 today? What is America’s last stand? What will you learn during the Cryptnation presentation? In our review, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the presentation today.

What is Cryptnation?

Cryptnation is a crypto subscription service priced at $49.95 per month.

Subscribers receive weekly issues of Market Movers featuring crypto investing recommendations. Readers also get market news and analysis, advanced trading strategy discussions, account growth secrets, access to a model portfolio, and more.

As part of a 2022 promotion, all new Cryptnation subscribers receive access to a bundle of bonus reports – including bonus reports explaining America’s last stand and the unique Bitcoin 2.0 investment opportunity.

If you subscribe to Cryptnation today, you get instant access to all of these reports along with your base subscription.

Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone lead Cryptnation, two crypto traders best-known for the Crypto 101 podcast and a book called Crypto Revolution.

What is the 5 Step Plan for Getting in Early on Bitcoin 2.0?

Cryptnation has launched a presentation explaining how to get involved early on Bitcoin 2.0.

By entering your name and email address into the online form, you get instant information about a new investment opportunity that could deliver gains of 10,000%, according to the Cryptnation team.

The presentation was created by Bryce Paul, host of a leading crypto podcast with more than 9 million plays to date.

America’s Last Stand (Cryptnation) Reviews IMAGE

Topics covered during the presentation include:

  • How the “Great Reset” will give rise to a parallel economy estimated to be $2.2 quadrillion in size
  • How you can get a slice of the new $2.2 quadrillion market today
  • How a series of investment recommendations have already given investors returns of 38,388%, and why “the next wave could be even bigger,” according to the Cryptnation team
  • How to potentially earn 10,000% returns on investment by participating in digital lending, gaming, and metaverse markets

And more

To learn more about these investment opportunities, you can enter your name and email address into the online form today, then discover a video and text presentation called America’s Last Stand.

What is America’s Last Stand?

According to the Cryptnation team, the world’s elites are conspiring to launch the “Great Reset,” which will force America to make its last stand.

By outsmarting the global elites today and taking action, investors can purportedly get rich quick by investing in the right cryptocurrencies.

Here’s how the Cryptnation team introduces America’s last stand:

“A dangerous plot…has put the American financial system which includes the markets, banks, and anywhere you keep your money – on the brink of a NEW type of collapse…Which would trigger a total reset to the entire economy and American way of life as we know it.”

During the presentation, crypto analyst Bryce Paul explains various reasons why he believes America is making its last stand against the global elites, including:

  • The world’s wealthiest individuals and elites are conspiring to bring down America as part of the “Great Reset”
  • The goal of the global elites is to force ordinary people to own nothing and be happy about it
  • By taking action today, you can protect your family during the Great Reset and get rich while the Great Reset occurs
  • Bryce Paul mentions investment opportunities with a “next possible run of 38,000+ returns” during the presentation
  • Bryce also claims there may be “as many as 100,000 new bitcoin millionaires” today because of bitcoin and that the upcoming economic turmoil will “produce 800,000 millionaires in the next 12 months”

The only way to protect your wealth is to buy the right cryptocurrencies today; by buying the right cryptocurrencies, you can protect your wealth and your family during the Great Reset and get rich

Bryce Paul’s 5 Step Plan for Surviving the Great Reset

The world’s elites have already set the Great Reset into action.

However, Bryce Paul recommends using a 5 step plan to outsmart the world’s elites, protect your wealth, and profit during the upcoming economic crisis.

Step #1) Invest in Stablecoins to Hedge Against Volatility

First, Bryce recommends buying stablecoins, which are digital tokens locked to specific fiat currencies. Stablecoins like GUSD track the US Dollar, for example, and are exchangeable 1:1 with the US Dollar.

Instead of holding US Dollars in your bank account, Bryce recommends buying stablecoins because they’re tied to hard assets or other currencies – something that ordinary cryptocurrencies cannot claim. Plus, stablecoins are accessible with a smartphone. As long as you have a smartphone, you’ll be able to access your stablecoin wealth.

To learn more about Bryce’s plan to buy stablecoins, Bryce recommends reading his video report, The Stablecoin Hedge: The Ultimate Digital Currency Safe Haven. That report comes bundled with all new subscriptions to Cryptnation.

In the report, you’ll discover:

  • 3 powerful strategies for using stablecoins you won’t find anywhere else
  • Why Bryce believes stablecoins are “one of the safest volatility-protection opportunities” in the DeFi space
  • Which stablecoins are set to be adopted fastest, and which coins you should buy today
  • The advantages of holding stablecoins include fast transaction fees and connections to concrete assets (like US Dollar reserves)
  • Why stablecoins are the versatile, digital, accessible currency the world needs to survive economic crises like the Great Reset

Step #2) Earn High Returns with DeFi Lending Platforms to Beat Inflation

Inflation is silently stealing your savings. Traditional savings accounts aren’t cutting it: you’re still losing money to inflation every day your money sits in a savings account.

Bryce recommends investing in high-return DeFi lending platforms to fight back to outpace inflation. Today’s top DeFi lending platforms pay interest of 5% to 15% or more, depending on which asset you’re lending. DeFi lending platforms cut out the middlemen, allowing lenders to interact directly with borrowers. That means higher returns for lenders – and borrowers can access their crypto wealth without selling their holdings.

DeFi lending platforms have exploded in the last year. They went from $2.374 million in 2020 to $1.276 billion in 2021. 2022 is set to be even bigger. In fact, Bryce believes it will soon be a multi trillion-dollar industry.

To learn more about Bryce’s DeFi lending platform strategy, he recommends reading his report, The DeFi Lending Loophole: Guaranteed Passive Returns Whether the Market Goes Up or Down. The report covers topics like:

Why DeFi is set to become a multi trillion-dollar industry

  • How DeFi platforms provide fast, transparent, and permissionless moneymaking opportunities, helping you earn positive returns on your holdings
  • How to create a savings account on a DeFi lending platform where you can earn high return interest without trusting a third party with your funds
  • How to use DeFi lending platforms to earn interest rates that beat inflation

Step #3) Digital Privacy Profits: Secure Profits by Transacting in Safe, Transparent New Digital Ecosystems

  • Today’s digital platforms are centralized and unsecured. Twitter, PayPal, Facebook, and other major platforms can ban whoever they like. Hacks put your personal data at risk.
  • That’s why Bryce recommends transacting in safe, transparent, new digital ecosystems with a less restrictive nature.

Bryce recommends viewing his video report, Digital Privacy Profits: Secure Profits by Transacting in Safe, Transparent New Digital Ecosystems, to learn more about these new digital ecosystems. The report covers topics like:

  • Why Bryce believes today’s top digital ecosystems will deliver 2,000% to 5,000% or higher returns to investors who buy today
  • Why centralized, dated digital platforms are ineffective ways to transact online
  • Why decentralized storage is the superior alternative to traditional file storage methods that rely on the ownership and operation of a single data center
  • Why platforms like Filecoin are the future of digital transactions

Step #4) Get a Cut of the “Play to Earn” $398 Billion Gaming Universe

Bryce sees big potential in the metaverse and online gaming space. It’s a $398 billion ecosystem that is set to get bigger in the coming years.

To learn more about this space and the investment opportunities within the space, Bryce recommends reading his report, Breakthrough Play to Earn $398 Billion Gaming Universe, which covers topics like:

  • Why Bryce recommends allocating a meaningful percentage of your digital currency portfolio into the all-new gaming universe
  • How to take advantage of the hottest “GameFi opportunities” before the rest of the market discovers them
  • Why “play to earn” will become one of the most important markets on earth
  • Why DeFi isn’t just disrupting finance: it’s also disrupting the $398 billion gaming world every day
  • How blockchain-based gaming platforms are generating huge returns for investors while creating new gaming experiences, building exciting new economies that present opportunities for investors

Step #5) Learn How to Profit from the Tokenization of Everything on Earth

The world is increasingly becoming tokenized.

  • Real estate, art, boats, cars, and commodities are all becoming tokenized. mart investors can get a slice today to profit from the tokenization of everything on the planet.
  • The metaverse will have its own economy, and that economy will span the physical and virtual worlds. We already see a glimpse of that with NFTs.
  • Bryce is a big believer in NFTs, describing them as “the key to the metaverse” because they grant “true ownership” over digital assets via the blockchain.

To learn more about the NFT space and how it presents opportunities to investors, Bryce recommends reading his video report, Metaverse Millionaire: How to Profit from the Tokenization of Everything on Earth. That report covers topics like:

  • How to earn generational wealth by profiting from the tokenization of everything on earth
  • How even small investment opportunities in the metaverse space could deliver returns of 38,000% in under a year
  • How to get in on something 1,000 times bigger than bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other digital currencies combined way before they become mainstream.
  • Why NFTs are only the beginning of tokenization, and how the metaverse will increasingly develop its own economy spanning the physical and digital worlds

What’s Included with Cryptnation?

Your subscription to Cryptnation comes with a bundle of bonus videos along with your month-to-month subscription. You receive all of the bonus reports mentioned above, including specific strategies on earning massive returns on investment by buying the right digital currencies today – and surviving the Great Reset.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Cryptnation today:

Weekly Issues of Market Movers: Each week, you receive a new issue of Cryptnation’s weekly Market Movers newsletter. You can discover investment recommendations, notifications when it’s time to buy and sell specific cryptocurrencies, technical analysis of leading cryptocurrencies, and other information to justify their crypto trading tips. Bryce and Aaron use their cryptocurrency experience to identify the best opportunities – and share those opportunities with subscribers.

Access to Private Members-Only Community: All Cryptnation subscribers receive immediate access to the private Cryptnation community. You can interact with like-minded cryptocurrency investors. You can also interact directly with Bryce and Aaron, who are active within the community. The community has daily activity, breaking market news announcements, and discussions on the latest market movements. According to Bryce, there are over 10,000 members in the community, and some have paid over $2,000 to join the community.

Access to the Model Set It and Forget It Wealth Building Portfolio: Bryce has created a portfolio with his top crypto, digital currency, and DeFi recommendations, including all of the assets on Bryce’s “buy now” list of recommended investments. By buying all of these recommended assets today, you could enjoy safe, steady returns over time. Five years ago, investing $5,000 into a basket of cryptocurrencies could have made you a millionaire today. Bryce claims the value of his portfolio exceeds $23,000, and it could deliver big returns to investors who buy into the portfolio today.

Quarterly State of Crypto Research Reports: Each quarter, Bryce and his team released an institutional-grade research report covering the state of crypto markets. They break down current market conditions, the best investment opportunities, and the justification for their crypto recommendations this quarter, among other topics – all bundled into a professional-looking report.

Bonus Video Report #1: The Stablecoin Hedge: The Ultimate Digital Currency Safehaven: Bryce is a big believer in stablecoins. He likes them because they’re backed by concrete assets – like US Dollar reserves. In this video report, you can discover which stablecoins Bryce recommends buying, why he likes those stablecoins, and why he believes stablecoins are the currency of the future.

Bonus Video Report #2: The DeFi Lending Loophole: Guaranteed Passive Returns Whether the Market Goes Up or Down: Today’s top DeFi lending platforms offer much larger returns than traditional savings accounts, allowing crypto users to earn safe, steady returns on their holdings. Instead of losing your money to inflation every year, you can earn compounding interest to grow your wealth over time using the most trusted, decentralized lending platforms. In this video report, Bryce explains which decentralized lending platforms to use to maximize returns.

Bonus Video Report #3: Digital Privacy Profits: Secure Profits By Transacting In Safe, Transparent New Digital Ecosystems: Today’s digital platforms are centralized and unsecured. They do an okay job for ordinary transactions, but they’re increasingly problematic. Bryce sees decentralized platforms as the future of transactions. In this report, Bryce discusses the best platforms for transacting in safe and transparent new ecosystems, including how to secure your digital privacy and maximize your profits by investing in platforms like Filecoin today.

Bonus Video Report #4: Breakthrough “Play-To-Earn” $398 BILLION Gaming Universe: Blockchain-based gaming platforms are increasingly disrupting the $398 billion gaming space. In this report, Bryce discusses which gaming platforms have the best potential, why gaming in the metaverse is such a big deal, and how you could earn huge potential returns on investment by buying the right digital gaming tokens today.

Bonus Video Report #5: The Metaverse Millionaire: How to Profit from the Tokenization of Everything on Earth: Everything on the planet is becoming tokenized, from commodities to art. In this report, Bryce explains how you can profit from the tokenization of everything by investing in the right assets and decentralized platforms today.

Bonus Report: Hedgefund Secrets: ($67): For an extra $67, you can buy a bonus report called Hedge Fund Secrets, which can purportedly take your trading to the next level. You get 10 “tell-all” audio recordings with 10 of the world’s top crypto hedge fund managers. You can discover the strategies they use to pick winning coins.

Altogether, Cryptnation claims these bonus products are worth over $33,995, including the training materials, guides, portfolios, and videos.

Cryptnation Pricing

Cryptnation is priced at $49.95 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Monthly Subscription: $49.95 per month

By subscribing to Cryptnation today, you get all of the bonus reports mentioned above, including the bonus video reports and more.

A 30-day moneyback guarantee backs all subscriptions. If you’re unsatisfied with your subscription within the next 30 days, you can request a complete refund.

About Cryptnation

Cryptnation is a crypto investing brand created by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone, two well-known crypto traders. The pair run a podcast called Crypto 101, and they’ve also published a crypto book called Crypto Revolution.

By launching Cryptnation, Bryce and Aaron are seeking to expand their online presence with a subscription-based financial advisory service.

You can contact Cryptnation via the following:

  • Email: support@cryptorevolution.com

Cryptnation is a subsidiary of Boardwalk Flock, LLC.

Final Word

Cryptnation has launched a new marketing campaign to promote its monthly crypto advisory service.

By subscribing to Cryptnation today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and videos explaining how to invest in Bitcoin 2.0, profit during America’s last stand, and avoid the Great Reset perpetrated by global elites.

To learn more about Cryptnation or to subscribe today, visit the official website at TheFinalAmericanStand.com >>>


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