Adimin Reviews: Ingredients List Revealed! Do They Work?

Recently, there has been increased awareness about the dangers of unhealthy weight gain, mainly affecting urban families. Consequently, weight-loss products and services have become more expensive, with numerous new manufacturers entering the market.

Distinguishing between an effective weight loss product and a scammy one can be challenging for the typical consumer. But it becomes easy to weigh the facts with a breakdown such as our Adimin Review. Adimin is one of the fastest-growing products and has attracted a massive customer base, perhaps due to customer satisfaction.

But is the formula based on scientific knowledge and proven ingredients?

What is Adimin?

Adimin is a weight loss formula that nourishes the body with high amounts of antioxidants to help eliminate toxic substances and promote weight loss. But the complementing properties of its numerous ingredients provide additional benefits such as improving cardiovascular health, boosting energy, and other general body conditions.

According to the manufacturer, the formula combines some of the most researched weight loss ingredients used in their most natural state. Adimin is a mid-range priced supplement, which makes it accessible to many people.

Who Created Adimin?

The Miologi supplements company is behind the manufacture of this weight loss formula. Miologi is a St. Petersburg, Florida-based company that efficiently manufactures various nutritional supplements to reinstate different health aspects.

Their other best-selling products include Glucofort, Folifort, ReMind, Massalong, Supreme Mind, Glucofix, and Synapse XT.

How Does Adimin Work?

The supplement contains a wide array of natural ingredients whose primary goal is to induce detoxification effects. However, each of the components has extra health benefits that complement each other to diversify the help of the formula.

Its core ingredients include ashwagandha, cayenne pepper, schizandra fruit, L-tyrosine, kelp, and bladderwrack. These ingredients are backed by several scientific studies, including placebos and blindfold research with human participants supporting their effects.

Besides detoxifying the body and stimulating weight loss, the formula also provides Vitamins and Minerals such as Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and Zinc, which eliminate deficiencies, restoring the body’s natural maintenance processes.

Nonetheless, here are some critical areas targeted by the formula:

The Adipose Tissue

The adipose tissue is also known as body fat. Adipose tissues can be categorized into different types depending on where it accumulates. For instance, subcutaneous fat accumulates beneath the skin while visceral fat forms around internal organs such as the liver.

Adipose tissue can also form around the muscles, thighs, breasts, and bone marrow.

Adimin targets such stubborn fat converting it to a source of energy while improving your body tone. Eliminating such tissue also helps to stimulate metabolism rates and to reduce inflammation.


Inflammation can be interpreted as a sign that your immune response is responding as it should. But there is also a downside to having excessive inflammation.

Inflammation can lead to joint health complications, which can severely affect your flexibility and physical activeness. Less physical activeness leads to obesity, leading to more deadly health conditions such as heart complications and stroke. Inflammation also increases the chances of developing other complications such as increased blood pressure, when it occurs in the blood vessels.

By nourishing the body with high antioxidants, Adimin helps counteract free radicals, which are the root cause of inflammation. Less inflammation makes it easy to lose stubborn body fats.

Adimin Ingredients

We also like that the company is transparent with its formulation and dosage information. Unlike some manufacturers who use proprietary blends to hide some ingredients while not showing the accurate dosages of the critical components, adimin displays all crucial information on the product labeling.

Consumers are recommended to take two capsules with a meal each day. Here are some of its ingredients:


L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that aids the formation of proteins, thyroid hormones, enzymes, and skin pigmentation. It helps the body increase energy levels and endurance, enabling you to exercise more, leading to weight loss. It also improves nerve function by increasing the production of neurotransmitters. Adimin contains 300 mg of L-Tyrosine per serving.


Ashwagandha is a common ingredient in supplements. It has been in use for centuries as a natural remedy. It is native to parts of India, where it was used for centuries before becoming known to the rest of the world. It is mainly recognized for its management of physical and mental stress.

Recent studies suggest that it may also be beneficial in promoting cognitive functions, suppressing anxiety, and managing cortisol levels and blood sugar. Adimin contains 200 mg of Ashwagandha root extract in each serving.

Schizandra Fruit

Schizandra fruit is a popular, highly potent antioxidant among supplement products. The fruit is native to parts of North America and Asia, especially China, where it was traditionally used to treat stomach and liver complications and coughs. Various researches have linked it to solving fatigue and sleep issues, implying that it is equally beneficial as a weight loss component. Schizandra helps the body to adapt to physical and mental stressors, increasing exercise endurance. According to Adimin’s labeling, the formula contains 240 mg of the ingredient.


Kelp is yet another seaweed in the formula rich with phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. One of its anti-inflammatory components is Chlorophyll.

Components such as Zinc and Manganese provide antioxidant properties, which support cardiovascular health and counteract free radicals to prevent oxidative stress. According to Adimin’s manufacturer, these components also add an energy-boosting effect to the formula. Adimin carries 15 mg of kelp in each serving.


Bladderwrack is a brown seaweed that contains high amounts of antioxidants. It also contains fibers and high amounts of iodine, a component that produces thyroxine and triiodothyronine hormones which stimulate metabolism rates and apt neurological development. Optimal metabolism rates go hand in hand with weight loss. The formula provides 50mg of bladderwrack per serving.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a popular weight loss agent in the supplements sphere. The ingredient promotes weight loss by stimulating thermogenesis, which facilitates fat-burning. It also increases the body’s metabolism rates to encourage calorie burning. Studies also suggest that Cayenne pepper helps with digestive complications, eliminates irritations, relieves migraine pain, provides detoxification effects, and relieves joint and nerve pain.

Vitamins & Minerals

Besides Magnesium and Zinc, the formula also contains copper, selenium, and molybdenum to renourish the body, restoring various core body functions.

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Vitamin B12

Also known as Cobalamin, Vitamin B12 is one of the 8 B Vitamins but the only one in this formula. Vitamin B12 is essential for blood and nerve health. It is a water-soluble vitamin that the body can store for later use. The formula contains 100 mcg of Vitamin B12, with a daily value of 4,167%.


Unlike other metals, copper is essential for the body, like iron is. It facilitates the formation of red blood cells and helps in the absorption of iron. Copper also helps to fuel the nervous system, immune system, and bone formation. A copper deficiency may lead to cardiovascular diseases. However, the body only needs it in small amounts. Adimin contains 0.2 mg of copper.


Selenium is yet another essential component that needs to be maintained at optimal amounts. But it has high antioxidant properties, which may help with some cancer. Its other benefits include boosting the immune system, supporting thyroid health, promoting mental health, and preventing heart complications.


Typically, Gelatin is drawn from animal bones, skin, and cartilage, as well as fish. It is a rich source of proteins, improving the body’s recovery rate.

Gelatin helps to promote cell health, skin appearance, sleep quality, bone structure, joint health, and weight loss. Some resources also claim it moderates blood sugar and aids digestion.

Adimin also contains other complementary ingredients such as magnesium stearate, rice flour, and silicon dioxide.


What are the main benefits of taking Adimin?

According to the brand, adimin has three main benefits, supporting weight loss, boosting energy, and improving heart conditions. The formula reinforces the body’s natural ability to reinstate these conditions.

Weight Loss Support

Excessive weight is the root cause of many health problems, including heart complications. It causes an increase in blood pressure leading to circulatory complications. The presence of inflammation under search conditions increases the risk of suffering a severe attack, as it constricts the blood vessels.

Heart Health

Cardiovascular diseases are increasingly becoming a concern in developed nations such as the US. Adimin contains numerous antioxidants that protect the body from contracting cardiovascular diseases.

Vitality & Energy

According to the brand, the formula also relieves fatigue, increasing both physical and mental activity. It also increases your energy levels, which increases your ability to engage in activities that promote weight loss.

Adimin Features & Benefits

Unlike most supplement companies whose core motive is to make profits, Adimin claims to abide by several reasons that keep their standards achievable.


The manufacturers claim to make the formula entirely free from genetically modified ingredients, antibiotics, and allergens. They also conduct their manufacturing in an FDA-approved facility that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices.


Adimin has some of the best and most studied weight-loss components. It also comprises some rare ingredients whose benefits may not be shared among most market products.


The manufacturers also claim to be very picky with the sources of their ingredients. Adimin only comprises organically grown ingredients from local sources. They also abide by all GMP guidelines.


Unlike weak supplements that conceal their dosage information behind proprietary blends, Adimin lists all individual components correctly labeled with their respective amounts. It also speaks of the best-proven ingredients to provide its core properties, antioxidation, and weight loss.

What to Expect After Taking Adimin

According to the company, Gelatin effects show according to the stages of health restoration. Here is how the formulator lists them:

Step 1

The first changes would be in the overall body condition and activeness. Adimin promotes better sleep which leads to mental clearance. The company claims the formula causes motivation to work with increased energy.

Step 2

Good health then starts to show on your outer appearance. Your skin becomes tighter, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines.

Step 3

Losing body fat is the final observation. Losing body fats is the core purpose and naturally takes a little longer. A thinner body and better-looking skin make you look younger. However, the supplement still works faster than most weight loss supplements available in the current market. Biology claims that there have been instances where some individuals experience rapid weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adimin have side effects?

According to the company, there haven’t been any side effects so far. The company uses entirely organic ingredients free from chemicals that might cause adverse reactions. The formulators claim the supplement is more conservative than alternatives such as working out and ketogenic diets.

What is Adimin’s correct dosage?

The supplement is designed to provide tolerable yet enough dosage with two pills a day. However, the dosage might be a lot for some individuals, causing rapid weight loss. In such a case, the dosage should be reduced only to a single tablet each day.

The supplement should be taken in the morning, preferably after breakfast.

How Long Does it Take to Experience results?

Different individuals have different body response rates, depending on various factors such as weight, age, and tolerance. The formula is also designed to work in stages, meaning that the results will come gradually.

Some customers observe a reduction in weight after the first week. However, the company promises results in less than 60 days.

How much is Adimin?

A single bottle of Adimin contains 60 capsules, enough for a month’s dosage, and can be purchased on the official website.

A single bottle of Adimin goes for $69, exclusive of a $9.95 shipping fee. You can also opt for a 3-bottle pack that costs $177 or the 6-bottle package for $294.


Adimin Refund Policy

Like any other product, even Adimin might not work on some individuals. But the company also claims to be sure of the formula’s effectiveness and offers to accept products returned for not experiencing any effects in the 60 days.

According to the official website, refunds are processed within 48 hours of receiving the returned products. This includes used-up products and empty bottles. The only deduction will be on the shipping and handling of the supplements

Here are Miologi’s contact details:

  • Address: 4604 49th Street N#67 St. Petersburg, FL 33709
  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-833-284-7572
  • Mailing Address: 2049 Island Cir, Weston, FL 33326

Scientific Evidence for Adimin Ingredients

The official Adimin website features a resources page for the clinical studies on which the formula is drawn. The company bases its workability on the studied properties of the ingredients.

Here is a breakdown of the studies:

In a 2017 study, researchers investigated the health benefits of Schizandra, finding it to provide antioxidation and anti-tumor effects. They also found it connected to higher energy levels and less obesity.

Another study found seaweeds to have fundamental weight loss properties. They suppress appetite, reducing food consumption. For instance, alginate, a component found in kelp, minimizes the absorption of fats in the gut by about 75%.

In a 2017 study, researchers found ashwagandha to have crucial anti-weight effects in a double-blind, placebo-based study. Although the ingredient is popularly known as an adaptogen,

Researchers divided participants into two groups during the study and administered ashwagandha to one while giving the other placebos. At the end of the research, those that took ashwagandha had reduced weight more than those who took placebos. However, it was also concluded that high doses of ashwagandha are needed to attain substantial changes.

A 2018 study investigated the relevance of cayenne pepper to weight loss. Researchers found capsaicinoids in the ingredient to help reduce the body’s fat mass. They also observed higher metabolism rates and calorie burning.

Final Word

Regardless of how effective a supplement can be, there is always an advantage to complementing it with a good diet and exercise routine.

Adimin is an effective product, as it mainly comprises proven ingredients for weight loss. However, keep in mind that supplements can have a negative effect on existing medical conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you first consult your doctor if you have a medical condition. The same applies to pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is also safer to keep supplements away from children.

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