Why caring for YOU needs to be top of mind

Why caring for YOU needs to be top of mind

Oak Harbor esthetitian and trainer a leader in hair and skincare

Whether from juggling work, school and family or simply feeling overwhelmed about what works best for our hair or skin, caring for ourselves often lands at the bottom of our to-do lists.

But here’s why we need to put it near the top:

“Self-care is so vital to our well-being,” says Oak Harbor’s Melissa York, of Melissa York Studio. “It’s not only about looking good, but about feeling our best. We can get so busy, but taking the time to care for ourselves makes a huge difference in how we feel, mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Melissa’s team offers an extensive array of treatment options, including full-body hair removal using the traditional sugaring method, plus lash tinting and lifting, brow tinting and shaping, signature facial treatments and sunless tanning. As a hybrid studio, she also provides space to practitioners offering complementary services, such as hair styling.

With an extensive background in esthetics, and as a certified trainer in sugaring, lash lifting and brow henna, Melissa is keen to share her experience and education with both clients – women, men and teens – and the next generation of practitioners.

About more than looks

For many people, esthetics treatments support overall health and wellness. For men and women prone to excess hair, for example, sugaring can help prevent potentially painful ingrown hairs, says Melissa, repeatedly recognized in the Whidbey News Group’s Best of Whidbey Awards.

And those with heavy, downward pointing lashes can find a lash lift offers not only a brighter appearance but also improves vision.

Easy, safe solutions

As people look to more natural options for their personal care, techniques like henna and sugaring – long practiced in regions like Egypt and Greece – have become popular locally. Using just sugar, water and lemon juice, sugaring is a safe, natural and effective form of hair removal, with ingredients combined into a paste that’s applied, and when removed, also removes the hair. Because the sugar adheres to hair, not the skin, it can be less harsh than waxing.

Experience matters

When it comes to finding the right esthetics studio, experience and education matter – look for those properly certified in the services you want. With lash lifting, for example, “it’s important to understand not only the process, but the symmetry of the client’s face and how their lashes grow,” Melissa says.

“I love working with my clients, helping them look and feel their best, and I really enjoy training new professionals – the hands-on learning that happens and seeing them put into practice everything they study.”

Questions about hair removal, skin care, or other beauty services? Melissa is happy to provide a free, 15-minute consultation to answer your questions.

Online bookings help you easily find a time that works for your schedule, including later hours Mondays and Thursdays.

Drop by today at 661 SE Fidalgo Ave. in Oak Harbor or visit online at melissayorkstudio.com, and stay up-to-date with all the latest looks and news on Facebook and Instagram!

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