VitalFlow Reviews – Legit Customer Risks?

VitalFlow is an all-natural supplement formulated by Sam Morgan and intended for use by older men. As you get older, your body begins to experience an imbalance in your DHT levels, causing your prostate to start experiencing all kinds of health issues.

Given that this supplement has been made using purely organic components, its regular consumption will not impact your life in any way. Its creator has used ingredients that are efficient and fast-working.

Incontinentia is a common issue affecting millions of men worldwide, who struggle to deal with problems related to their bladders and prostates. It’s a medical issue characterized by the leakage of urine and an inability to perform sexually.

When left uncontrolled for long, the condition may adversely affect a person’s personal and social life, with many experiencing low self-esteem issues. Others find themselves having to retreat from the public eye due to the shame of making frequent bathroom visits.

Introducing VitalFlow

Many supplements being produced by pharmaceutical companies claim to assist with prostate-related issues by reducing inflammation and eliminating the pressure placed on it. While some may work to a certain extent, the downside is that you have to continue using them forever.

These products are often reliant on the nutrients and antioxidants present to work, which is why they are only effective for a short duration. Another downside is that some may come with unwanted side effects that can negatively affect your life.

To prevent this, there’s a need to find a supplement that can assist in resolving prostate enlargement issues without causing any unwanted reactions. VitalFlow, claims to do this while providing the user with negligible side effects.

VitalFlow—What Is It?

It’s what makes a beloved product, as it’s able to eliminate any symptoms you may be experiencing quickly. Provided you take the pills as recommended, it shouldn’t take long for your enlarged prostate to resume its normal size.

A normal-sized prostate not only ensures that you will live a happy and comfortable life, but it greatly impacts semen nourishment and production. Taking VitalFlow ensures you will remain healthy well into your old age.

The supplement has been formulated to target the primary cause of prostate-related issues: the overproduction of DHT. Studies have shown that close to ninety percent of all men will at some point have to deal with prostate-related problems.

VitalFlow can help alleviate the symptoms linked to some of these issues, a fete that most modern medications cannot achieve. According to its creator, the supplement has been created using a blend of thirty-four carefully selected ingredients.

Each ingredient has been naturally sourced, and its selection is based on its effect on your body. The proportion of each component has been taken into account to ensure that its overall efficiency doesn’t get affected.

If you would like to know more about this supplement, including the person behind its creation, make it a point to visit VitalFlow.com. The creator has provided a video that further explains what this supplement can do for your prostate health.

The Science Behind VitalFlow Supplement

The supplement is only successful due to the formula used in making it. It has been made using unique ingredients known to provide excellent results to users. Every element has been thoroughly researched to assist in establishing its efficiency.

Much of the success attributed to this supplement can be traced back to its ingredients and the benefits that each offers to the human body. The formulation has included different items ranging from herbal extracts to vitamins and natural minerals.

Continued use will allow you to notice a reduction of the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. With time, the DHT levels will reduce, making it easier to live everyday life.

Most supplements already in the market cannot deal with the root cause of this issue, which makes VitalFlow a unique supplement. It gets to the root cause of the problem and ensures that all the extra DHT gets flushed away by the system.

Consumers who have used this supplement have stated that they no longer have to deal with common problems like:

  • Weak ejaculations
  • Enlarged prostates
  • Sleepless nights occasioned by high anxiety levels
  • Blockage in their penises

Ingredients Used in Making the VitalFlow Supplement

When starting his research, the creator considered more than one hundred different ingredients. It took time before he arrived at the final formula. From the initial list, only thirty-four components were cut.

Below, we will look at some of these ingredients, including their role in your body.


Looking at the entire list of ingredients used in making VitalFlow, the combination of Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushrooms probably takes the honors. These three Japanese mushrooms assist in getting rid of the extra DHT in your body.

Once the unwanted DHT gets flushed, it doesn’t take long for your prostate to get back to its original size. A normal-sized prostate is a healthy prostate.

Graviola Leaves

Graviola Leaves are another crucial ingredient used in making VitalFlow. Its role in the supplement is to assist in controlling DHT levels, particularly in older men. In the long run, it ensures that the prostate doesn’t become enlarged, which may cause other issues to emerge.

Therefore, its addition to this formula is meant to assist in boosting prostate health.

Pygeum African Bark

Pygeum African Bark is credited with lowering the inflammation levels in your body. Its antimicrobial properties are also believed to assist in controlling infections targeting your prostate.

Using this ingredient, the VitalFlow supplement can eliminate any toxins present in your system. It assists in ensuring the prostate doesn’t get out of control or become too large.

Green Tea

Green tea is perhaps the most renowned ingredient in this list. It has been known to assist the human body in many varied ways. For example, it makes it possible for your body to eliminate toxins through your urine.

The supplement comforts your enlarged prostate and ensures that it won’t become too enlarged.


Selenium and its presence in your body have a direct impact on how your prostate behaves and functions. When its levels are low, the prostate is likely to become enlarged due to the high levels of the DHT hormone.

Selenium plays a crucial role in the elimination of DHT. Studies have shown that it can assist in boosting the efficiency of the immune system.


Your body needs zinc for it to work as it should. When the body lacks enough zinc, it begins to develop all kinds of health issues, with most of them targeting the prostate. Often, this condition targets older men, though young men can also be affected.

Zinc has been included in the VitalFlow formula to keep the DHT levels in check. Its presence will ensure that the prostate doesn’t become enlarged. Check out the reviews posted on the official VitalFlow website to see what people say about this ingredient.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle allows the body to increase the levels of the testosterone hormone present in the body. VitalFlow formula uses this ingredient for the same reason. Married people who want to boost their sex drives should consider adding it to their daily diets.

Apart from enhancing testosterone levels, the ingredient helps in ensuring that the hormone doesn’t get converted into DHT. It’s safe to say that its inclusion in the supplement guarantees that DHT won’t build up to unacceptable levels.

VitalFlow Supplement Benefits

While the ingredients mentioned above are a fraction of all the ingredients used in making VitalFlow, their inclusion helps form a unique proprietary blend. Those who use this blend can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better reproductive health
  • Relief from many prostate-related conditions and relief from BPH symptoms
  • Reduced infection levels
  • Better tissue rejuvenation in the areas surrounding the prostate
  • Reduced risk of developing cancer cells
  • Better overall immunity levels
  • Improves self-esteem
  • A better sex life accompanied by an improved libido

It’s clear from these benefits VitalFlow has a lot to offer. You only need to ensure that you are consistent with taking it and don’t deviate from the recommended dosage levels.

Recommended Dosage Levels and Possible Side Effects

Having looked at most of the reviews that have been posted by those who have used this supplement, it’s safe to say that its side effects are minimal. Every ingredient used to make it has been clinically tested to establish its safety.

The blend of ingredients has been processed in state-of-the-art labs. This helps to reduce the chances of being compromised. However, there’s a need to consult with your primary care physician before you can start taking the supplement.

Its creator has recommended ingesting two pills a day. Where possible, you should take these pills early in the morning with a glass of water. The capsules are safe for all men but should only be taken by men above twenty years.

Make sure to stick to the recommended dosage to ensure you don’t experience any side effects. Note that children or women shouldn’t take these pills.


VitalFlow Pricing and Where to Buy

VitalFlow Supplement is available for sale from the official website and nowhere else. The manufacturer has provided three packages for consumers to choose from, depending on their budgets.

The pricing details are as follows:

  • Basic Package: 1 bottle VitalFlow at $69
  • Standard Package: 3 bottles VitalFlow at $59 each
  • Premium Package: 6 bottles VitalFlow at $49 each

Each package comes with free shipping and a sixty-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


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