Trump Golden Ticket Reviews – Are Patriot Gold Tickets Worth It?

The Trump Golden Ticket is the latest memorabilia ticket introduced by the Trump 2024 campaign and targeted toward the most ardent followers. Featuring the phrase “Trump Golden Ticket” in bold letters, among other phrases, it’s a unique item to show your support for the 45th President of the United States of America.

Is the Trump Golden Ticket worth it? Should you consider spending money on it? Read on to learn the hype surrounding the Trump Golden Ticket and what you can expect once you have it.

What Is a Trump Golden Ticket?

The Trump Golden Ticket is unique memorabilia designed for collectors and Donald J. Trump’s supporters alike. The 6″ by 3″ Gold Plated Sheet comes with specialized engraving on its front and back and all other features associated with Trump memorabilia.

If you’re a Trump supporter, collector, or would like to gift it to a friend, you can buy it today through patriotgoldenticket.com, where a single piece retails at $299, plus the company offers free shipping and handling on all purchases.

However, the prices will drop as you increase the number of the Trump Golden Tickets ordered.

Features of the Trump Golden Ticket

The Trump Golden Ticket comes with the following features:

  • A unique Gold-plated sheet for collectors and all Trump supporters/followers
  • 6″ by 3″ Gold Plated Sheet having one-of-a-kind engraving on its front and back
  • Made and shipped in the USA
  • Protected by a 60-day moneyback guarantee
  • Commemorative, gold-plated sheet made for Trump 2024 supporters
  • Available online for a limited duration

Trump Golden Ticket Design and Insignia

The Patriot Golden Ticket, also called the Trump Golden Ticket, features numerous insignia and unique features that will help you differentiate it from the other Trump campaign materials. The sheet, designed by Trump 2024 supporters, includes details such as:

Premium Member Number: Every Trump supporter/collector who purchases this gold ticket online will get a unique membership number. It’s an eight-digit number unique to you.

Official Trump Font: The Trump Golden Ticket features the official Trump font used in most of his Trump 2024 merchandise, including the Trump 2024 Card.

Membership Join Date: Every ticket features a membership join date indicating the day and year you bought the card. It’s meant to show when your membership became active.

Membership Status: As is the case with all Trump campaign material, the gold-plated sheet has a membership status that shows your status, e.g., Premium Member.

What Does the Trump Golden Ticket Do?

As we mentioned above, this is a purely commemorative item to show your loyalty to the former president and likely 2024 candidate. While his campaign team has advertised it as a ticket, you should note that it doesn’t grant you entry into his events.

Furthermore, you should only view it as an investment option, not an actual ticket to a Trump event!

All the Trump Golden Ticket does is give you a simple way to show others like you that you indeed support and believe in the policies advanced by Donald Trump. Let’s put it this way; you can flash the sheet around during Trump rallies, show it to other supporters, or brag about your unique number.

The official website has clarified that the ticket has no specific functions allowing access to future Trump events.

If you want to proceed with placing an order, you can do so through patriotgoldenticket.com.


Reviews of the Trump Golden Ticket

When writing this review, the Trump Golden Ticket is still a new product launched online recently. We haven’t found many reviews for the Trump Golden Ticket outside the official website.

Nonetheless, the website claims the ticket has received an average rating of 4.9/5. Not much information is present to help determine the criteria used by the reviewers when rating the tickets

Trump Golden Ticket Pricing and Availability

The Trump Golden Ticket is available on its official website and retails at the following rates:

  • One Golden Ticket for $299 + Free shipping and Handling
  • Three Golden Tickets for $499 + Free shipping and Handling
  • Five Golden Tickets for $749 + Free shipping and Handling
  • Ten Golden Tickets for $999 + Free shipping and Handling

Remember, a 60-day moneyback guarantee protects every purchase. For inquiries, please send an email to:


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