The Wealth Genome Review – Real Ancient Secret Program That Works?

According to The Wealth Genome official portal, a shunned college professor recently discovered a gene in every human being responsible for wealth and abundance.

The gene is said to be hidden deep within ancient Vedas religious texts, many of which date back to as far as 1000 B.C. In these texts, there is said to be a map that encodes the entire human genome, which is the basis of this review today.

It’s believed that this gene is responsible for activating the “root” chakra, which gives you the ability to create limitless abundance, become rich, and generate wealth. While every person alive has this gene embedded in them, very few have been able to activate it.

The lucky few who have activated it have gone on to become successful and wealthy.

As a result, the discovery of this gene is practically important, although other scientific journals and mainstream media have widely ignored it. Those who haven’t ignored it have done their best to censor it and have it removed from social media platforms.

It turns out that not everyone is happy about its discovery.

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About Tim the Brains Behind the Wealth Genome

Tim describes himself as someone who is very wealthy, although this was not always the case for him and his family. Before he got his wealth, he was just your everyday guy trying to make a living and pay his bills.

A few years ago, he was among the 61% of Americans who lived paycheck to paycheck and were at one point on the verge of going broke. Try as he might to land a job that would help him generate extra income; his efforts bore no fruit.

He is on record stating that he worked odd jobs during the summer to earn an extra buck, but bills were constantly piling up. Luckily for Tim, a would-be embarrassing scenario that involved having his family car repossessed helped him stumble onto The Wealth Genome.

An Introduction to The Wealth Genome

The Wealth Genome comprises a series of recordings that retail at $37 today instead of the regular price of $160. These recordings are the only known way to activate the ‘root’ which is located inside you.

Listening to these audio tracks for several minutes each day gives you a chance to open the gates of unlimited wealth, allowing you to begin living the life you have always wanted. Since activating his root chakra, Tim’s discoveries have helped him establish why the mainstream media doesn’t want to reveal this information.

He notes that activating the wealth genome is your way out of having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. And all you need to do is to listen to these audio tracks for at least five minutes each day.

Testimonials posted on its official website indicate that it has changed the lives of every person who uses it. These are people who have seen their lives change for the better, and they have all done this by committing to listening to these audio tracks for a few minutes each day.

What to Expect When You Buy the Wealth Genome

As noted elsewhere in this review, The Wealth Genome is on sale for a limited time and is currently retailing at $37 instead of its regular price of $160. Every purchase completed today comes with free shipping and qualifies you for several bonuses, as shown below:

Free Bonus #1: Millionaire Money Experiments ($47 value)

The Millionaire Money Experiments comprises a guidebook and several audio tracks. It aims to guide you through seven simple experiments designed to assist you in speeding up the process of activating your wealth gene.

With it, you’ll also learn how to amplify the results you achieve while teaching you how to develop a millionaire mindset. It does this by strengthening your connection to the universe and getting rid of all your negative thought patterns.

Free Bonus #2: Automatic Money Creation Guidebook ($67 value)

The Automatic Money Creation Guidebook is the brainchild of one of Tim’s friends, who happens to be a beneficiary of Tim’s Wealth Genome activation. You’ll find this guidebook to be extremely helpful in modern-day living, where you need more than one income stream to survive.

It will train you on how to create a passive income stream that will continue to pay you royalties for years to come. Your possibilities will become limitless after combining the teachings in this guide with the activation of your wealth gene.

Free Bonus #3: 10 Profitable, Easy Businesses to Start With No Money ($97 value)

On the official website, Tim claims that some of the people he has helped activate their wealth gene have gone on to start businesses that have helped them make tons of money. In this guide, Tim has compiled all the businesses that his students have started and made money.

Even though there are many of them, he has only included those that he has seen to be easy and which don’t require any capital to get started. You can use these businesses as your startup guide to help you get a footing in the business world.

N.B. When purchased alone, these bonuses will cost you a total of $211. But they are available free of charge today with a purchase of The Wealth Genome. In addition to the three bonuses, you’ll also get direct access to Tim, where you can reach him via his email addresses.

Tim will be there every step of the way to answer any questions that you may have and guide you on your path to activating your wealth gene. Please note that a 365-day money-back guarantee helps protect every purchase made via the official portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use The Wealth Genome System?

You’ll be provided with several professionally recorded audio tracks you must listen to daily. Tim recommends using headphones to listen to the tracks for five to ten minutes each day.

How long does it take for my Wealth Gene to Activate?

People are different, which means the time taken to activate it will vary from person to person. However, it usually takes around two weeks of listening to these audio tracks to activate the gene.




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