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The Poundless Program Review: Worth the Money or Cheap Plan?

What is Poundless Program?

Poundless Program is a new weight-loss program designed to help you cut fat off your body in an easy to manage way. The program is completely natural and does not use any “specially formulated miracle pills” to magically make you lose weight.

Instead, Poundless Program uses scientifically proven methods to engage your body’s natural weight management capabilities. The body has its own method for regulating weight, body composition and overall health. The problem is most people attempt at manipulating our bodies natural abilities using pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter “solutions” that are in-effective.

With this program however, your body will naturally start to focus on lowering its own fat levels according to your personal health needs. Id does not matter what your genetics are or how heavy your currently are. Anyone can use the program to reach their target weight, then maintain it. All this is done in a healthy, comfortable way without any starving or crash dieting, and there are no harmful substances to take whatsoever.

After you lose the weight you want, and see that it stays off for good, you will start to feel better about yourself. You will feel better physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Your body will be operating at much healthy level, meaning hormones and natural chemicals will be better regulated to make you feel good.

Poundless Program uses a secret fat melting trick that is not dependent on willpower. The scientific method is proven to help you keep the weight off, because nearly 95% of all diets typically fail and people lose their will to try. Willpower alone won’t cut the fat; you must learn to use your body’s natural chemistry to engage the metabolism and its natural biology that will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.

How Does Poundless Program Work?

The creator of the formulated weight-loss program hit a breaking point where he needed to be healthy to save his 12-year-old-daughter from death. I will not go into detail in this article, but you can read more about his journey at the website, where you can also buy the method.

Through the process, and after years of searching the founder discovered the secret to weight loss. He tried every supplement available only to determine nothing work. Through sheer need to save his daughter however, this simple three step weight loss secret gave him the breakthrough he was searching for.

With it came more vitality to help save the most important person in his world. He had the energy to work harder so he could afford the help needed for his little one. Saving his baby girl was not the only benefit from losing weight.

Along with it came a better sex drive with more virility. It improved his relationship with his most intimate partner who appreciated the new body as much as he did. It has been proven a lot of ED is caused by poor health or obesity. By losing weight, your blood flow increases as does your confidence and energy levels. Each of these three factors together equate to better sex.

They also help lower the risk of other serious health concerns. Everything from heart disease to diabetes is affected by your health and weight. Lower your weight and you lower your risk at developing any of these unwanted illnesses. Some even think diet plays a major role in avoiding cancer and Alzheimer’s as well as Parkinson’s disease.

Saving his daughter was not the only reason he decided to lose weight. After a consultation with his doctor, he discovered a near fatal truth. He was in fact walking the razor’s edge of life and death. His heart was on the brink or exploding. If he did not take drastic measures, he would soon be the victim of a heart attack, and likely not have been around to help his wife and daughter in their time of need. Most heart attacks are silent, roughly 45% of all of them go undetected until it is too late. The same can be said for a list of other serious health complications, including strokes.

It is because of these scientific truths that losing weight is a must. Not only is losing weight essential to longevity, so is how you lose it and keep it off. Poundless Program uses a scientific method of weight-loss to help you feel good about yourself, and once again fit into your clothes. You will naturally start to feel better, leading to a more exciting, active lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyles are one of the leading causes of heart disease, among other ailments.


Is Poundless Program Legit?

Finally see results after failing at other weight loss programs like most people. Nothing is more frustrating than trying diet after diet only to see no results. The only thing potentially more draining is losing the weight, then putting it back on, sometimes over and over. Drastic weight change is also considered to be hard on the body, as if being overweight was not bad enough?

Even if you are already in decent enough shape, you likely understand the challenge with losing the last 5-10 lbs. Stubborn fat pockets are usually hard to get rid of. But with Poundless Program, as mentioned in this review in the Globe Newswire, you will finally be able to get rid of the last remnants of any unwanted stored fat on your body.

Consider the results with this program as a major body transformation, as well as a personal one. The methodology behind the program is not surface level by any means, it is designed to target the problem at the core. Fat loss is not just dependent on diet and exercise, other internal factors dictate your body composition. An easy to conceive of analogy is the thermostat on your wall. Just as your air-conditioning lowers the temperature in your home when it gets too hot, your metabolism lowers your weight when you get to heavy. It does so in accordance to your personal self-image and internal schema. By changing the way your brain works with your weight, you will naturally change your weight.

What Are People Saying About Poundless Program?

People are marveling about the program. Some report losing as much as 37 pounds in record time, just 2-3 months without any hardcore dieting or exercise. There are several reviews with people losing 50, 60 and even 100 lbs in a relatively short period of time, only to keep it off for good – never going back to once was their normal weight.

A lot of psychological factors are related to your health and weight. Stress for example is affected by cortisol, chemical produced by the body. By lowering your weight, you lower your cortisol levels around your heart an in turn your stress levels. And since stress is one of the most detrimental, life-threatening, physiological effects produced by the body, lowering it is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Your weight also has a lot to do with blood pressure, which when coupled with stress is proven to dictate the levels of anxiety an individual feel. If you can lower your stress and blood pressure, you can naturally lower your anxiety. Lastly, each of these three factors have been linked to depression. Depression is a mental illness that millions of Americans suffer from each year.

Rather than taking prescription medications, that can cause side-effects like suicidal thoughts. It is much healthier to use your physiology to get rid of depression once and for all. Poundless Program will help you if you are suffering from any of the previously listed mental health issues. And if you have never been in great shape, there is no better feeling than the confidence that comes with being fit. Your vitality naturally increases with confidence that is earned from staying in healthy shape.

Like I said before, Poundless Program is not a get fit quick scheme. It is a scientifically formulated method to attack the root of the problem. I cannot reiterate this enough, as many people struggle with weight their entire lives. Age is not as much as a factor as some may think, with this proven method of weigh loss you can get in great shape even if you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or older.

It does not matter if you want to lose 10 or 100 lbs. Whatever your desire or need you can do with the program. And you can do it without restrictive diets (also proven to be dangerous), while still enjoying your favorite foods. Plain and simple, starvation diets do not work. People always ending up putting the weight back on. More so, restrictive diets have been linked to depression as well as eating disorders.


Where Can I Buy Poundless Program?

If you have read enough and are ready to try the method, you can head to There you will find more thorough information regarding the weight loss method, as well as an informative video that will describe it better for you. Also, at the time of this writing, there is a limited time offer and discount for the program. So, if you want to try it out, you probably want to act rather quickly to save some money and get the offered bonuses.


Final Verdict Poundless Program

My final thought of the Poundless Program is it is legit. By using the scientifically proven methods, you will be able to lose weight for good. You can see results in a few short weeks, which is important for most people considering summer is coming soon and that means beach bodies are a must.

Basically, you can stop struggling with weight loss once and for all. The simple 3-step-trick is proven to work with more than 37,000 people having tried the program with positive results. I think it is important to push the fact that you will not just lose weight, but you will keep it off. This program is about lifestyle change, so you can live into your future with a healthy body, mind, and soul. Not some crash diet where you will lose 10 lbs. quickly and then put it right back on. Nothing is more frustrating than constant weight fluctuation, not to mention how unhealthy it is.

Finally, if you want to feel younger, more vitality and generally happier about yourself with more confidence than this is for you. Getting fit is freedom, you will finally be able to do many of the activities you have always wanted. Everything from travel, to hiking, sports, and sex are positively affected by your weight. Even personal success in business and work is usually enhanced when a person gets in better shape. There is some type of internal confidence that begins to work when you beat the challenge that comes with losing weight.

If all this sounds like something you are interested in, even if you are already in decent shape, then head to the website and watch the short video at the very least. Proactively working at maintaining your weight is the best way to keep it off or lose it. You can learn more about the proven weight loss program at

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