The BSF 100k Blueprint Course Review (Beyond Six Figures)

eCommerce is not an easy career path without the right information and a hand to hold you through the initial stages. Although some successful businessmen share their skills to encourage newbies, they never share the real secrets that make them successful to retain competitive advantage.

But some experts such as Justin have risen to the challenge and built full-fledged courses. The BSF 100k Blueprint is a course that helps you test decisions in real-time before implementing them. It can help salespeople eliminate losses and unjustified costs in marketing, advertising, research, and store setup.

Who Created The BSF 100k Blueprint Course?

The course was created by Justin Woll, who became an entrepreneur through trial and error. He has mastered the art of coaching throughout the years that he had been developing the course from his own mistakes, and claims to have been recognized by both Shopify and Forbes.

What Is The BSF 100k Blueprint?

The 100k Blueprint was designed to help business people grow e-commerce stores from zero to 6-figure profits and beyond. The course teaches you how to leverage data from successful brands such as Amazon, to conduct market research and identify market gaps that have less competition. Justin also presents you with a framework that has been repeatedly tested and proven successful, to help you build your online store from the theme to product pages. The course also explains how to run low-risk rapid tests to determine the effectiveness of ad campaigns before deploying them.

How does The BSF 100k course work?

According to Justin, all components of the course are well researched, tested, and documented such that you don’t have to take chances on any strategy. It offers predictability to set your targets clearly and go straight for the profits.

The strategies in the course:

  • Teach how to select products based on data
  • Help build tested and proven original store structures
  • Help build systematic and creative ad campaigns
  • Inspire consistent business scaling

What Does The BSF 100k Blueprint Comprise?

According to Justin, the major parts of the course include:

Store Creation

This part guides you on how to structure your store and optimize it for maximum lead generation. Justin shares how to create flexible layouts that win customers’ trust and leave room for future expansion.

Product Research

At this stage, you will learn how to use Justin’s product research system with data from eCommerce giants such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Google to identify the best products for your store and where to get the best profit margins using the 9-factor criteria.

Algorithmic Targeting

This phase entails a detailed guide on setting up Facebook Ads algorithmic targeting according to your niches. It helps you understand Facebook changes and how to leverage the strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

The Farm Method

The Farm Method explains a strategic approach to scaling beyond six figure profits, reducing volatility and enforcing consistency in sales. It also includes a 3-day protocol that alerts you when to end a campaign or scale it upwards.

Ad Creatives

By this stage, you will have the blueprint to navigate your specific niche. Ad Creatives helps you master how to keep customers coming all year round.

What You Learn From The BSF 100k Blueprint

What determines the success of your online business besides marketing, technology, and the products.

Adaptation tactics to help you outmaneuver newbie pit holes and unprecedented market changes.

  • How to inspire trust and assurance among customers?
  • Where to invest your money.
  • How to offer 24/7 availability without being held captive.
  • How to leverage first hand data to increase profit.
  • How your theme and product choices should relate.
  • How to simplify work through automation?
  • Implementing policies and provide information.
  • How to brand your products?
  • How to generate sales by convincing customers?
  • How to build reliability
  • Essential tools to improve your customer service.
  • How to attract organic reviews for your products.
  • 3 Critical Google Trends tweaks that provide actionable market data.
  • How to find and distinguish high-profit products
  • How to get faster shipping between China and the U.S.

The BSF 100k Blueprint Course Bonuses

BSF Farm Method Printable PDF

This bonus is a printable copy comprising the 8-figure campaign scaling blueprint that guides you through every step of the way from the lowest starting budgets to spending thousands of dollars in a day.

Supply Chain 2022 – New Rules

This bonus comprises updated advice from Alan, an expert who invests up to $40million annually on behalf of clients and partners.

Algorithmic Targeting Google Sheet

This is a spreadsheet that simplifies calculations of how to budget and allocate ad money.

Access to the BSF Community on FB

The BSF Facebook community offers extra free training, and support from peers and like minded individuals.

How Much is The BSF 100k Blueprint Course?

The whole course goes for $7, and is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee in case you don’t find the methods explained effective.

Final Word

The BSF 100k Blueprint is a combination of tested and proven methods that have been refined over the years, so that you don’t have to suffer the pain of a newbie. But rather than spoon-feeding you, it explains the details, leaving no stone unturned so that you develop confidence and become an expert marketer capable of going independent. It is also backed by numerous reviews from clients who have used it and experienced success.

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