Supreme X Reviews – Is SupremeX Muscle Building Supplement Scam or Legit?

Supreme X is a dietary supplement specifically developed to provide men bodybuilding support and increase their testosterone levels. The formula is claimed to contain only safe and natural ingredients, meaning it doesn’t cause any side effects. It can be used by those men who need enhancement when exercising and more stamina and vitality. Furthermore, it promises to make their body stronger and increasingly closer to achieving that shape that most men are trying to get to. According to the Supreme X official website, low testosterone levels cause not having enough strength and vitality to perform well in the gym. This is why supporting the production of this important hormone naturally is essential. It should be noted Supreme X is a product for those men who like exercising and need to have increased strength levels only.

Supreme X Ingredients

Here are some of the active ingredients in Supreme X and the way they work in men’s body, as per these ingredients are presented on the product’s label:

L-Arginine Ketoglutarate

This special element has many health benefits to provide, seeing that it’s known to combat erectile dysfunction (ED), improve blood circulation, and help with having a more ripped body that’s full of stamina and vitality.

L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate

This is another type of L-Arginine that encourages nitric oxide to get produced. Nitric oxide ensures the muscles are developing and become lean. Moreover, L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate is also known to boost the quality of men’s sex life.

L-Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

This amazing amino acid is essential for proteins to get absorbed by the body, meaning it helps build muscles and have an athletic physique.

L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate

Last but not least, L-Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate improves physical performance.

Since all these ingredients are natural and no previous user of this formula has complained about experiencing anything unusual after using Supreme X, says the product’s official website, this supplement is 100% safe to use.

Supreme X Benefits

Below are the main health benefits that Supreme X provides, as they are mentioned on the Supreme X official website:

  • Helps with the recovery of the muscles after strenuous exercise
  • It puts the body in burning fat mode.
  • Give the lean muscle mass that any man dreams of achieving.
  • Increases strength and vitality
  • Increase the libido
  • Raises testosterone levels

How to Use Supreme X?

According to its manufacturers, this product comes in the form of pills, two of which have to be taken every day at different times and with water. After, the consumer has to train as usual and let the formula do the rest of the work. Individual results may vary, but Supreme X’s continuous consumption is said to guarantee a leaner physique in only a week. A month of consumption can lead to achieving a dream body in those men who don’t have too much weight to lose and exercise regularly and often and intensely.

Health and Fitness Tools

When buying Supreme X, customers are also given FREE 90-day access to some Health and Fitness Tools. After, they need to pay for these tools themselves, but more about this later. Here are the Supreme X Health and Fitness Tools in short:

Health Risk Assessment covers 6 different categories: Heart, Cancer Risk, Nutrition and Stress, Health, Awareness, and Fitness.

Health Information Library – this library contains more than 1,500 topics reviewed by physicians.

Online Coaching – for those who need motivation, accountability, feedback, or any personal support, there’s access to the Online Coaching tool.

Exercise Program – this program is all about strength and cardio training.

Fitness Nutrition – the most effective and fun tools and apps for eating well and training properly.

Who Should Use Supreme X?

Since it helps testosterone and nitric oxide production, Supreme X is a product specifically created for men. It should be noted it can be used only by adult men, so those who aren’t 18 years old yet can’t take it. Women who are interested in bodybuilding shouldn’t consume it either. Many other formulas focus on this and have been developed for women only on the market.

Why Should Men Use Supreme X?

Those men who want to pump their body and achieve a leaner shape can’t rely only on a good diet to end up looking the way they want. They need supplementation like Supreme X to have more energy and increased testosterone levels. Working out at the gym and lifting weights for hours can lead to nowhere without proper nutrition and formulas specifically designed to help them build muscle. For this reason, but also because Supreme X currently comes at some great prices, as it will be seen below, men who are trying to get the body of their dreams should definitely give this supplement a try.

How to Buy Supreme X?

The Supreme X formula is available for sale only on the supplement’s official website. It’s recommended to get it from here because it comes at some amazing prices and is guaranteed to be the original product. Supreme X is not distributed in pharmacies, health shops, nor retailers because this would lead to a rise in its price, so men should get it straight from the manufacturer, where no distribution costs are added to prices. Here are these prices, as they are displayed on the Supreme X official website:

1-bottle for $69

3-bottle pack for $177 in total, so only $59 per bottle

6-bottle pack for $294 in total, so $49 per bottle


No matter what pack the customer chooses, 90-day FREE access to the Health and Fitness Tools will be provided. Billing for the Tools after the 90 days is $9.95 per month. There’s also a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee on all products, so unsatisfied customers have 6 months to send a request for a refund to customer service, return the products, and get their money back. Supreme X customer service can be reached via:

Email: cs@supremexmuscle.com

Phone: 800-605-9808

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