Strategic Intelligence Biden Bucks (Jim Rickards)

Did you know that President Joe Biden signed the “death warrant on American freedom” on Wednesday, March 9, 2022? Dubbed, the Executive Order 14067, the signing of the supposed death warrant might imply:

  • Legal government surveillance of all Americans
  • Total control over bank accounts and purchases
  • Complete obsolescence of the U.S. dollar, and the welcoming of a programmable digital currency dubbed “Biden Bucks”
  • Punishments for select contributions, purchases or even commentary made on social media

Why is a digital currency problematic? Former Pentagon and CIA advisor predicts that President Biden doesn’t intend to merely replace cash with digital currency. Particularly, he sees this as an opportunity for the government to gain full control over money, from tracking and recording every conceivable transaction. For people who believe it is all comparable to online banking, Jim says “This is very different from online banking, and it has nothing to do with crypto.”

Long story short, some countries are already looking at pilot programs for their own digital currencies. In the U.S., it’s just a question of “when” and as per Jim, “It’s already happening.” Truthfully, the expert believes that the digital dollar will circulate sometime between 2023 and 2024. What does this mean for existing assets, not to mention freedom? The only way to find out is by joining Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

What is Strategic Intelligence?

Strategic Intelligence is a monthly research newsletter led by editor, Jim Rickards. The goal for this service is to provide methods by which investors can protect themselves against global issues such as the devaluation of the U.S. dollar, rising inflation and interest rates and geopolitical conflicts among others.

Jim is a widely sought-after investor with specialization in precious metals, making him a fitting candidate in times like today. In accordance with everything, Strategic Intelligence can be perceived as a way to study Jim’s thought processes, all of which have been shaped by his experiences in investment banking, international economics, and political and national intelligence advisory-related matters.

What does a membership to Strategic Intelligence comprise of?

Right off the bat, individuals who join today will have the pleasure of reading over four of Jim Rickards’ recent publications and a fifth one from his former colleague. These include:

Special Report #1. The Asset Emancipation System

Jim Rickards’ completely legal Asset Emancipation System is a game plan that outlines the steps to protecting oneself from the soon-approaching surveillance state of America. In it, members will be able to familiarize themselves to:

  • A $1.1 million off-the-grid fortune inside a “hollow soda can safe”
  • Ways of liquidating and spending wealth without falling into the trap of the “Biden Bucks”
  • Specific investment upsides that help with wealth building
  • Maintain wealth irrespective of any external conditions

Special Report #2. The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio

When digital currencies alter the global banking system, Jim believes that one asset class will remain unaffected. As history recounts, gold has always increased in value, and above anything else, it is untraceable. Inside the second 35-page special report, Jim walks everyone through commonly asked questions such as:

  • Is gold safe to invest in?
  • How much should I invest in precious metals?
  • How should I split my funds among different precious metals?
  • Which metals are not worth the candle?
  • Where are the best places to buy gold and other precious metals?
  • How should gold be stored to avoid confiscation?

Special Report #3. America’s Secret Currency

The third special report covers details on a little-appreciated asset that can neither be tracked nor traced. As in the case of gold, “America’s Secret Currency” is completely legal and easy to find granted that individuals know where to look. To date, its value has steadily risen, making it a top contender in any off-the-grid model portfolio.

Special Report #4. How to Profit from Chaos: The 3 Companies Building Biden Bucks

While Jim does not seem to stand in support of the Biden Bucks, he knows exactly how investors can take advantage of it. Put differently, with turmoil comes opportunity and, this report houses details on a handful of companies positioned to exploit the digital dollar. Particularly, the expert is referring to 3 digital payment processing companies who are currently building the fundamental infrastructure. A comprehensive analysis can be found in this report.

Special Report #5. How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress

Jim Rickards’ colleague and former CIA operative, Jason Hanson put together the fifth and final special report, which is justified as an uncensored survival guide. In it, investors will find:

  • Ways to implement the CIA’s 4 concentric rings of defense
  • How and why, it is important to safely hid a firearm on every level of a house
  • A simple tool that turns any standard front door into an “impenetrable barrier”
  • 6 steps to survive a “societal level event”
  • A secret for sourcing top-quality survival food
  • Spy secrets for moving undetected at night

To tie everything together, members will automatically enter Jim’s world, which includes:

  • 12 months of Strategic Intelligence, where Jim will keep everyone in the loop on all happenings surrounding C-Day
  • Exclusive live intelligence sessions with Jim monthly
  • Free tickets to Strategic Intelligence events with some of the biggest names in finance and investing
  • The Strategic Intelligence model portfolio

How much does it cost to access the Strategic Intelligence resources?

Strategic Intelligence is originally offered at $99 yearly, but for a limited time, Jim slashed the price to $49. The discount is nowhere near impressive as the 180-day money-back guarantee. This protection allows members to seek a refund should Jim fail to recommend wealth-building investment opportunities. For the specifics on the refund policy, contact by:

  • Email: feedback@paradigm.press
  • Phone: 1 (844) 731 0984

Meet Jim Rickards

James G. Rickards famously known as Jim Rickards is no ordinary investor. He was a former CIA, insider, lawyer, economist, government advisory, investment banker, you name it, he served it! Of the plenty of editors out there, no one can match a career like that of Jim’s, especially seeing how he triumphed in calling all the right shots! It’s no wonder the expert is perceived as an elite in the financial world.

Having spent years on end indulging in governmental matters and advising people at the very top, Jim took a step back to reflect on his goals. In so doing, he quickly realized his yearn for helping the remaining 99% as much as he did the top 1%. The end results? Let’s just say the expert has his hands full with not just Strategic Intelligence, but also Crash Speculator, Gold Speculator and Tactical Currency Profits. These services go beyond recommending top picks. A facet unique to this expert is his fatherly approach to protecting investors during financial distress, and he has been working harder than ever since the COVID ride!

Other equally worthy achievements include:

  • Receiving a M.A. in International Economics (Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies)
  • Receiving his Juris Doctor Degree (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
  • Receiving a Master of Laws in Taxation (New York University School of Law)
  • Working 35 years at Wall Street
  • Authoring The New Case for Gold (2016), Currency Wars (2011), The Death of Money (2014), The Road to Ruin (2016), Aftermath (2019) and The New Great Depression (2021)
  • Appearing on Fox, CNBC, and Bloomberg

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Jim Rickards believes that individuals should be protecting themselves from the uprising digital dollar. Now is the time to develop what he calls, the “$1.1 million off-the-grid portfolio”, shield purchase activities from government surveillance, invest in 3 companies poised to profit immensely by this new change, and set aside funds for certain types of gold and invest heavily in an untraceable, liquid asset. As a bonus, Jason developed a survival guide that unravels unique defense techniques. Everything offered today comes from someone who amassed a thorough view of the markets, which is beyond our imagination. To take advantage of the discounted rates, and the supposed Biden Bucks, become a Strategic Intelligence member today by clicking here! >>>



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