Social Selling Blueprint Reviews: Legit Ways on How to Make Money with Facebook?

Social selling has completely revolutionized the marketing landscape. Today, anyone with a clue on how to go about social selling can make a killing on social media, particularly Facebook, if they only commit thirty to sixty minutes a day.

Benjamin Jacques hopes to use the Social Selling Blueprint to teach you ways to earn thousands of dollars a month from the comfort of your home. His blueprint is for individuals ready to leave business-related stresses behind and take matters into their hands.

According to information provided on the official website, this blueprint will train you on how to write income-generating Facebook posts within minutes. And guess what? These aren’t your everyday of-the-mill posts, as they are posts that will help you earn tons of cash!

Benjamin claims his training will quickly enable you to pull in commissions ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 a month without making sales calls or using paid ads. Read on to learn how to use this blueprint to take your income into your own hands.

The Social Selling Blueprint – What Is It?

Social media has become part and parcel of everyday life and impacts each person differently. Some use it to connect with friends, get real-time news updates, learn new things, or eke a living from their content.

Its different uses aside, it’s no secret that it’s almost impossible to ignore social media, and how you use it can influence your life in many ways. Knowing how to use it to your advantage can ensure you no longer sit on the wrong side of the equation.

Benjamin, the Social Selling Blueprint creator, believes anyone can make good money on Facebook by following his advice. He states there’s no quick way to do it, as various factors are involved in getting the desired result.

For example, start by understanding that some people will tell you that you need to learn a million different things to succeed, but the reality is that you only need to grasp a few. Without this, you’ll quickly find yourself getting lost in the weeds with no apparent way out.

He adds that the key to making money on Facebook begins by focusing on what truly matters. In your case, you’ll need to:

  • Monetize your Facebook profile
  • Create posts that add value and which can sell
  • Start bringing in people who can benefit from these posts

You’ll learn how to set up your current Facebook profile for future success by taking the same actions he has taken. The Social Selling Blueprint will allow you to watch as he sets up his social media accounts, ensuring you don’t miss even a single step.

What’s more, Benjamin will also show you the process he uses to create the social media posts that he relies on to bring in a large chunk of his income. By the time you’re done going through this blueprint, you’ll have learned how to write such posts on your own and earn good money.

The blueprint creator states that he will give you 100% in this course but that the only way it can benefit you is by giving back 100%. You can do this by acting on the advice offered and believing you’ll win and become as successful as he has.

Buy the Social Selling Blueprint

Before we go any further, you should note that the Social Selling Blueprint is only available on the official portal, which retails at $197. With your purchase, you’ll gain access to:

A vault of training videos will take you through what you need to do to transform an average Facebook profile into a money-making machine for your company. You can always rely on this machine to continue bringing in new sales from month to month.

Real-life case studies involve taking over an ‘empty’ Facebook account and going through the motions of transforming and branding it like a pro. Here you’ll learn what you must do to make it a money-making machine.

Over-the-shoulder examples show what he does with his personal Facebook account to attract new clients to his business. And the best part is that he does all this by creating posts that he knows his clients can easily relate to.

Learn the Hidden powerful techniques commonly used by renowned Facebook influencers and which aren’t available to the other platform users. These techniques allow you to learn how they make money so fast and what you need to do to become like them.

Access to up-to-date methods that you can use in real-time to help you pull in commissions from nowhere. These methods allow you to become better than your competition and outdo them in terms of the monthly commissions earned from Facebook posts.

Customers can reach out to the creator Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm PST by filling out a form at:

  • blissandbusiness.com/Contact/


The Social Selling Blueprint enables you to model everything and begin earning a handsome commission by only working for thirty to sixty minutes daily. Remember, you can learn all this by buying the Social Selling Blueprint on the official website.



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