Perry Belcher FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheet Review – Worth It?

Perry Belcher is a man of many hats. He’s a marketing specialist, an investor, and a legendary copywriter. Most of Belcher’s activities include online, radio, and TV marketing. Recently, Perry has launched a new digital offer entitled “Copy Blueprint Cheat Sheets.”

According to the official website, those who sign up for the offer today can discover the top secrets that Perry Belcher himself uses. These tips can work even for a newbie copywriter.

Are the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets worth your money? How do they work? How can you get them? This review exposes everything you need to know about Perry Belcher’s FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheet offer.

What are the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets?

The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets are the brainchild of the legendary copywriter Perry Belcher. Perry outlines some of his tools to create a killer copy in these sheets. The creator offers the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets free as of this writing. Interested consumers will only pay a shipping fee of $6.95.

By owning these cheat sheets, users can access the best tools from a legendary copywriter, which they can use to create their irresistible copies. Perry introduces Perry Belcher’s FIBS Writing System and his FIBS writing community using these cheat sheets. Those who like Perry Belcher’s style can sign up for his “Fill In The Blanks” workshops alongside other events available on the FIBS community.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Features

The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets examine various facets of copywriting. For instance, according to the official website, there’s a cheat sheet dedicated to creating a perfect headline. Other cheat sheets delve into creating “hooks” that draw customers into the copy.

Notably, Perry designed each cheat sheet as a complete, hassle-free blueprint that any user can implement to create a killer copy regardless of the level of experience. The cheat sheets contain tips for creating stories, building offers, developing compelling sales pages, and creating headlines.

In summary, Perry’s style helps users “fill in the blanks” and propels them to tremendous copywriting success. From the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets, users can derive the following features and benefits:

  • The cheat sheets allow users to research a topic quickly and faster, leading to the generation of killer copies without interruptions
  • With these cheat sheets, users can learn how to write copy in any niche regardless of their levels of experience
  • The cheat sheets allow users to learn different story arcs to help them create compelling stories and keep their readers engaged.
  • Users can develop compelling headlines to hook the attention of their readers.

Perry Belcher developed the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets to help copywriters of all levels jumpstart their copywriting careers. The cheat sheets work for any copywriter regardless of their experience or what copy they want to generate. They can use the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets to generate winning offers, create effective sales funnels, and craft compelling sales copy.

What is Included with the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets?

The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets come with several tools and reports to help users grow their copywriting skills. Here are the resources included:

Offer Research Map by Perry

This tool, developed by Perry himself, allows users to tap on his 30 years of experience as a marketer and master copywriter. It’s among the most powerful tools to help users discover the desires of their future customers.

Perry’s Headline Writing Formula

This resource allows users to learn how to craft a catchy headline that hooks up readers instantly. A lousy headline repels readers while a great one draws them in. Perry’s Headline Writing Formula is one of his cheat sheets that walk down users systematically through the headline creation process.

Story Design Formula by Perry

Perry reveals how good copywriters can draw in customers with a killer copy in this resource. In his own words, Perry says, “a sales letter is always better with a gripping, emotional story.” This blueprint lays bare the common elements that must accompany an excellent marketing story. This formula teaches users how to crystallize their copies and make them faultless, forcing prospects to pay for a product or service.

Perry’s Offer Creating Formula

Included with the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets is the Offer Crafting Formula, which teaches users how to create a compelling offer that draws in customers to spend money on a product or service. This cheat sheet offers excellent tips for perfecting copy, making the best story, and converting visitors into paying customers.

In addition to these tools, Perry offers two bonuses for those who buy the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets today.

The first bonus, entitled Cash Grabbing Headline Video Training, teaches users how to develop killer headlines to the level of the world’s best copywriters. Using a video presentation, users can learn from Perry and discover his online marketing strategies through this bonus.

The second bonus is a One Full Year of FIBS Membership, valued at $49 per year. This bonus allows users to get a free FIBS membership and become Perry’s FIBS community.

Most importantly, Perry describes these resources as “foolproof and easy to follow.” They work for all copywriters regardless of their copywriting skills. Any aspiring copywriter can convince customers to buy products or services.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Benefits

According to the creator, the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets deliver the following benefits:

  • They work because they are products of a seasoned copywriter and marketer. Perry tested the cheat sheets to ensure they worked before releasing them to the public.
  • The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets are a proven, foolproof formula for creating a quality sales copy. They allow users to generate professional-level sales copies faster.
  • They work for every copywriter regardless of the level of experience. They are easy to use and effective.
  • These resources can take a newbie copywriter to a professional-level, successful copywriter. The starting point, level of experience, or niche doesn’t matter.

Why Does Perry Offer the FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Free?

The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets creator decided to offer the resources to the public for free, save for the small shipping fee. But why are these resources free?

According to Perry Belcher, he’s giving away these resources to introduce copywriters to his FIBS Copywriting System. Perry wants to ensure that budding copywriters have the right tools and the knowledge they require to create a compelling copy.

That is the main reason Perry has provided the resources complimentary for anyone who is “trying to get an e-mail click, a landing page click, or a purchase completed.”

Anyone can download the cheat sheets free today. It requires only payment information to cover the shipping fee while getting ready to learn from a legendary copywriter.

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Pricing

The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets’ regular price is $29.95. However, today they are available “free.” You only need to pay $6.95 for shipping charges. If you place your order today, it will be like this:

  • FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Package: $0 + $6.95 Shipping

You can then wait for the company to confirm your purchase and mail the cheat sheets. Notably, the creator provides a 60-day moneyback guarantee on each FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets order. If you’re unsatisfied with the resources for any reason, you’re free to ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase.

  • E-mail: support@Perrybelcher.com
  • Phone: 737-231-2775
  • Address:1889 E Maule Ave, Ste G Las Vegas 89119

FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets Final Word

The FIBS Laminated Cheat Sheets are a creation of legendary copywriter and marketer Perry Belcher. The idea behind these resources is to share his top-notch copywriting hacks while promoting the Fill In The Blanks (FIBS) online writing community.

For only a small shipping fee of $6.95, users can get a package of laminated blueprints that Perry himself uses to create killer marketing copy online. To learn more about this unique offer, visit the official website.


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